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I've been doing a lot of experimenting with Artrage. I've gotten enough of the hang of it for game background paintovers but I think I need to get more practice with the fundamentals of painting before I can use it for portraits etc.

I've also started work on a new game, a picross/nonogram puzzle visual novel called Nona&Gram.

Self Portrait: Artrage

more original art, Dragon Age, Star Wars/Pride and Prejudice crossover, Homestuck, Princess Tutu )
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Wow I haven't done a general creative roundup since last year. Mostly because I haven't been feeling like making general creative stuff. What I have been doing is...A NEW VERSION OF [REDACTED] OMG.

And now the THREE non Dragon Age arts I have drawn in the last six months, two for exchanges.
Addicted to You, Original, Puella Magi Madoka Magica )
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I was boggling that I hadn't done one of these since June then looked at my post titles for the last few months and remembered how sick I was for a while there. But I managed to draw some stuff anyway through the fog :) Also I got a copy of Manga Studio 5, which does some lovely lines and painting...that make my computer cry :(

All art has transcripts/descriptions at the link.


Snow White and Red Riding Hood

Most interesting:
News From The Sea: A little fantasy comic adapted from this short story I wrote. Created for a Comic Books and Graphic Novels course. Transcripts in chapter 2.

As far as I can tell I got...120% for this comic? And that's getting less than half of the available extra credit. lol coursera. But it was fun!

Person of Interest, Avatar: The Legend of Korra/The Last Airbender, Guild Wars 2, Dragon Age Origins, Mass Effect 2, Red Dwarf, Bastion, Dr Who, Original, Game of Thrones, The Hobbit, Fresh Pretty Cure )
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That was a trip. Never run an exchange before, it was exciting and scary but really rewarding. Not sure how people with more than seven participants manage it :)

Anyway, go check out the great art at [ profile] fanartremixexchange or [community profile] fanartremix. Here's mine:

The Avengers: The First Thing You See

The Sandman: Endless Delerium

And my two fantastic remixes: Fetch! (warning: blood) and Here Fishy Fishy!

Remixing and being remixed were both really great. Seeing my art come to life in someone else's head was SO COOL.

Both comms are open to submissions if any of you are inspired to create your own remixes *hint hint*
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Wrote some semi original fiction omg! One for the Jukebox "write a story about a song" exchange, another for a writing meme I made up myself. Also did some art for that limited palette meme that's been going around tumblr, which was super fun.

Spare Change (1393 words), The Man Who Sold the World, Teen And Up, Horror, Fantasy, Original Fiction, Fanfiction, Inspired by Music, Genderqueer Character
Summary:Two friends meet by chance long after both have died.

The Most Talked About Night Of The Season (5355 words) G, No Warnings, Fantasy, Regency, Happy Ending, Fae & Fairies, Non-Graphic Violence
Summary: Maisie was in no mood for a ball. She always felt like a fool in formal wear. The ball was full of Pixies and Slyphs looking lovely in ensembles much like hers, but delicate ringlets and a ruffled dress were far less flattering on a seven foot tall Lob covered in hair.

A colouring tutorial

Literally every comment on Spare Change has used the word "creepy" :D On one hand I'm quite happy with the story, on the other hand want to stop thinking about it so I can GET THAT SONG OUT OF MY HEAD.

Edward Scissorhands, Iron Man,Bastion, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Fresh Pretty Cure )
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I've been experimenting with making my own water colour textures and want to test out the ones I've made before making any more. So! Please have a look at my current experiments and give me art prompts you think would suit that colour scheme, or that the colours make you think of. Original or fannish, and don't worry too much about having to match the texture I'll be digitally messing with them.

The textures:

1: blue gradient on printer paper.
2: Blue-green gradient on water colour paper.
3: Same gradient with darker blue added.
4: Wet-on-wet yellow-orange swirls. I used cling wrap and paper towels to mess around with the texture.

I started with $1 Dora the Explorer water colours on printer paper. ODDLY ENOUGH THIS DID NOT TURN OUT WELL. Then I read some tutorials and visited the art store. All up the paints, paper and brushes cost me $40 and that was getting the cheapest stuff. This is why I like digital art.

Recent Art

Jan. 10th, 2014 02:09 pm
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I saw Frozen and really enjoyed it (though the people complaining about the aggressive whiteness were entirely justified). So I drew some art!

Brave/Frozen: Meeting the princess

And now my remaining other pictures for 2013/early 2014:
Original, Copper Rose )
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Moving has horribly sapped my creativity, but while the mess is still not resolved I feel like I have some breathing space now. So! Stuff what I have made! Thank you to everyone who left me prompts, they were great.

A Portrait of Tree

An actual commission! For money! It was an interesting experience, but I am putting off trying it again until my life is more settled.

Descriptions for each image at the link.

A Shrine to Saint Anne, dragon age, iron man, original art, miss fishers murder mysteries, princess tutu, doctor who, Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came )
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Feeling tired and grumpy with the after effects of what I think was very mild food poisoning. And it turns out I haven't done one of these since April!

My new fannish infatuation is Welcome to Night Vale, and I actually got like 100 tumblr notes on my comic, which is about 95 more than I usually get (and about 95 more than I got on DeviantArt, it's not a big fandom over there I guess) The Dragon Age reverse bang comes out in a week, I'm quite proud of my art and the story I've seen is lots of fun, but you'll have to wait for that :)

Two original pics I'm especially happy with:

Algebra vs Geometry

Me in green

Fic! Art! Cosplay! Image descriptions at link )
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First: I did some tshirt designs! They came out pretty well, imo, [personal profile] lilysea and I have been wearing them around and gotten lots of positive (or at least interesting...) feedback.

Stairs!! My archnemesis, we meet again!! and More Machine than Man

Action shots!

And now, fanfic, including what is basically an argument for why the Doctor could (and imo should) have disabled companions.
Mass Effect and Doctor Who, Mass Effect, Dragon Age Origins, The Royal Trap )
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These posts are so useful when I feel like being productive but am too sleepy to do anything thinky...and wow I haven't done one in AGES.

A mix of recent obsessions and some meme stuff/prompts.

Myself as the Maid of Mind on deviantART
Myself as the Maid of Mind at tumblr

(this is a Homestuck thing, but I also thought it was a nice picture of me in general)

Original art, Pokemon, Babylon 5, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Portal 2, Dragon Age, Fringe, The Royal Trap, Dangan Ronpa, Chihayafuru )

Holy crap that is a lot of art! Ok I am having a nap, and then I am posting the fic (of which there is much less THANK GOD)
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This 30 day art improvement meme has been super fun.

Merida on deviantART

The tumblr version has a bunch of sketches attached that I drew in various time frames between an hour and 30 seconds. I got up to the flat colours on the picture above before the 60 minute timer ran out.

Homestuck (Ladystuck), Fringe, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries(Yuletart), Dangan Ronpa, Daria, original art )
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I can finally reveal my Kaleidoscope story!

Link/Title: Welcome to Collins and Collins!
Fandom: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
Info: 2792 words, G, f/f, No content notes
Relationships: Lizzie Bennet/Charlotte Lu
Characters: Lizzie Bennet, Charlotte Lu, Maria Lu
Summary: Lizzie comes to visit Collins and Collins (and Lu). An alternate version of their reunion, written before canon got that far. Created as a gift for Phi for the Kaleidoscope gift exchange.

It's also available at but I strongly recommend the AO3 version above, it's not the same without the art.

I also did a bunch of monster girls, and some prompts.

Cyclops at deviantART
Cyclops at tumblr

More monster girls, Dragon Age art, and a little Mass Effect fic )

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