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So! I have been feeling a bit down recently for reasons I'm not going to go into in this post (I have realised that doing so makes me reluctant to read the comments, rather defeating the purpose) and would like some happy, positive human interaction.

So! If the mood strikes you, please comment with happy links, books/movies etc you've enjoyed recently, random cheerful comments about what you've been up to etc. No sympathy comments, I am not in the mood right now.

And to return the favour, here is my swancon costume as well as a mask I made. Also, here is some cute happy fixit art for Rogue One.

Also, while I'm here: hello to everyone who's been coming over to dreamwidth from livejournal!
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No zombies or anything too sexy or squicky, and if it’s a canon I’m not familiar with I’ll need image refs.

For those needing some inspiration, and to test out dreamwidth's new image posting capabilities, here's a fun pose I have saved in my reference folder, as well as some from the ever inspiring Sailor Sakky DeviantArt. Choose a pose and give me a subject!

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The in-laws who invited us have lived in Australia for over a decade, so will be expecting us to be clueless, but it would be nice to avoid any major impoliteness. I know wearing black and white is considered bad luck for Chinese new year, but all I could find about Korean new year is that hanboks are traditional, and that's not really an option. I guess...something nice? BUT HOW NICE.

A page suggested red and gold for Chinese new year, but idk if that would come across as polite or SO YOU ARE BASICALLY CHINESE RIGHT.

I asked my brother for advice but having seen how blase he was about Hannukah I don't have huge faith in his ability to notice or care about this stuff.

We should probably be giving gifts of money to the children?? Gifts make me so anxious /o\ I'm going to wait on that for next year, I think, trying to guess how to do it is just too scary. Especially because I don't know for sure how many kids are coming, and only getting some of them gifts would be way worse than getting none.

Still, I guess at least I have an excuse for feeling clueless about these social mores.
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Yes, this is for Yuri on Ice, specifically a 14K Sara/Mila fic, but I’m way more confident about the characterisation/romance etc than I am about the skating stuff, so you don’t need to have watched the show let alone ship the pairing. If you only know about men’s figure skating that would still be a step up from my “have watched YOI and a few youtube clips and read a little bit on Wikipedia”.

Failing that, someone else in the "all I know about figure skating I learned from Yuri on Ice" boat could be useful, make the story so compelling noone notices that I got my jumps mixed up with my spins etc :D

(My previous YOI fics just concentrated on Feelings so my ignorance was less of a problem, but this one has something resembling plot)
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Preferably cheerful subjects that have nothing to do with politics or zombies. Fanart or original.
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Our trip to Anaheim/LA is coming up, we leave on October 9. Something I'm not looking forward to is navigating my food intolerances in a new country, especially since it seems like a moderate number of people primarily speak Spanish. So! I'd love it if you guys could help.
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Original or fannish, nothing too complex since my arms have been troubling me. No zombies!
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So! After further discussion Cam and I are going to Disneyland for a few days after our Montreal trip at the end of July. Anyone who lives around that area (or Montreal) want to meet up? I can't travel far by myself, unfortunately.
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It seems set that Cam's company is sending him on a work trip to Montreal in June for about a week, and I am thinking of coming along with him. He'll be working during office hours so I'll have a lot of time to kill. We're also considering turning the layover in LA into a few days in Vegas (apparently very wheelchair friendly!) but that's less certain. EDIT: We are instead going to Disneyland.

So! Any of you live nearby and willing and able to come say hi? I am probably going to be a puddle for quite a while after arriving, and am not up to much solo travel, so it's difficult for me to come to you, but if that's the only option and you live very close let me know and at least I'll have the option.

Anyone who's been to either place got tips, especially on wheelchair friendly stuff? I know some of you are in Canada but, well, Canada is really big.

I'm open to hanging out with anyone I know to some extent as long as you're not like an axe murderer. And I will wave sadly South and West to all you guys who will be closer but still too far away.
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Was going to just comment to [personal profile] lizbee since she was asking me about tablets but WHY NOT GET PROMPTS AS WELL.

So! Art prompts! Original or fannish! No zombies or porn! Preferably something simple because I want to try out the new software, Artrage, that came with the tablet ([personal profile] whatistigerbalm cheers in the distance(*))

And for Liz and anyone else who's curious: it's a medium sized Intuos Pen and Touch Creative from Wacom. Which has been discontinued and replaced with some very similar tablets (eg the Intuos Manga) with no eraser. *clutches eraser* I like it so far! I am a little sad it's not compatible with my old Bamboo pen, since it would be nice to have a spare. Also it has a custom USB cable which will be annoying when I inevitably break it >.>

(*)That is the one you're a fan of, right? It seems pretty nice so far! I only got the older version, 3.5, and not the Pro, but my needs are relatively simple.
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There have been a few times when a particular fanwork (usually a fanmix or vid) has permanently changed my associations with a song, and it fits so well that I can only think of it as being about a particular character/pairing/canon. For example:

  • Total Eclipse of the Heart (literal version): Revolutionary Girl Utena thanks to the vid Total Eclipse of the Heartsword
  • Girl With One Eye: Vriska from Homestuck via the fanmix Just As Horrible as Me (it's a Terezi/Vriska mix but I think of it as more of an Aradia/Vriska song)
  • Hide and Seek: Battlestar Gallactica via Meant Well: The Occupation despite TEN MILLION "mmm whatcha say" videos on tumblr
  • Cosmic Love: Puella Magi Madoka Magica (and Homura/Madoka in particular) from the vid Mahou Shoujo Requiem
  • Handlebars The Doctor, though I've seen it fit well for a number of characters.
  • Seamstress: Nikita&Alex from Nikita from the vid Seamstress

Does anyone else have any examples? Preferably where the lyrics really do fit surprisingly well. Or just songs which are remarkable fits where you thought of the connection independently.

If you don't do fanworks, I guess songs from movies/tv where it fit the scene PERFECTLY and you no longer hear it as being about the original subject. But songs written for the soundtrack don't count :)

EDIT: Hee, and here's a vid which matches an association I got from just hearing the song: Take me To Church to Lucrecia and Cesare from The Borgias. I haven't even watched the show but I have a friend who goes on about it a lot, and the song really is perfect.
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I staretd making on as a 10 minute thing and it blew up on me :) Looking for anything from "let me do most of the talking/planning but offer the odd alternative POV" to having the talk be as much yours as mine, I have maybe 30 minutes of slides plus some vids but am flexible.

(The other panel I decided on was Hanako Games, which fits into 10 minutes nicely)
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So Swancon this year is doing ten minute presentations which sounds like fun but I can't decide what to talk about. Anyone got anything you'd like to see me rant about for ten minutes? Or think Swancon could benefit from? If you don't go to swancon you can probably still see it: I'll need to practice and get my timing right so I'm thinking I'll do up a youtube version.

One thing Swancon often misses out on is femlash fandom, in as much as it talk about transformative works at all there's generally a pretty strong focus on slash. That's a pretty big topic though.

So, some thoughts:

  • Dragon Age
  • Hanako Games
  • A brief intro to femslash fandom (what is it, where do you find it. Give a basic intro for outsiders, give hints of where to look next for anyone interested)
  • A brief history of femslash fandom? In contrast to the tradional "fandom begins and ends with slash" version of transformative fandom history. I'm not much of a fannish historian though.
  • Speculative f/f romance. Nice and focussed, positive, wouldn't require too much boring research. Only downside is I got two similar panels up last year. Could include popular f/f fandoms, I guess, and I'd have images.
  • Something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT which my brain is not supplying me right now.
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So! Thanks to people's prompts helping me past a creative block I have properly started on an idea I've been poking at for a while: a Visual Novel/dating sim version of Northanger Abbey. And I was hoping you guys might have some thoughts on all the fun/interesting "what if"s I can explore. (I still intend on doing the prompts, this is one of those big projects I poke at intermittently)
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Jan. 25th, 2015 08:37 am
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Art or writing (or comics or games, if you can think of something short!), original or fannish.

For fic I can only do canons I’m familiar with, Dragon Age Inquisition is what’s most on my mind but I can give other stuff a go. I don’t do prose prompts much, I’m trying to push myself to write more but it may end up very short!

I'm more flexible with art but may require image refs.

And as always, no zombies :)
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Distract me from the fact that I don't know exactly when my copy of Dragon Age Inquisition is arriving and I want it NOW.

No zombies. No Dragon Age either, just for this round :)

All prompts will be DROPPED LIKE A HOT POTATO once the game does arrive, but I’ll get back to them…eventually.
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I have to draw a four+ page comic for a coursera course I'm doing and I am TOTALLY BLOCKED.

I'm thinking I'll just adapt part of an existing story, either one of mine or something in the public domain.

Current thoughts tend towards Northanger Abbey but I am open to suggestions! Are there any public domain works, or original/fanfic of public domain works by me that you'd like to see me draw a short story about? Any art of mine you'd be curious to see expanded into a longer story (and have plot ideas for)? AUs are totally welcome but not nonsense crossovers because then I get tangled up figuring out how it WORKS.

It has to be accessible to random strangers so no asking me to write an ending to A Circle of Stars :P Also there is no guarantee I'll actually draw any of it comics are haaaard. BUT I WILL TRY

Also: Penny, I have not forgotten your Asama & Korra prompt, I plan on drawing it the moment the show gets them to a point where I'm not all "Asama & Korra ;_;"

ALSO speaking of AO3 today was FEMSLASHEX REVEALS YAYYY. I drew some Velanna/Sigrun. And I got TWO gifts: Undercover by kiki_miserychic, which is some sexy Root/Shaw art, and Quantum Relations by Settiai which is a very cute EDI/Sam fic.

This course is good but hardddd. I had to write TWO ESSAYS. With an introduction and a thesis and a CONCLUSION. urrrrggghhhhhh essayssssss. Of course we got half marks for even trying because coursera. But the peer assessors said I LACKED A COHERENT THESIS. Luckily we get to do self evaluation too so there was a "you are amazing and all your ideas are gold" to balance things out.
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I just downloaded Manga Studio 5 (on sale for $15!) and want to try it out!

So: give me art prompts!

(original or fannish, no zombies. Please provide refs if it's something I can't easily and unambiguously google)
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Last night I had a dream which I'm like 80% sure was based on a book I read as a kid/teen and it's bugging me:

The setting was a mish-mash fascist dystopia YA. When you reached 14 there was the typical Coming Of Age Training and Choice, you drank a liquid because of Reasons, and it turns out it has a certain probability of killing you. In the dream the good outcome was that if you'd been chosen for Strategy it counteracted the intelligence dampening drugs they put in the water supply (which I'd been secretly avoiding somehow anyway. So it was nice to stop having to pretend to be as unintelligent as everyone else. YES DREAM NICE SYMBOLISM) But it's the liquid that can kill you that's bugging me.

And now random dream ramblings:
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