Sep. 28th, 2014 12:42 pm
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Made an ello account but THEY DON'T HAVE TAGS so I can't see me using it much. It has the instant posting style of facebook and twitter if that appeals to you, and I will follow people there if I have to. You have "friends" and "noise" filters (flattering haha) but I don't think you can lock posts. Also you seem to be stuck with a black on white colour scheme.

As I recall it was briefly the New Darling on tumblr for not having Facebook's real names policy, but then the owners did something dodgy like...dealing badly with harassment or something? Personally I'm sticking with dreamwidth and tumblr, with facebook/twitter/ello etc mainly used for grudging replies to those of you without the good taste to prefer the same social networks as me.
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For anyone else feeling sad about the empty wasteland that dreamwidth/livejournal has been lately: Being the change I want to see in my f-list It seems to be growing exponentially in both length and diversity of fannish interests over time :) I still haven't gotten to the end of it but here's what I posted anyway:

1. name: [personal profile] alias_sqbr, less fannishly at [personal profile] sqbr. Also [tumblr.com profile] sqbr if you want to defeat the purpose of the meme :)
2. age(ish): early 30s
3. primary fandoms: Homestuck, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Pride and Prejudice, and to a lesser extent Avatar the Last Airbender. General fannish interests include speculative fiction (tv, books, comics, whatever) female character focussed computer games and anime/manga, fanart, and femslash.
4. other stuff you're into, but maybe don't blog about (unless you find more people who'd want to hear about it): I'm not sure, I tend to blog about whatever I feel like regardless of my flist's interest :D
5. non-fannish interests? Science/maths, romance novels, my own original art and writing (right now I'm working on a steampunk vampire lesbian dating sim), health/disability related stuff (usually under a cut or filtered), food and cooking, local stuff for Perth Western Australia.
6. my journal reads like... Here is this thing I just watched/read/drew/ate and what I think of it, interspersed with random meta and ramblings about my life. Most of my pure social justice thoughts go to [personal profile] sqbr but there is generally a feminist etc slant to my thoughts.
7. f-list turnoffs: Mean spiritedness, bigotry, "here is why people with different fannish taste to me are EVIL". Those twitter summary things.

And hello to any new readers! Please don't take it personally if I don't follow you back (for a start, I am in the middle of a rethink of my whole following policy), you are still absolutely welcome to follow and comment.
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I've been having one of those days where spend the whole day feeling frustrated and ineffective then at 5pm remember that I did a load of washing in the morning... only to realise that I forgot the detergent anyway(*). But! I also discovered:

[community profile] fanart_recs (a fanart recs comm! Huzzah!) and [community profile] peopleofthedas (a dw Dragon Age comm)

(*)Plus I was trying to set up an emotionally charged love triangle with my new Mass Effect character, the somewhat ambiguously gendered alien Liara and somewhat xenophobic and conservative Ashley, but Ashley refused to get jealous and just ceded the field to Liara. Hmmph! *cough* These games aren't quite as much like a dating sim as this makes them sound...(And I am totally looking forward to playing my new male character in ME2 to see how he reacts to the various ethical dilemmas, not because all the female love interests are straight)

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