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So, as implied by my last post, I got Pokemon Go! As also mentioned, it tends to crash a LOT. I knew that going in but was still surprised quite how much it crashes, not just when you do anything fancy like open a menu but also just at random. And then the server doesn't let you back in like 75% of the time. It's very frustrating!

EDIT: It's free with microtransactions. I haven't spent any real world money yet but it's definitely tempting.

Other than that it's pretty fun. Pokemon show up in the world at random and you catch them, it's like bird watching. Catching pokemon is pretty easy, though it does require mild hand eye coordination. It's supposed to be an exploring game but a moderate amount show up for me staying in the one place eg bed. Unfortunately I had to turn off the cute "augmented reality" feature where they are shown as if they are in the world in front of you. It makes it crash, you see...
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While I wait for Guild Wars to finish updating...

Doctor Who: Became increasingly irritated with this latest season, may give it another go if I get sufficiently bored.

The Flash: Mostly an ok if bland superhero show about a regular Dude Who Gets Powers, but without giving spoilers...despite one of the major secondary characters being in a wheelchair this is not the background-depiction-of-disability I was hoping for :/ :/

Yuki Yuna Is A Hero: Moe magical girl show where one of the girls is in a wheelchair. Started off GREAT, the chair wasn't even mentioned she was just one of a group of friends. But once the first monster arrived it was all "plucky able bodied girl loyally defends sad useless disabled girl" and "leave me to die, I will just slow you down". Apparently she gets powers in episode 2 that allow her to fight without removing her paraplegia, which is great, but I haven't had the heart to try it.

Sakura Trick: So I made it to the end and did actually enjoy this, god help me. It is solid male-gaze moe f/f fluff, but there's no rape, underage sex, or incest, and only a small amount of sexual harassment! And the girls friendships are genuinely pretty sweet and the f/f relationships are taken seriously rather than being a cute phase they're expected to outgrow. And it was mildly funny sometimes! IT IS ALSO EXPLOITATIVE AS HELL. It depresses me that this is apprently the best I can hope for :( :(
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Vis the Women with Disabilities WA mailing list I came across Enabled Employment, a job site for Australian disabled people working from home.

I signed up and was very quickly contacted by the woman who runs it, we had a text based chat interview a week or so ago and she was really nice. And then today someone offered me a job as a technical blog writer! I still have to discuss the specifics jobwise but as far as the recruitment process goes I definitely reccomend the site to any other Australians with disabilities looking for accessible work.
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Free international shipping (to many places including Australia)from Sock Dreams! They do very nice socks and stockings, including plus size, and differentiate between large feet, long legs, and wide legs in their descriptions.

Australian Story on Robert Hoge a disabled and deformed man in Australian scifi fandom. I don't know Robert very well (he goes to Swancon but moves in different circles to me) but he seems pretty cool, and I thought this documentary wasn't too bad as an exploration of disability and appearance. Probably only available in Australia, and only for the next 11 days.

Did I mention Miss Fisher has started again? Doesn't expire for 85 days, apparently! Quite enjoyable though it was weird watching it without hele to snark to. (Note to Hele based on the first few minutes: remember how you were saying you hate the sexy Latin lover stereotype? And how Phrynie seduces a different ethnicity every week? Well...)
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Went to my first Women With Disabilities WA meeting today, it was fun. It was a small friendly group, this time we brought art and craft (or in my case, my laptop) and just randomly chatted, other times there are speakers and stuff. Forgot to pay my gold coin donation, oops, hopefully R won't send the debt collectors as long as I remember for next time...

I got a bed table from [personal profile] lauredhel, woo! It's been pretty useful (not just for putting the laptop at a nice height, also for putting my tablet etc when I'm not using them), and comes just as winter approaches and the cat and I want to spend all day in bed. It works well with the cheapo laptop stand I bought a while ago (which raises the keyboard to a nice angle).

Making me even more inclined to stay in bed, Cam and I finally got around to putting on the all-over-mattress dust protector from the Asthma foundation (I don't have asthma, they're just the people who sell them) I also sewed the doona to it's dust cover (but not the regular cotton cover over the top) since it kept slipping around, and have had pillow covers for a while. No noticeable change so far.
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I finally bit the bullet and downloaded the sexually explicit dating sim Katawa Shoujo ("Cripple Girls"), which was created by 4chan and where all the romance options are disabled girls.

You can see why I was reluctant, yes? But I KEPT hearing it was worth checking out, and it's free, and I had a cold and was really really bored.

And you know what? I LIKED IT. I mean, sure, it's created by and for men, and the main character can be a bit passive-anime-guy-sexist but it's mostly well below average levels of creepiness for male-gaze-y romance, the treatment of physical disability is pretty thoughtful (not so much mental illness or cognitive impairment :/) and the romances are generally pretty sweet. I'm glad I kept the sex scenes in, they were generally fairly tasteful and fitted organically into the plot, even if the characters look way to young for it to be very sexy (don't worry they're all around 18, and they act it. It's just a cutesy style)
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Two [personal profile] sqbr posts you all might be interested in:

"Mini" femslash meta: Lovers in a Dangerous Time What's your approach to writing femslash in times and places that are notoriously unfriendly for f/f relationships, especially historical settings?"

Blogging about disability day: National Disability Insurance Scheme rally I went to a real rally! It was very exciting! (Ok, not that exciting. But there are pictures)

Saw the romantic comedy "Friends with benefits", I really enjoyed it. Descends a little into traditional romantic comedy tropes (including soulmates) at the end, but it mostly felt like it was about real people not A Man and A Woman, and was charming and funny. Also, Mila Kunis spends a lot of time in very little clothing.

Finally: Instead of celebrating Three Weeks For Dreamwidth with exclusive-to-DW content, I am going to celebrate it by letting my fellow DW (and LJ ;)) users pick the content. Is there something you'd like me to post about that isn't fic? Meta, episode/book/show/movie reviews (for something I've already read/seen), memes, DVD commentaries on stuff I've done, history posts, whatever; just comment here and ask for it! Weird topics you think nobody else will care about are totally acceptable, at worst I will just write a very short post :)

(modified from this post by toft. Because I was thinking of doing something like this anyway, and now have an excuse)
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I pretty much only took notes on Friday, and it's going to take me a while to type them up.

Today has been pretty good, I mostly chatted to people and am taking a break before the masquerade.
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I just finished watching the anime "Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood", the second more faithful adaptation of the original manga by Hiromu Arakawa. WAY better than what I remember of the first anime(*), there is basically no filler and it's well written, exciting, and emotionally affecting from start to finish. The last ten or so episodes cover a single day (apart from the final epilogue-y episode) which does drag a bit but on the other hand I prefer that to a sudden unsatisfying ending where none of the loose ends are tied off.

Full Metal Alchemist set in around 1915 in an alternate Germany/England where some people are able to perform alchemy, reshaping matter. The main characters (though the cast expands vastly by the end) are teenage brothers Edward and Alphonse who had a horrible accident trying to bring their dead mother back to life and are determined to do whatever it takes to restore their bodies (one is missing an arm and leg, the other had his soul bonded to a suit of armour) But as they join the army and delve into the hidden secrets of alchemy to accomplish this goal they end up being pulled into much larger concerns and have to decide what it is they really value.
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Wow, I feel amazingly terrible. But also bored. If nothing else this post exists to remind me not to get into conversations with people on the internet, for I am not awake enough to be coherent.

Am currently reading "Cryoburn" by Lois McMaster Bujold. I had heard it was pretty mediocre, which makes it suitable for a day when I need something easy to read but am not in the need of cheering up (Even bad LMB is light and moderately interesting) People were right, the (new) planet it's set on is remarkably blah and generic in it's vague Aisan-ness, eg there's a line like "The news was available in a number of languages, but not Barrayaran Russian" rather than "The news was available in Mandarin, English, and several other languages, but not Barrayaran Russian". I'm bored of it now, though, maybe 50 pages in, maybe I'll read the Liaden book I bought instead.

Mass Effect 3 trailer! So totally playing it with my earthborn renegade ruthless Shepard.

I cannot help but think of Real Steel (about a manly man and his manly battle robot) as a live action Angelic Layer (about an adorable little girl and her adorable little battle robot).

Thinking about Angelic Layer and with the latest updates of Homestuck I really wish there were more characters in wheelchairs in fiction who just went on with their lives, being interesting for other reasons, without not being able to walk being this big defining thing, and especially didn't need able bodied people telling them to stop moping about it or whatever. (I'm not sure that sentence makes much sense grammatically)
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Here is a summary of my experiences using a mobility scooter for the first time at Worldcon. The beginning is mostly taken from the posts I made at the time but then I go into some further thoughts. I was inspired to try one by a post like this from someone else on I think [ profile] disabled_fandom so I thought I'd return the favour.

Overall: it was fantastic and I'm incredibly glad I did it. I feel less crap now than I usually do after the much shorter and smaller Swancon.

The woman from the Melbourne mobility centre was incredibly helpful and nice. It was only $14 a day plus $2 for delivery to the hotel which was totally worth it. But that's with a con discount, I think it's normally double that.

I'd also like to extend a HUGE thankyou to [ profile] karenbabcock, the disability support officer for Worldcon, who did a fantastic job organising everything and checked up on me during the con to make sure things were working out.
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Having explored east of the Hyatt on our arrival, I got around to checking the western direction this afternoon, and stumbled upon a convenience store and outlet mall REALLY close by, the latter of which has a food court (which apparently closes at 6).

Got my mobility scooter this morning. The woman from the Melbourne mobility centre was incredibly helpful and nice.
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I've watched the first seven episodes of this show on the plane and while sitting around getting over my jetlag. I don't know how much I'll like it when I'm actually awake (for me) but so far I'm enjoying it well enough.

It's kind of like the story of Sarah from "Chuck" before she met Chuck (or some weird mixture of "Alias", "Spooks" and something girly and cheerful): the story of a young pretty kickass woman who's just joined the CIA. Piper Perado is quite likeable as Annie, and while the missions she goes on aren't SUPER original or anything they mesh well with the mixture of internal CIA drama and mildly soap opera-ish relationship stuff.
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Jul. 26th, 2010 07:54 pm
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Just saw the new BBC "Sherlock". Overall I liked it but I wasn't entirely sold on what little we saw of any female characters and the portrayal of disability was rather worse than I was expecting. (and my expectations were low)

Still, cleverly updated for the modern era and the Holmes&Watson dynamic was delightfully cracked. A bit self consciously slashy (not gay mind you. Just "why do people keep thinking I'm his boyfriend?" slashy) Funny and sparkling except when it descended into slow self important cheese.
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I always try and add alt tags, descriptions, and (when relevant) transcripts to my images. But I thought it was worth checking to see if anyone who uses these things (because of visual impairments, text-only browsing, speaking English as a second language etc) has any preferences for me doing them differently (and thus I ask here, where I post my art, rather than at my Serious Business journal). If I'm going to do them I might as well make them as useful as possible.

I guess my main questions are:

1)do you find the posts consisting of just a thumbnail which acts as a link confusing or otherwise annoying? I'd add descriptions but they get LONG sometimes and there's always a description at the DeviantArt page. Still, I'm not sure that's clear. Annoyingly, the DA template I use to make the thumbnail link doesn't come with alt tags so I have to remember them myself and sometimes I forget. I may complain.

2)Are the very short alt tags clear? I tend to just use the name of the piece assuming that's enough in context. For the previous type of post, would "Title of piece. Click for description" or something be better?

3)Do you find the descriptions and transcripts useable? It's hard to have them not get all mixed up with the notes etc on DeviantArt since there's just the one text box for everything (here's an example DeviantArt comic with transcript) I tend to put all my comics on AO3 eventually but it's a hassle so DeviantArt is my default.

I've googled, but couldn't find any specific advice.

I can't guarantee I'll put all suggestions into effect (or at least not right away, I have trouble changing a behaviour pattern once I'm used to it) but I will definitely keep them all in mind and appreciate anything you guys have to suggest.


May. 13th, 2010 04:35 pm
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:) (The icon, for those who can't view it, is a rope ladder hanging down into a disabled parking space. Of course those who need disabled parking spaces are likely to not be big on rope ladders, but I like the image anyway)

nb the way I got this was by using Photobooth on this computer to take a photo of the laptop, since Apple have gotten better at stopping you from taking screenshots of dvds. But I prevailed! (I'm sure there's a better way but I couldn't be bothered looking into it for a single image that didn't need to be high quality)
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So I have a presentation all written to do a panel at Swancon about Disability in sf, and I'm happy enough presenting it by myself. But thinking about it I am not sure I'm up to handling all the questions I'm likely to get. Does anyone want to offer to help out moderating and answering questions during and after? You could also pipe in with extra thoughts on the presentation while I'm doing it if you were interested.

(It struck me that some people are much happier answering questions than public speaking, I'm the reverse :))
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Draft program presentation

Note that there's notes available from the "Actions" menu.

Any thoughts?
Anyone want to run the panel with me? (I'd prefer someone who identifies as disabled or at least has a moderate amount of experience with disability/chronic illness, but I'm somewhat open)

(nb I deleted the original lj version so I could use the "comments on dreamwidth" counter)

EDIT: But it didn't work! Clearly I need to play around with the crossposter. Anyway here is the lj post and here is the dw one (cross posted since lj is more swancon-ish and dw more disability-ish)

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