Jul. 17th, 2016

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So! I felt a DEEP NEED to go pokemon hunting this morning, but have plans tomorrow to help out the Swancon committee by checking out the accessibility of a venue with my wheelchair. I pondered if it would make me too tired and decided I'd just make a short swing by a pokestop on the other side of my house I haven't checked out yet, and maybe then go to the local shops to buy some eggs.

The reason I hadn't checked out that direction is that it's down a VERY steep hill I tend to avoid after too much time spent with dodgy batteries that cry on steep hills. But I have much better batteries now, and wasn't going very far.

So I started down the Very Steep Hill...and Pokemon Go crashed, as is it's wont. I kept poking the server and it started to rain, making me realise I'd left my umbrella at home. So I turned back. "No worries," I thought to myself as I went back up the Very Steep Hill, batteries showing no sign of strain. "I'll just pop home, grab the..."

And then, half a house away from home, my wheelchair stopped dead. No lights, no movement, nothing. "Oh bother," I thought, or words to that effect.

After some sad fruitless button poking I sighed and turned on the manual control lever. I'd never used it before and was worried I'd gotten it wrong but helpfully the moment it kicked in the chair started rolling back down the Very Steep Hill. "Darn," says I.

But I managed to stop the chair and then push it up the rest of the Very Steep Hill, not have it escape me down the less steep slope of my driveway, and get it inside. And then I collapsed asleep until Cam woke up, and got him to poke at the electronics (I am not allowed to poke at electronics, it ends badly) He found a stick caught in the machinery, but alas removing it did not help.

So I have left a message at the wheelchair place and given my apologies to Swancon. I may get Cam to go out and buy me some eggs. I am rather more sore than I was hoping, but on the plus side am not going to be taking a train anywhere tomorrow anyway :/

(I didn't even catch any pokemon)
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So, as implied by my last post, I got Pokemon Go! As also mentioned, it tends to crash a LOT. I knew that going in but was still surprised quite how much it crashes, not just when you do anything fancy like open a menu but also just at random. And then the server doesn't let you back in like 75% of the time. It's very frustrating!

EDIT: It's free with microtransactions. I haven't spent any real world money yet but it's definitely tempting.

Other than that it's pretty fun. Pokemon show up in the world at random and you catch them, it's like bird watching. Catching pokemon is pretty easy, though it does require mild hand eye coordination. It's supposed to be an exploring game but a moderate amount show up for me staying in the one place eg bed. Unfortunately I had to turn off the cute "augmented reality" feature where they are shown as if they are in the world in front of you. It makes it crash, you see...
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