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The irc-like chat program Discord is the new shiny fannish social media. One advantage over irc is that it shows all messages posted, not just the ones you're there for, which makes for a better ongoing conversation. The advantage over tumblr etc is the ability to have private-ish, moderated, communal conversations. The advantage over message boards and mailing lists is that it's new and shiny.

I quite like it but it can be tricky finding servers (eg chat rooms) relevant to my interests. Currently I'm only a member of public ones, so I can share the links freely. Here are all the ones I know about.
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[twitter.com profile] warpwind asked me on twitter on behalf of asinglestarwar and it was easier to compile them here. Extra recs very much appreciated!
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[tumblr.com profile] hoidn has been posting lots of cute Niles/Daphne gif sets on tumblr and it reminded me how much I enjoyed Frasier but found it frustrating that I was stuck with whatever episodes I happened to catch on tv. So I decided to watch it in order! Not all 220 episodes or whatever just the ones that sound good/shippy. And then Cam was inspired to maybe do the same, so I'm going to write up the episodes as I watch them to help him decide what to watch himself (unless he just watches them all, he is more of a completionist than me)

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Yes, I took a while to get around to writing this up, the important thing is I've done it now >.>

I was the only non committee member to show up, and they were very interested in a wider variety of suggestions. So contact them with ideas! Especially, I assume, relating to the newly announced international guest Wesley Chu.

Games/audience participation etc type stuff:

  • Johann Sebastian Joust
  • Virtual Reality demo like the one this year by Stirfire Studios
  • Workshops: quilting, locks, miniature painting
  • Competitive team based problem solving thing?
  • Play Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy game by audience vote

Other kinds of panels:

  • Anime history, recs
  • Dr Who
  • Non Western/English language Scifi beyond Anime: Miraculous Ladybug etc
  • Video games discussion
  • Late night Devina (fan guest)
  • Classics we never saw
  • Grant's history of Disney continued? If he wants?
  • Fantasy panels that suit Traci Harding's themes
  • Can a scifi movie stay true to an interesting scifi premise all the way through but also be exciting with lots of explosions?
  • Time travel
  • Endangered Animals
  • Space Ship Yamoto
  • Point and Click computer games
  • Women sent back in time: the genre.
  • Old franchises changing to suit new times eg getting more diverse
  • British Scifi Humour
  • Metaphors politically used for explosions (what does this mean, past self??)

More information about the convention
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From [tumblr.com profile] capillata. This has been sitting in my tabs so long I forgot it was even there. BUT I GOT TO IT EVENTUALLY.
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I was tagged by [tumblr.com profile] nilhmai but am totally ignoring the tag ten people bit myself because it's too hard. I have decided to define "OTP" as a pairing I not only like but am so invested in I find it hard to see the characters with other people. I'm generally a multishipper so these are rare!

Anne/Diana from Anne of Green Gables: I haven't consumed the canon in literal decades but it was deeply formative and I still feel a DEEP SENSE OF RESENTMENT any time I am reminded that Anne/Gilbert is canon.

Chell/GlaDOS from Portal: Have I mentioned how much I like robot/human femslash enemy ships?

Dave/Terezi from Homestuck: I don't ship it as hard any more due to canon shenanigans but ohhh did I love it in the day. I can ship them both with other people, but there will always be a small part of me going "But where is Terezi/Dave?" (LIKE SAY AT THE END OF CANON)

Leliana/Morrigan from Dragon Age: the ship I have the most works for at the AO3, even though they never liked each other much in canon and there's more supported f/f I could be shipping instead. And they got EVEN MORE PERFECT for each other in DAI, the subtle similarities I saw in Origins were teased out in really interesting ways. Shout-out to (Isabela/)Fenris/Mef!Hawke as the Dragon Age ship that consumed me the most emotionally.

Darcy/Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice: such a great example of an initially combatitive pairing that ends up genuinely perfect for each other. I have enjoyed so many versions of them getting together and am still enthusiastic at the prospect of more.

Honourable mentions: Root/Shaw from Person of Interest, Utena/Anthy from Revolutionary Girl Utena, Sam/EDI from Mass Effect, Ahiru/Rue from Princess Tutu, Mary/Anne from Pride and Prejudice, Zuko/Mai from Avatar the Last Airbender, Zen/Obi/Shirayuki from Akagami no Shirayukihime (mainly because I'm into it right now I don't know how I'll feel later), Magneto/Xavier from Xmen (probably my first m/m ship), and f!Shepard/Tali from Mass Effect
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So! I was enjoying the rpg Undertale right until it all got too hard and I gave up (specifically, the point where I had to run away from GIANT SPEARS falling from the sky while RUNNING THROUGH A MAZE) I looked up the rest on youtube and it was so great I don't regret the $10 I spent to play some of the game, especially since it helped a lot with the immersion. The whole game is a really clever, funny, and emotionally satisfying exploration of various RPG tropes. And has adorable canon same sex relationships! Note that it can be quite surreal and dark at times, though it's overall optimistic, and also as a child character you go on (innocent and not very romantic) "dates" with adult characters, which mildly weirded me out.

Since it was a little tricky to find all these, for anyone else who'd like to enjoy the story but sucks at reaction times, here's some links.

The Undertale site Has the demo, which is worth playing even if you are terrible at the combat but can otherwise enjoy rpgs. Just keep running away! Most people will improve greatly at any given battle with practice, so don't give up right away. But there's no shame in giving up eventually if it's not fun. Determination isn't everything ;)

The Undertale wiki Has hints on defeating most monsters, information on easter eggs etc.

If you want to watch a playthrough with minimal spoilers this is the best I have found. If you don't mind spoilers for the different kinds of endings I have a more detailed list under the cut.
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Every now and then someone I follow on social media will post something I find so upsetting I am unable to articulate my distress, and often I find myself in the position of either putting up with being psychologically damaged every time they say this kind of thing or silently unfollowing them, because I cannot see any way to explain my discomfort without getting into an argument I'm not up to.

So I've decided to try listing out my triggers, in hopes that putting them in the context of a large and frequently contradictory list makes it clearer that I'm not necesarily making a moral statement etc, and so I have something to link to when I'm feeling too freaked out to explain things. Some of these things I do have an ethical/moral objection to, but my emotional reaction is totally out of proportion, and there are other things I have zero objection to as long as I can avoid them personally.

I am not up for arguing about any of these (and it's not like you can convince me not to be triggered! That's not how triggers work!), but I can possibly offer clarification.

WARNING: Contains a whole bunch of common triggers!
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Since people ask me about it sometimes. I am by no means an expert, other people's advice very much welcomed in the comments. (And I'm sure I have posted about this before but can't find it!)

So! For the last few years I've been selling art, shirts, stickers, and cards at redbubble. I make very little money off this (about $20 a year, looking at my receipts), but I also put in very little effort. In general, I've found it a pretty positive experience just challenging myself to try and be at least semi professional, making polished designs I think people will like and then having people like them. I sold a lot more when I was adding works to groups, commenting on other people's art, and promoting things on social media. This is probably necessary wherever you go.

And now, all the options I know of, and what little I know of them. I have only used redbubble.

These all sell clothes, prints, cards, and homewares with original designs:
  • redbubble The objects are fairly expensive even if you only add a small profit margin, but they're of reasonably high quality and the site is inviting for purchasers. The only criticism of redbubble I know of is that one time they refused to ban some offensive shirts, though I think they backpeddled after enough complaints. Also the shirt colours come out muted.
  • Society 6 Very similar to redbubble as far as I can tell.
  • Cafepress A bit cheaper/tackier, wide range of options, very easy to get started. You used to have to make a separate shop per design but I'm not sure you do any more.
  • Zazzle similar to cafepress, apparently better quality.

More specific:
  • Threadless Send in tshirt designs, they get voted on and if you win you get a set payout of a thousand dollars or so.
  • Teefury Send in tshirt designs, make $1 per shirt for 24 hours and keep your copyright.
  • Spoonflower: sell fabric, gift paper, and wallpaper with repeating designs.

If you google "cafepress redbubble society 6" you get a bunch of people comparing them and suggesting several other sites I'd never heard of, as well as suggestions on how to use them best. I found How to Make Money with Zazzle Redbubble and Cafepress interesting. Apparently I make double the average of $10 per year /o\

Finally: while you're here, check out my redbubble follows and buy some of my friends' stuff ;) (though I'm not friends with tanaudel I just think she's cool)
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So I couldn't sleep and REALLY felt like playing the new game Her Story, and since it's only $5 I bought it.

It's a game about database searching, woo! WAIT NO IT'S ACTUALLY GOOD. Like a more non linear Analogue: A Hate Story, you are puzzling through a mystery via old logs. In this case, they're videos of a woman being interviewed about her missing husband. As you watch new videos you get new search terms to try, which leads to more videos. I haven't managed to get them all, but it's pretty easy to get the basic gist of the story. Really, I got the basic gist a few videos in, and the rest was just figuring out the (sometimes quite interesting!) details.

This very positive review is what inspired me to buy it, and I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the cheesiness of some of the twists, they allow for interesting story telling but I was expecting something more plausible and less "Oh I've seen this movie". But once I got over that I really enjoyed the game: the underlying story has issues, but it's told REALLY well. The non linear, player controlled aspect is very cleverly done, and the actress makes you care about not only her but the characters you never meet. Since I wasn't overwhelmed with admiration for the plot I haven't bothered untangling all the complicated clues that might clarify some of the ambiguity. But there's definitely some sneaky clues to puzzle out if you're inclined that way.

But I CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO FIND ALL THE VIDEOS. I'm stuck at around 75% /o\ For anyone else in this boat, here's my search terms thus far, roughly categorised by number of videos returned. I'd ignore the one video words unless you get REALLY desperate, most of the time they were the already seen video where I'd heard the word. EDIT: Have seen them now, wasn't missing anything significant.

Note: without spoilers, the game deals with some heavy subjects. I mean, the first suggested search term is "murder", and it goes on from there.

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I haven't done one of these in a while, and have added a bunch of new side blogs (which I update like once every 2 months but hey)

All have image descriptions unless stated otherwise.

[personal profile] alias_sqbr Fannish and personal stuff. Updated frequently, usually a mix of reviews, art dumps, and health stuff, for which I have a special filter.
[personal profile] sqbr Serious social justice discussions. Quieter than it used to be but still updated semi regularly, though posts these days are usually locked.

[livejournal.com profile] alias_sqbr: Crossposts of [personal profile] alias_sqbr. I answer comments etc but dreamwidth is the blog's real home.

[tumblr.com profile] sqbr Fairly active, random mix of nerdery, pretty things, and social justice.
[tumblr.com profile] alias-sqbr Creative things I have made. Updated semi regularly eg whenever I make something. Mostly fanart.

[twitter.com profile] sqbr Quietish, mix of reblogs, Australian politics and silly comments about my cat. Mostly used for following people I know in Perth.

Creative things:
[archiveofourown.org profile] sqbr AO3: fanfic, art for exchanges or with multiple pages, the odd game or piece of original fiction.
[deviantart.com profile] sqbr Deviantart: art, mostly fanart
[fanfiction.net profile] sqbr Fanfiction.net: fanfiction

I also have Professional Artist And Game Developer stuff that avoid linking to my fannish persona publicaly but can be seen here if you're on the access list for sqbr or here for alias_sqbr.

And I have a Facebook account under my legal name which I try to keep separate from all the rest. I tend to only really add people I'm friends with offline, especially family and people in Perth. If you fit that description and know my legal name then feel free to friend me.

Other than that pretty much anyone is welcome to follow any of my blogs. I'd rather noone followed me for hatereading or whatever but if you're doing that you presumably don't care.

I think that's everything!
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This was started out as an email [personal profile] lilysea, who was looking for games like Broken Age, but if I make it a post I can share with other people and maybe get more suggestions! Also warning if any of these require hand and eye coordination or fast reflexes.

I love that there's this resurgence in the genre and that most of these are like $10 and playable on the Mac. I haven't included any visual novels because that's a different genre. Note that many of these are on sale right now on Steam!

Old game I liked but haven't played in over a decade:
Legend of Kyrandia 2: The Hand of Fate: Fun silly high fantasy with a female protagonist

Games I have enjoyed recently on the Mac:
Gone Home: Really good storytelling, very simple puzzles, you are a young woman coming home to an empty house figuring out what's up with your family. Currently one of the gayest games I've played :)
Broken Age: Charming, funny, and gorgeous intertwined story of two teenagers (one a black girl omg) in a fantasy/scifi setting. Story stops abruptly halfway through because the second half is still in production.
Myst: Updated version of the classic walk around puzzle game. Atmospheric and pretty.
The Blackwell Legacy (and the next 2 games in the series): Grumpy, cynical women reluctantly badgered into saving people with their psychic powers. Has some dark tropey stuff about ~madness~.

Haven't played but heard good things about, available for Mac:
Wolf Among Us: A prequel to the Fables graphic novels, you are Bigby Wolf solving a murder mystery. Lots of difficult decisions, some of which must be made quickly.
The Walking Dead: Zombies, if you like that sort of thing. (And good characters and stuff, apparently? But also ZOMBIES)
Kentucky Route Zero: Eerie road trip through abandoned parts of America.
Sam and Max Hit The Road: over the top dark humour shenanigans
Syberia: Art nouveua steampunk with female protagonist
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis: What you'd expect given the title?
Machinarium You are a little robot making their way through a mechanised dystopia. I got bored and stuck on the puzzles but lots of people love it.
To The Moon: Bittersweet, about doctors helping dying people in their dreams. One of them is a woman?

The rest of these games aren't available for Mac, sorry Lily!

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITES a decade ago but they're not available for Mac:
Monkey Island: Hilarious tropey pirate adventure, very Pirates of the Carribean. Don't like the look of the new art but ymmv.
Gabriel Knight: moody supernatural murder mystery in New Orleans. Kinda racist in it's depiction of voodoo. Good Old Games has the original version with Tim Curry and the dated but more artistic graphics. Had a reaction time bit at the end I never got past, I vaguely recall hearing they may have removed that in the new version.
Gabriel Knight 2: BISEXUAL GERMAN WEREWOLVES. For a long time was the gayest game I had ever played, but it's all very Tragic Gay and even in like 2002 the graphics was super dated. The "piece together the ~secret history~ from real historical objects" puzzles were very well done in this and the next game.
Gabriel Knight 3: steals from all the same sources as the Davinci Code but makes more sense AND has vampires.

Haven't played but heard good things about, just Windows:
Lifeless Planet: You are a cosmonaut on a lifeless planet, figuring out it's secrets

Not currently available for modern Mac or PC:
Gateway: old game based on the Frederic Pohl scifi book. Haven't played myself.
Day of the Tentacle: old scifi humour I never had the chance to finish, an update is coming!
Ghost Trick: DS/phone game I have heard good things about. You are a ghost solving your own murder?
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: super fun legal trials and mysteries, DS/phone only.
Hotel Dusk: Moody noir murder mystery, DS/phone only.

Deep Games

Sep. 24th, 2014 07:02 pm
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These are the notes I took at Christy Dena's lecture and workshop on Deep Games. Overall it was a really great experience! I've added links for things I mean to check out later myself.
Describes games about abuse, homophobia, death. Plus some happy things ;) )
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After some effort (it required a reinstall, me logging into the website, and then both of us logging in on both machines and doing the right settings) we got "family sharing" working on Steam so I can play all of Cam's mac compatible games on my laptop.

Thus, a collection of recs! All the plotty ones have happy endings unless otherwise stated.
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Last one! I put all the remaining serious-ish topics together. Homestuck panel notes to appear once I have them tidied up!

EDIT: Do not trust the recs. They are a VERY mixed bag.

Queer women in sff )
Happy Queer Sff )
Gender Ambiguity in pop culture )
Why we like misery and violence in fiction )
Matriarchies )

Yuri recs

Mar. 1st, 2014 07:24 pm
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There is a yuri panel at Waicon tomorrow I hope to make it to, and I was thinking I should have my yuri recs post to hand but then I realised I dont seem to have one!

So! A quick list of anime and manga with canon f/f that I liked.


Girlfriends by Morinaga Milk: Cute somewhat fanservicey high school romance.

Strawberry Shake Sweet by Shizuru Hayashiya: Cute less fanservicey romantic comedy between two idols.

Morishima Akiko does lots of really cute one shots, some about ACTUAL ADULTS.


Revolutionary Girl Utena: Subverts gender roles, deeply weird and full of triggers but very interesting.

(qualified rec) Sakura Trick: blushing moe schoogirls kissing. Cute and happy but really obviously aimed at guys, with lots of closeups of their breasts and thighs. I kind of enjoyed it but feel dirty.

Websites/more recs

Lililicious: scanlations of SO MANY MANGA.

Shira’s Ginormous Shoujo-Ai and Yuri Manga Master Rec List

Kentsarrow's recs

Stuff I haven't seen but have been recced:


Iono-sama Fanatics (I have since been strongly anti recced)

Stuff I didn't really like but others do:

Aoi Hana: A bittersweet well-written gentle highschool yuri romance, had too much angsty underage sex for me (afaict the main characters end up happy together, and it's often funny and heartwarming. I just have REALLY BIG underage sex squick)

Mai Hime: Magical girls with too much male gaze and heteronormativity for my tastes. I enjoyed it well enough as action/adventure, but the f/f was rapey and left a bad taste in my mouth.

Love DNA XX: in a world of only XX people, half are trans men (sort of). Lots of fanservice of people with boobs in men's clothes. Not my kind of crossdressing.

Pietà by Nanae Haruno: angsty Special Girls find comfort in each other.

Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl by Satoru Akahori and Yukimaru Katsura: A girlish boy is turned into a girl by an alien. Shenanigans ensue. The main character's father kept "hilariously" hitting on her and it creeped me out.
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I've been pondering this topic for a while, but then came across 5 Reasons why Regency is the Best Romance Sub-Genre and decided it was TIME.

So! I have seen many reasons given for why people enjoy regency romance and my response is usually somewhere between "eh" and "Noooooo".

(I'm not going to bother exploring why I enjoy romances in general because my reasons are pretty typical: Happy stories about women, getting a kick out of resolved romantic tension etc)
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You are (almost) all far too modest and/or lazy but here is what I have from comments and my own vague memory/favourites etc:

Art and Design (for sale):
Sqbr's shirt and cards
Pretty Rock Designs
Miss Dilettante
Christina Lorenz
Alicia Smith Artworks - Wonderful Things
Angie Reed Garner
Sooz Arts

Craft (for sale):
Handmade RJ
Probably Possibilities
Dendrophil (nsfw)

Art and Craft (not for sale):
Kat's Gallery

Original Fiction:

Bad Company (Supernatural songvid)

Webpage Design:
Stella Omega

Disability and other social justice issues:
Women With Disabilities WA
Not Done Livin'
No Award

Pop Culture Blogs:
Wolverina.net Comics
Murder and Angst YA and murder mysteries

I know a lot of artists! There were a couple more of you I remembered having blogs and stuff but if I couldn't find it in a single click I decided you didn't care enough for me to link it :P

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