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First, my Dragon Age Inquisitor cosplay.

Second, some random recs:
the movie Joint Security Area
Safety Not Guaranteed
What if my Baby Is A Squib Subtle, dark, Harry Potter fanfic that pokes at the squib=disability thing
Across the Nightingale Floor by Lianne Hearn (next year's guest)
Husbands (by Jane Espenson, ditto, omg)

Third, panel notes:

Has Science Fiction Changed Society?
The general consensus was that it reflects existing changes and can inspire/help individuals, but is rarely on the forefront of any change. It's really bad at predicting the future so not much good at preparing for or inspiring it. I might write up the rest of my notes but while I enjoyed the panel none of it seems worth the effort.

John Scalzi Guest of Honour Speech
The meaning of life is unverifiable.

Poison Elves
I went to this by accident but have always been vaguely curious after seeing the comics in shops, and was amused to discover the hero's name is Lusipher. I wonder if there's a Saetan too.

Science in Speculative Fiction
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There have been a few times when a particular fanwork (usually a fanmix or vid) has permanently changed my associations with a song, and it fits so well that I can only think of it as being about a particular character/pairing/canon. For example:

  • Total Eclipse of the Heart (literal version): Revolutionary Girl Utena thanks to the vid Total Eclipse of the Heartsword
  • Girl With One Eye: Vriska from Homestuck via the fanmix Just As Horrible as Me (it's a Terezi/Vriska mix but I think of it as more of an Aradia/Vriska song)
  • Hide and Seek: Battlestar Gallactica via Meant Well: The Occupation despite TEN MILLION "mmm whatcha say" videos on tumblr
  • Cosmic Love: Puella Magi Madoka Magica (and Homura/Madoka in particular) from the vid Mahou Shoujo Requiem
  • Handlebars The Doctor, though I've seen it fit well for a number of characters.
  • Seamstress: Nikita&Alex from Nikita from the vid Seamstress

Does anyone else have any examples? Preferably where the lyrics really do fit surprisingly well. Or just songs which are remarkable fits where you thought of the connection independently.

If you don't do fanworks, I guess songs from movies/tv where it fit the scene PERFECTLY and you no longer hear it as being about the original subject. But songs written for the soundtrack don't count :)

EDIT: Hee, and here's a vid which matches an association I got from just hearing the song: Take me To Church to Lucrecia and Cesare from The Borgias. I haven't even watched the show but I have a friend who goes on about it a lot, and the song really is perfect.
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"In a text post, list ten fics that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard — they don’t have to be the “right” works, or even all the same pairing or fandom, just the fics that have touched you or that stuck with you somehow."

From tumblr. Chosen by going through my bookmarks and seeing which ones jumped out at me. A lot of these are VERY OLD since I have gotten harder to wow as I've read more fic. Sixteen not ten because don't make me chooooose. And yes there is a suprsing amount of Stargate considering I don't actually like the canon, when I first got into fic that was what I encountered the most of and the fandom produced a wide range of interesting stuff. (Also lots of robots which should not be surprising at all)

A Deeper Season (117605 words) by lightgetsin, sahiya
Chapters: 19/19
Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga - Bujold
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Gregor Vorbarra/Miles Naismith Vorkosigan
Characters: Gregor Vorbarra, Miles Naismith Vorkosigan, Ivan Vorpatril, Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan, Aral Vorkosigan
Additional Tags: First Time, Romance, Action/Adventure, a deeper season, Alternate Universe
Series: Part 5 of A Deeper Season
Summary:Take one Miles, a hapless cousin, Cetagandan social politics, a galactic conspiracy, a scientific discovery, a lot of firepower, and an unexpected declaration. Mix well and step back quickly.

First fanfic I ever really loved.

Title: Boston Marriage
Author: [ profile] jae_w
Fandom: Gilmore Girls
Pairing: Rory/Paris
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Notes: For literate_bear

First femslash story I really truly loved.
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Last one! I put all the remaining serious-ish topics together. Homestuck panel notes to appear once I have them tidied up!

EDIT: Do not trust the recs. They are a VERY mixed bag.

Queer women in sff )
Happy Queer Sff )
Gender Ambiguity in pop culture )
Why we like misery and violence in fiction )
Matriarchies )
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So! I just came from Swancon. It was great! I may write some more coherent personal thoughts later, but plausibly not cos I don't have much interesting to say. What I do have are COPIOUS NOTES. So let's get started.

Queerbaiting )Favourite Comics )Magic Systems )
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Before I forget what they all mean! I had a good time, the JAFWA manga library was a great way to rest and I had some delicious sukiyaki from Pepper Steak which probably had nothing to do with my throat going bright blotchy red just afterwards.

Game development:

Let's Make Games local game group
Global Game Jam: Perth
Construct 2 Game engine
Rock Paper Shotgun Reviews, links to interesting little free games
The Lost Garden Blog
Extra Credits Meta
Podcasts: Game design round table, Tone Control

Panelists were from 5Milkshakes cosplay, say they will put their recs list up there at some point. (They printed 25 copies which vanished in minutes :))

Unlike yaoi, yuri tends to actually explore sexuality and gender a bit, often characters tending towards genderqueer or trans though they generally don't use those terms.

Things I wrote down:
Sympho Gear
Strawberry Panic
Sasameki Koto
Koko connect
Kiss of the petals

Being in a room full of happy yuri fangirls (and the odd outnumbered fanboy) was great :)

Yuri recs

Mar. 1st, 2014 07:24 pm
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There is a yuri panel at Waicon tomorrow I hope to make it to, and I was thinking I should have my yuri recs post to hand but then I realised I dont seem to have one!

So! A quick list of anime and manga with canon f/f that I liked.


Girlfriends by Morinaga Milk: Cute somewhat fanservicey high school romance.

Strawberry Shake Sweet by Shizuru Hayashiya: Cute less fanservicey romantic comedy between two idols.

Morishima Akiko does lots of really cute one shots, some about ACTUAL ADULTS.


Revolutionary Girl Utena: Subverts gender roles, deeply weird and full of triggers but very interesting.

(qualified rec) Sakura Trick: blushing moe schoogirls kissing. Cute and happy but really obviously aimed at guys, with lots of closeups of their breasts and thighs. I kind of enjoyed it but feel dirty.

Websites/more recs

Lililicious: scanlations of SO MANY MANGA.

Shira’s Ginormous Shoujo-Ai and Yuri Manga Master Rec List

Kentsarrow's recs

Stuff I haven't seen but have been recced:


Iono-sama Fanatics (I have since been strongly anti recced)

Stuff I didn't really like but others do:

Aoi Hana: A bittersweet well-written gentle highschool yuri romance, had too much angsty underage sex for me (afaict the main characters end up happy together, and it's often funny and heartwarming. I just have REALLY BIG underage sex squick)

Mai Hime: Magical girls with too much male gaze and heteronormativity for my tastes. I enjoyed it well enough as action/adventure, but the f/f was rapey and left a bad taste in my mouth.

Love DNA XX: in a world of only XX people, half are trans men (sort of). Lots of fanservice of people with boobs in men's clothes. Not my kind of crossdressing.

Pietà by Nanae Haruno: angsty Special Girls find comfort in each other.

Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl by Satoru Akahori and Yukimaru Katsura: A girlish boy is turned into a girl by an alien. Shenanigans ensue. The main character's father kept "hilariously" hitting on her and it creeped me out.
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Look at this great little Elementary fic trascendenza write for me about Watson and Bell!

Speaking of Elementary I really liked this Sleepy Hollow crossover The Hellhound of the Rockefellers.

I went out today! To a PARTY! OMG! It was a brief hello to [personal profile] transcendancing(*) and quite lovely, like the woman herself :)

There were other things I was going to say but I have entirely forgotten them!

(*)Who I am forever mixing up with trascendenza on dreamwidth
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Since I just finished an actual book printed on paper.

What I've been reading:
Steampowered 2: More Lesbian Steampunk Stories. Edited by Joselle Vanderhooft, written by many people but most importantly the AMAZING AND TALENTED Stephanie Lai.

Overall I quite enjoyed it! Most of the authors made an effort to do interesting and inclusive worldbuilding, with stories set in China and Turkey and Malaysia etc all exploring what "steampunk" might mean in that setting. And they all had queer female main characters! They were still a bit...short story-ish for my tastes, lots of bittersweet endings and a few vignettes that didn't really go anywhere when what I like is actual stories with a narrative arc and a happy ending. And beyond that the quality was patchy. But there were enough stories I liked to keep me reading and I'm overall glad I read it.

What I've been watching:

Coffee Prince: Great!
All About my Romance: Ok

Failed to watch:

Hannibal:Not my sort of thing
The Mindy Project: BAD, I didn't manage to finish the first episode
Pretty Little Liars
I can't think straight
The Fosters

What I'm watching:

Kimi no Todoke: really sweet anime about a shy awkward girl gaining friends and self confidence (I've read heaps of the manga)
Little Mosque: patchy but nice enough comedy set in a Canadian mosque
Little Witch Academia: Cute little anime combining Hogwarts with a Japanese girls school
Orphan Black: Really good scifi thriller so far, but I am not in the mood for anything tense right now so it's on pause
Chihayafuru: it's stopped being quite so slow now it's nearing the end of the season

What I'm reading:
The Chihayafuru manga. The tv show finally caught up to the end of the random gap in the translations, hurrah!

Also Homestuck just started up again after a hiatus and I am full of feels.

What I'll be watching next:
Sunkyunkwan Scandal
Capital Scandal
My Girl
Ao Hana
Amar Akbar Anthony

Further recs for K dramas appreciated, alas I can't find a source for Queen in Hyun's Man or it'd be on the list. Also interesting collections of short stories that don't all have sad/creepy/bittersweet endings (Or have enough interesting ideas that I won't mind) Accessible not-too-depressing short essays, too. I need something new to read on the bus :) Maybe I should just give up and load up the Kindle with fanfic.

while I'm at it, some other stuff for future reference )
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What science fiction books by/about women (preferably both) do you consider "required reading" (as much as that phrase makes sense)? eg The books that are so great or influential you think most scifi book geeks should at least give them a go.

Obviously this is hugely subjective! And nothing is really required, read what you like. I just thought it would be interesting to compare to the previous list.

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I watched the first episode of Miss Fischer's Murder Mysteries today in chat with [personal profile] hl, which was super fun. In part because I had someone with which to share reactions like "SHES A SEXY OLDER CROSSDRESSING GENDERSWAPPED WATSON" and "Has any male character had any lines beyond AAARGH?".

Beyond the amazing Bechdeliciousness(*), this is just a fun little mystery show. It's set in in 1920s Melbourne about a 40-ish year old woman swanning around causing mischief and having lots of sex and saving the day. The period details are nicely done, lots of pretty dresses but also some attention to life for those from the less fancy end of town.

And did I mention she has a friend who is a cynical crossdressing female doctor? And her sidekicks are adorable communist taxi drivers who rant at the police for being tools of the oppressor? The Lestrade-ish character is fairly run of the mill, but he works as part of the overall dynamic.

I should check with hl if she wants to watch the next one with me, because otherwise I'm tempted to just watch it now :) And then sit on my hands, waiting for the next one (Other things I am waiting for: My new glasses, my new ramp, my new wheelchair, Mass Effect frigging 3)

Fellow Aussies: the first episode is still streaming legally on iView for a limited time. Give it a go!

EDIT: Hee, from the website "With an acquired taste for the best, but impeccable working-class origins". This and Outland are reminding me how much I enjoy Australian tv when it doesn't annoy me.

(*)It did eventually pass the reverse Bechdel test, but the only scenes I remember were things like "male thug chases male sidekick, shouting".
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Can you draw adorable anime-esque animals? Then this job might be for you (via Fauxmonstur on DeviantArt, who works for them and seems pretty happy about it)

I've found a new muesli I can eat! Heritage Mill Australia Colonial Five Grains muesli has no coconut or dried fruit and is just various grains, nuts, a little oil, and treacle. We bought the toasted one and it's quite tasty.

Cam and I got glasses today at the Morley Laubman and Pank, we both really like them for helpfulness and competence. They're not extra specially cheap, but we always end up happy with our purchase, which is pretty important when you're spending so much money. I'm still buggered though, all that concentrating on tiny differences and walking about looking at frames really takes it out of me.


Feb. 10th, 2012 11:50 am
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I just watched the pilot episode of Outland, the new Australian comedy show about a group of gay and lesbian science fiction fans, and it was great. Not perfect, but lots of fun. They even referenced Swancon! (It's set in Melbourne)

There is a moment when the black disabled lesbian character (I see what you did there show) turns up at the top of a flight of stairs without any explanation which was a bit jarring. But I'm willing to let it slide :)

Perople in Australia can see it on iView, the rest of you will have to be...creative. It's on Thursdays at 9:30 on ABC.
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I’ve had a soft spot for enemyships and hateships for as long as I can remember. Since a lot of people who don’t enjoy such ships seem to find the idea bizarre I thought it would be interesting to poke at why I like them. I’d be curious to hear if other people like them for similar or different reasons.

This is way more stream of consciousness than you might think from all the headings, and is very much why I like these ships. I've given lots of examples so that hopefully you can find something to check out whatever your preferences for fandoms and fanworks.

Note: This post contains references to violence and abusive relationships, and many of the fanworks linked are quite violent indeed, including sexual violence and gore.
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Code Academy Turns learning to code into an interactive game. I only got a little way in since it's not really aimed at people who already know how to code, but what I saw looked like fun.

Men's Versus Women's Poses Trying to re-enact fantasy novel covers in real life.

Open Culture Free online stuff! I haven't actually had much of a chance to check it out but it looks pretty cool.

Some of the original draft of Peter Pan, very interesting and and in some places very different.

English language dating sims with f/f options ("parent" leads to a general f/f media rec thread)

From that list: I've been playing Magical Diary and it's RIDICULOUS AND AMAZING. It's a thinly veiled Harry Potter self insert fantasy set in the US, except with more POC and ladies and no saving the world. I keep failing my exams (the magic system is actually kind of involved, which has made the game more interesting) and eventually got expelled after one particularly unfortunate life choice, but once I get over that I intend to get back to flirting and doing Science with my adorable roommate :D I have a side playthrough where I'm seeing what happens when you date the mysterious blue-skinned bat-winged bad boy Damien (this game), and there's been some new plot elements though the basic structure is the same. It's not a deep game but I'm enjoying it :)

I found the "The Crow"/"The Dark Knight"/"V for Vendetta" vid Anarchy really interesting: I hadn't thought of the Joker and V as similar before (I haven't seen the Crow)
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First, two sensible links: A set of posts about a chronic pain class, a lot of this matched stuff I've learned from chronic illness myself, though some didn't.

A nice perspective tutorial from [personal profile] astridv.

And now unabashed fannishess.

If there were Barryaran political RPF fanvids, they would look like this: Russian vids to a Vorkosigan fan rock opera.

All the Ladystuck works are out, and many of them are fantastic. Again, no real points for guessing which ones are mine, though one is slightly harder than usual. Here's the Ladystuck works I've bookmarked. There are MULTIPLE femslash fancomics, and THREE Rose/Terezi fics. This makes me happy.

And just as my dance card was looking empty…[ profile] dragonagewomen, a female-character centric challenge for my other main fandom. Plus [community profile] newgameplus is probably going to be running a computer game fandom remix challenge including art, which should be super fun.

I started watching the anime Gintama and it is VERY SILLY. It's about a Japan colonised by aliens in the Edo era, and seems to basically be samurai + pop culture references + scifi + random shenanigans. Also the main character Gin looks like a white haired version of Shin from the anime of Gokusen, it's disconcerting.

I also started watching Capital Scandal, A Korean live action comedy/romance tv show set in Japanese occupied 1930s Korea. It seems to be a mix of fun 30s shenanigans with fighting-against-the-evil-occupier war drama, I'm quite enjoying it so far but it's an interesting contrast to Gintama!
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I was discussing recent-ish tv shows that are worth watching with [personal profile] lilysea and said I'd try and think of some recs later when I was less sleepy. And then I thought I might as well make it a post, that way other people can suggest things/get suggestions.

Recently finished shows I enjoyed: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (anime), Wandering Son (anime)

I am currently into: Parks and Recreation, Community, Castle, Doctor Who, Sherlock (sort of)

I couldn't really get into: Glee, Once upon a Time, Game of Thrones, Pushing Daisies, Weeds, Sanctuary, Sarah Jane Adventures, Merlin, Nikita, Suits, New Girl, Person of Interest, No Ordinary family, Breakout Kings, Skins, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Dexter, Grey's Anatomy, Eureka, The Good Wife, Mad Men, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, 30 Rock

Shows I was into then went off: Downton Abbey, Lost Girl, Warehouse 13, Supernatural, Covert Affairs, Legend of the Seeker, Burn Notice, Psych, Bones, Smallville, Chuck, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Leverage, Being Human (UK), Lie to Me, Torchwood

Other people's recs that I intend to check out: Pretty Little Liars, Fringe, Breaking Bad, Switched at Birth, Sons of Anarchy, Boardwalk Empire, various DC Superhero related cartoons, The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, various Korean dramas if I can figure out how to watch them, Jellyfish Princess (anime), Gintama (anime which I just realised is streaming free on Crunchyroll, woo!)

Shows I have heard mixed reviews about and don't intend to watch: Alphas, Misfits, The Borgias, Revenge, Hawaii 5-0, Homeland, Make it or Break it, Necessary Roughness, The Defenders, Terra Nova, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Gossip Girl, Rizzoli & Isles, Grimm, Being Human (US), The Hour, Camelot

A couple of older shows in there just because I encountered them late :) Also, a lot of the shows I went off didn't get particularly worse over time, it's just that the novelty value of the formula wore off for me.

So, what are you watching and enjoying right now? What really obvious shows that are currently popular with geeks have I forgotten? (I wrote this at 5am, so I'm sure there are some)

EDIT: Watched the first episode of Gintama, it is REALLY SILLY. Also JUST started Capital Scandal.
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I've seen various discussions around the place discussing good places to find interesting meta. So I decided to list everything I'm subscribed to in various ways where I could see at least two unlocked posts of at least vaguely fannish(*) meta on the first page, produced in the last few months.
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