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So after vaguely noticing the rise of Ubereats I decided to investigate the options for food delivery in Perth again, and lo! They have improved enough that there are now options I can eat available in my area!

The sites I have found and how they looked for my fairly central suburb:

  • Menulog Moderate range, what I ended up using.
  • Eatnow Similar to Menulog, but website was a little less helpful regarding opening times.
  • Ubereats Largest range. But part of Uber and thus evil.
  • Deliveroo Significantly worse range than all the others.

I ended up picking Taiwanese Cafe which has a nice range of food I can eat as well as some stuff Cameron likes. And Taiwanese desserts!! I LOVE TAIWANESE DESSERTS and have had trouble finding anywhere easy to get them. The food was overall pretty good: the red bean and pearls dessert wasn't the best I've had but still satisfying, the popcorn chicken was super tasty, the teriyaki chicken bento perfectly nice, and the egg pancake a little greasy but ok. The only genuinely mediocre dish was the spring rolls.

The menulog ordering process was very painless, and the delivery guy had my number for when he got lost (our set of units has a very confusing numbering system) You're in trouble if you want ingredient lists etc, but that's true of most delivery.

EDIT for my own use since menulog has no favourites system (*plain rice available)


Tried, liked:

Tried, disliked:
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A while ago I wrote this post about predicting food fads, then didn't get around to posting it. In the meantime [ profile] yiduiqie posted links to two different new "Asian food is the new Western food" fads that bear no resemblance to my predictions whatsoever. I am thus posting this now before I look even sillier :)

So! I sometimes ponder what foods will become the new shiny food in Australia next.
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May. 30th, 2017 11:44 pm
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Am still feeling depressed, but getting by. My apologies to the multiple people who subscribed to me recently, you all seem very cool but unfortunately my brain's response to "do I want to see the kinds of posts this person makes on my reading list?" was "Who knows who cares EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE" which was not very helpful.

I have recently made this zuchinni slice minus cheese and oil plus extra egg and some savoury flavours (garlic oil, msg, pepper, salt) a few times using the very convenient zucchini spaghetti from WA Fresh and it is great, though removing most of the fat makes it a trifle rubbery and in need of extra toasting. Going to try it minus bacon next because I don't like eating pork if I can help it.

Though as much as WA Fresh has a nice variety of produce, as I discovered last night they are lacking one very important staple: a "cancel order" button. I had to make a panicked email at 10pm after accidentally ordering twice, it all turned out ok but was rather more stress than I like.
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Someone a while ago asked me what the use of powdered peanut butter was asides from making low fat peanut butter.

The two key features: 1) It's a dry powder. 2) it's water soluble, and dissolves quite easily.

1) is useful for adding dry coatings to stuff. I put peanut butter powder+flour+seasoning on some baked zuchinni the other day and it was very nice! Also if you have a slightly too damp or oily sandwich the powder can dry it out eg it makes for less mushy peanut butter and banana toasted sandwiches.

2) is useful for adding peanut butter flavour to things without that annoying dissolving-in-hot-liquid step. This is especially useful for cold things like cereal or salad dressing. I'll just sprinkle peanut butter powder and fish sauce on chopped cucumbers sometimes, and just had a very tasty bowl of mock honey nut cornflakes using butterscotch syrup. It's great mixed into chia seed pudding and other cold desserts, it has enough sugar and salt to create a nice flavour.

You can also use it as an odd sort of vegan milk powder, but I only did this on holiday because I had no other option. I think you could maybe use it as a seasoned high protein flour substitute in something like no-bake date and nut balls etc.

I'm not sure what I'll do when my current jar runs out since it's not sold in Australia. I'll have to see if there's somewhere I can import it from, or I'll be a little sad!
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Bare Crush 100% fruit icy poles, had the mango today and it was quite nice.

Nutty Bruce almond milk, from Maylands IGA: The only almond milk I've found in Perth that doesn't contain vegetable gums. A little bitter but thick and great in cooking, I made the tastiest chicken curry with it as a replacement for coconut milk (which it is not as thick and tasty as, but it's still better than rice milk)

Dripping: Being 100% animal fat it is not exactly the kind of vegan health food one usually associates with "dairy free", but it doesn't set off my food issues and makes for a tasty butter/oil substitute on vegemite toast and roasted potatoes. Available from all supermarkets super cheap!

Microwave rice pudding (would also probably work with dairy), adapted from this stovetop recipe

1 cup cold white cooked rice
enough "milk" to make it soupy, maybe a cup?
large pinch salt
1 egg
dash vanilla essence
1/2 cup tinned fruit or a mashed banana
pinch cinnamon
sweetener eg 1 tsp to 1/4 cup sugar


Mix everything but the egg in a wide-rimmed microwave safe ceramic bowl. Microwave for 4-5 minutes on high, checking to make sure it isn't boiling over especially if your bowl doesn't have a wide rim (it helps for some reason) THE MOMENT it's done crack in the egg and stir briskly so it forms a custard with some of the rice, then mix evenly into the rest. Leave to sit for a minute or two. Eat!

It's really important that the mixture be SUPER hot, if you get delayed after the microwave goes off microwave it again until it's bubbling. You still can't guarantee the egg is 100% cooked but microwaving it once it's mixed in ends badly and personally I am ok with slightly raw egg.
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I just made this two ingredient vegan banana and peanut butter icecream and WHOA is it nice for something so healthy, especially since it's not even made in an icecream maker. It was kind of a pain using the blender, and I'm curious to know what the texture would be like if I did use the icecream maker (and maybe added some vanilla essence, mmm)

Finished "Industrial magic" by Kelley Armstrong and I really liked it. It's the sequel to a paranormal romance and is basically just the main character and her boyfriend from the last book solving a murder mystery, but since I actually like the boyfriend (unlike 99% of romance "heroes") not to mention the many engaging and mostly female side characters, it was pretty fun. My only complaint was that it could stand to be shorter, the plot isn't complex enough to sustain the length and I ran out of momentum a few times.

I've been doing a fun little 30 day art improvement meme, will post the first few results and my Ladystuck works when I feel up to wrangling html.
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Glitch is closing :( :( :( It's so melancholy there now, though the developers have thrown out all the stops by lowering times/costs of things and releasing a bunch of content they'd been saving for later, there's a sort of doggedly festive end of the world vibe.

I haven't found an alternative but did get around to checking out StoryNexus, a game making and playing website from the creators of Echo Bazaar. I had a brief go making a game, which was fun, and also really enjoyed [personal profile] yhlee's game WinterStrike, even if I did end up constructing a maze of frozen corpses and wondering where I went wrong.

Today I FINALLY got around to using the Jackson's voucher I got for my birthday last year. Since it was about to expire I was open to large purchases...and left with a SEVENTY DOLLAR box of pencils. They are very nice pencils though (Faber Castell Polychromos) The Subiaco store isn't SUPER accessible but I could get in and park and the staff were very helpful. They also recognised the Firefly "I can kill you with my brain" shirt I was wearing :D (Which got me a number of confused frowns from passer's by as I went past in my wheelchair, as well as a look of EXTREME CONCERN from a little girl I shared a lift with)

After that I explored a bit and checked out Farmer Jack's supermarket in an arcade just off Rokeby road. They have CHESTNUT PASTE (soooo nice with almond butter) and ALMOND MILK ICECREAM. I sat staring sadly at the latter since (a) It was full of chocolate and (b)I was way too far from home to buy anything frozen. I think I will have to return with Cam and the car and buy it anyway, even if it is $14 for four tiny icecreams. They have a much wider range of coconut milk based icecreams if any of you dairy free peeps are into that.

Two unexpected signs of my impending BNFdom: I just had someone ask to translate one of my fics for a russian language interfandom battle (GO ATLA), and I have also apparently been chosen as a "featured user" on delicious. Either they have a lot of featured users or they are really desperate, I hope anyone who gets sent my way likes fanfic...

But speaking of delicious they have suddenly started showing people's real names! (Or at least what they think are our real names) Check your account, people!

I went to the Swancon programming meeting last week, it was lots of fun, and I only volunteered for one panel! I'm doing Interactive Fiction, which StoryNexus is nicely relevant to. On that note I shall preserve this interesting discussion from tumblr and bid you all adieu.
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Can you draw adorable anime-esque animals? Then this job might be for you (via Fauxmonstur on DeviantArt, who works for them and seems pretty happy about it)

I've found a new muesli I can eat! Heritage Mill Australia Colonial Five Grains muesli has no coconut or dried fruit and is just various grains, nuts, a little oil, and treacle. We bought the toasted one and it's quite tasty.

Cam and I got glasses today at the Morley Laubman and Pank, we both really like them for helpfulness and competence. They're not extra specially cheap, but we always end up happy with our purchase, which is pretty important when you're spending so much money. I'm still buggered though, all that concentrating on tiny differences and walking about looking at frames really takes it out of me.
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So! A list of foods I can eat for those foolhardy enough to try to feed me.

Savoury and/or healthy is better than sweet/unhealthy (overall your best bet is chopped vegetables and humous :))

I'll add things to this as I remember them, please ask if you want clarification. When in doubt, please check with me!

Here is the list of things I can't eat. I'm being a little less paranoid about soy flour since it's in EVERY BREAD but am happier if I can avoid it.

Preprepared or easy food

  • Pfeffernusse biscuits
  • Turkish bread, most white bread
  • regular hummous (not spicy or fancy) eg Black Swan or Chris's brand from the supermarket
  • unflavoured rice and corn thins
  • most seaweed flavour rice crackers
  • Boiled eggs
  • Chopped vegetables (not red capsicum, but I can always just not eat it if it's there)
  • non-acidic fruit: melons, grapes, banana, pear, paw paw, lychee/rambutan, loquat, custard apple. Ok in small amounts: red apples, berries, cherries
  • Marshmallows
  • Mondo brand nougat
  • nuts and dried fruit (not pine nuts, nothing too acidic)
  • most meringues or pavlova (minus any toppings)
  • Big Sister brand Rich Fruit Cake. NOT the "light" one, the dark one.

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Unfortunately I didn't finish this book, not because it's bad but because I'd reached my quite low mental limit for nonfiction books(*) (Why yes, this did help make my Phd unbearable) "Luckily" I accidentally arrived at the library 45 minutes before it opened, so spent the time reading the last chapter (having read the first 2 or 3 already) and deciding on bits to quote.

So: this is a very good book, exploring the problems with the global food industry, how it's bad for everyone from farmers to consumers, and how everyone can fix it.

There's a website, which has one of the most important things to take away from it, what to do.

Here's a the full annotated list but in short:

  • Transform our tastes.
  • Eat locally and seasonally.
  • Eat agroecologically.
  • Support locally owned business.
  • Insist that the workers who grow our food have the right to dignity.
  • Advocate profound and comprehensive rural change.
  • Demand living wages for all.
  • Support a sustainable architecture of food.
  • Snap the food system’s bottleneck.
  • Own and provide restitution for the injustices of the past and present.

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(*)This being entirely [ profile] sanguinity's fault.
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So I was looking up recipes for hokey-pokey icecream today and was overcome by an almost inconceivable suspicion: it's not eaten in America! Or in fact anywhere beyond the Pacific region!

Is this true? Because you guys are missing out. On the plus side afaict it's just made by mixing vanilla icecream with honeycomb (or "sponge toffee", which sounds terrible), though I plan to make it with butterscotch flavoured icecream(*).

What are the foods/recipes from a country you've lived in which you can't believe people overseas don't eat?

Personally I have trouble understanding how people can not like vegemite, but intellectually I can see how it might be something you need to have grown up with :)

(*)When I can find somewhere that sells oat/almond milk and honeycomb, Coles having neither this evening. Bah!
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So I just cut myself some of the bread I made earlier today and it's undercooked :( Mostly done, but a few mushy dough bits in the middle. Thanks to a mistake with temperatures it's a little overcooked on the outside so I don't want to bake it again (also it's cut now!)

Any clever suggestions on what to do with it? It's very nice bread otherwise, pumpkin spice with treacle.

Microwaving worked adequately, I guess, but it went a bit mushy. Toasting wasn't very effective. I guess I could make some sort of oven baked..thing (I don't think garlic bread would work with this bread!) Maybe bread and butter pudding.

Also googling "undercooked bread" found me a few other pumpkin/carrot breads(*), is this always going to be an issue? I did screw up the temperature (fan forced instead of regular), but not that much. Maybe I should make a smaller loaf next time.

EDIT: OOps, meant to post this to [ profile] cooking. Well, if you guys have any ideas.... :D

(*)The only success story was cutting off the cooked bits then steaming the rest in the oven which I might try.
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So, by request, for [ profile] distantcam's birthday today I made him choc-orange icecream. None of the recipes I could find online were quite right so I made one up. It was apprently very tasty :)(*)

Choc-orange Icecream
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I've been asked to buy someone japanese incense for their birthday. Anyone know where I could find such stuff?

Also: thankyou all for your advice on icecream makers! We bought a Sunbeam Snowy ($50 from Retravision) and made some tasty, tasty banana ice cream.
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So lazyweb, as they say, anyone got advice on good brands and places to by an icecream maker? The only local place I can find that sells them at all (based on online catalogues) is Retravision, and they have off-putting names like "Crazy Scoops!".

I vaguely recall reading [ profile] lizbyrd talking about getting one, but have forgotten the details.
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I keep meaning to post about cultural appropriation since I think it's a really important and interesting issue, but since I'm still figuring it out my ideas never quite coalesce. But in the meantime White American culture is General Tso’s Chicken and Chop Suey.

The video (by Jennifer 8. Lee) is definitely worth watching, about the way that "chinese american" food is as american as beer and pizza and the history of it's invention and misrepresentation.
It's interesting as someone from a different non-chinese country, with it's own different "chinese" food. It took me years to figure out what "egg rolls" and "pot stickers" were :)

The article (by Restructure) is more interested in why this is bad.

Something Restructure brings up in the comments which really pinged for me is that people go on about "authenticity" and it gets this social cache (ie "authentically exotic" food/clothes/music etc as a sign of being cosmopolitan) when what we should worry about is if something is representative.
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So I have tracked down some dairy-and-soy free "icecream"(*). But afaict it only comes in licorice flavour. It's actually really nice, but the licoriceness gets a bit intense after a while. Normally I eat icecream with fruit or cake or whatever, but it's licorice flavoured. Anyone have suggestions for stuff to eat it with? Preferably soy/dairy etc free stuff :) I might try it with watermelon, that goes with star anise which is kind of licoricey...Maybe I should add some ginger. Hmm.

The company that makes it, "Gigi's Icecream" don't seem to have a webpage, they're a small QLD family business. I'm going to email and ask if they have any other (a) flavours and (b) WA stockists.

(*)Made with oats milk and eggs, bought from Maylands IGA
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I thought about doing a poll (and may later) but people are so complicated decided it was easier just to ask. Partly out of curiousity, partly because having such extreme restrictions myself has made me want to be aware of other people's issues and cater to them where possible.

So: what can't you eat? I'm including moral choices and extreme taste preferences (ie you can't stand chili), but not anything where you'd rather not eat it but can put up with it if you have to, the operative word is can't.

So, mine:
I've gone back onto gluten (THANK GOD) but am otherwise being quite picky. So this is just where I'm at for now.

None: dairy, coconut, unfermented soy, chili, alcohol
Minimal: caffeine, cocoa or cocoa butter, artificial sweetners, acid (this includes fruits like plums and citrus, most fruit juices, salad dressing, preserved veggies and pickles, soft drink, and vinegar), spring onions/leek/watercress/chives, peppermint, paprika/red capsicum, fat (ie deepfried stuff), mustard, kidney beans, possibly pine nuts.

Also some artificial chemicals disagree with me but apart from artificial sweetners I haven't been able to pin down which exactly, so I just avoid overly processed foods. Gluten free flour mixes are definitely all bad, I think it may be the xanthum gum.

The usual disclaimers apply.
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Via [ profile] trashy_eats, An annual competition for food made using a turkey shaped jelly mould.

It's making me hungry, luckily I'm having chicken for dinner :)

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