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Mostly for my own future reference. I'm making this public in case other people find it useful, but if you don't have a colonoscopy coming up you will probably find it TMI and boring.
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Dec. 16th, 2016 12:04 am
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Saw the dentist at Maylands Dental Centre. They were wheelchair accessible and very friendly and nice even when I put a small dent in the wall and then my card was declined and I had to go home to pay them electronically /o\ (I had the money but had forgotten to make sure it was in the right account) The dentist was very competent but the assistant kept getting the water-vacuum briefly stuck on my tongue etc which was annoying.

My teeth are apparently in pretty good shape! When I said I used to eat lots of sugary and acidic foods but had to stop for health reasons she said "Well, you're not missing out, sugar is terrible!". Lady, we both know that is a lie. I apparently have mild gum disease and need to floss more, which I got all inspired about but we'll see if I actually buy any floss lol. Last time I went to the dentist, *cough* years ago, they said I had signs of tooth grinding but apparently I don't now, must be because I went off cymbalta.

Before dentist appointments I always get anxious about cavities etc but forget how unpleasant having my teeth cleaned is. Ugh. But I do like the idea of getting rid of my gum disease since apparently that can have all sorts of nasty systemic side effects. (But flossing suuuuucks)
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Since I haven't done one for a while and feel like there's stuff I have forgotten to record.
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It turns out the wheelchair's problem was a blown fuse, probably a result of the Very Steep Hill. The technician ordered a replacement which I'm still waiting on but Cam was able to find one for $1 at an electronic store, using the remaining fuse as a reference. And thus I ESCAPED THE HOUSE.

And went pokemon hunting, naturally ;) I went down to the river near my old house, where I used to walk in more energetic days. My main goal was to catch some water pokemon but once I got there I remembered how pretty it is and enjoyed looking at the ducks, listening to the frogs etc. A sunny winter day is the best time to enjoy the outdoors around here, everything is green and the air is brisk. And then I hatched my first egg (a charmander!), and while I was waiting to log back in after the inevitable crash got into a nice conversation with another player, who said the lure at the pokestop was from some passing government workers. He was around my age and a little self conscious about being into Pokemon since like me he'd been Too Old For Cartoons when it came out.

And then in the afternoon I got A haircut! Which is rather shorter than I wanted but hopefully will grow into something that makes me look a little less like Vanilla Ice when it frizzes up.

Oh and just because I keep forgetting to note it anywhere: I ran out of vitamin B for a while and think it did make me sleepier.
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Never sure how much detail to go into about such an inherently gross thing outside my medical filter but wanted to mention it and am too lazy to make two posts.

So! I had a colonoscopy yesterday and it went fine. Am still waiting on the results of biopsies but they didn't seem concerned.
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Have been enjoying ALL THE FOOD today, mmmm. I feel a bit physically weak but otherwise pretty good! And if you follow me on multiple social media: yes, I did have a bunch of posts I wanted to make but was waiting until after the colonoscopy was over to do :)
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Have done ok initial versions of my [community profile] seeingcolorcomm and [ profile] ladystuck gifts, both of which came with nice prompts. Once again having some issues with being the first person to post, before the mods have set things up properly, but I guess someone has to be.

And Cam and I have a plan to deal with a bunch of the clutter in our house: we're hiring a storage unit. The problem when we had an extra bedroom was it was too easy to fill it with crap. But putting things in a storage unit is more effort than throwing things away or donating them, and is a commitment to not want it again for an extended period. So we'll hopefully only use it for things we actually want to store and everything else we'll either get rid of or have to find somewhere sensible to put in the house. The plan once we make some more space this way is to (a) Replace the couch with something bigger so we can fit more guests (it comfortably fits 2 and uncomfortably fits 3) and (b) Set up the kitchen table with my sewing machine and craft/sewing supplies. The original plan was to use my desk in the study, but now cam works from home that's not really practical. So that desk may become the new place to put random crap until it is as full as the kitchen table is currently but never mind :)

And my brother M came over yesterday and we had a nice conversation. He finally got around to telling me about his wedding (in OCTOBER) that mum mentioned at CHRISTMAS, it's in Korea so we can't make it but I hope to see lots of photos :)

Been feeling happier genderwise, even though the external changes are hard to notice. Everyone I've told (including my brother) has been fine about it.

And right now I am reading a NON FICTION BOOK omg. About painting! I am learning things! It's very exciting.

All of this has been done around the same low energy levels I've been having the past few months. So I haven't done much any given day, but that's ok. It's nice to know things can happen, and improve, regardless.

Also a small child is singing outside very badly but with enthusiasm. I love the kids in our set of units, they are all adorable and very kind to the cat when they encounter her despite her evident loathing for them.
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Feeling motivated but sore, so, a post about various minor things.

First: SOON got (positively) reviewed by PC Power Play Australia!! It got ONE WHOLE EXTRA SALE (which was [personal profile] loic, seeing my post about it on Facebook but shh)

Second: yesterday I went to the Maylands festival and it was super fun, I had fancy meat from the gourmet butcher and fancy toasted marshmallows, and a baby goat at the petting zoo fell asleep in my lap omg it was SO CUTE. At first it was all "wtf who are you" but then it decided I was a friend and then it slowly calmed down and went to sleep. It was all brown with a cute little black nose and floppy ears. Having animals at petting zoos sit happily in my lap is an unexpected upside of the wheelchair. I smsed Cam (who was asleep when I left) that there were some nice looking fancy hotdogs (his weakness :D) so he came down and we had fun walking around together. The accessibility was unnecessarily poor, though, they blocked curb cuts and footpaths in a few places meaning I had to take complex detours a few times to get to things an able bodied person could just step to.

Third...uh...I had a weird pain in my side again? But then it went away? FUN TIMES.

Oh wait! Yeah! I went to the Swancon programming meeting, it was pretty good but I was the only non committee member there so am very glad I came to add a different POV. They want more diverse POVs so contact them with ideas for panels! Especially book/writing/academic/social justicey/cutting edge fandom stuff, since their strengths seem to be more older anime/tv/movie fandoms and fun interactive stuff. I took some notes I'll try and write up when less sleepy.
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Still sick!
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It was funny poking at the Akagami no Shirayukihime fandom though. The canon relationship is the female main character Shirayuki with her male love interest Zen, but both have a close, somewhat shippy friendship with their mutual male friend Obi. My story is Shirayuki/Zen/Obi. (Will post properly later but if you're curious here it is)

On AO3 it’s mostly Shirayuki/Obi, Shirayuki/Zen, Shirayuki/Zen/Obi and a smattering of Obi/Zen, followed by relationships involving the other characters.

On there’s a lot of Shirayuki/Zen and a little Shirayuki/Obi but no Shirayuki/Zen/Obi or Zen/Obi, my story aside. What there is is lots of fic like “When Zaara, half sister of Zen and Izana, and the illegitimate Princess of Clarines comes back home, Obi is the one tasked with her protection. He starts to grow closer to her as she takes him on crazy adventures, but underneath her fun and kind exterior, lies hidden secrets and sorrows. Obi/O.C. Crap summary, good story!”(*)

And the tumblr tag is a lot of gifsets of funny moments mixed with closeups of Shirayuki and Zen kissing.

(*)For all I know it is a good story, and given the nature of shoujo I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if something like this became canon. I am just amused at the difference in fic culture.
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At this point I am pretty sure it really is a cold but for a few days it was sitting there in that grey area of "too mild for cold, too extended/severe for random immune system shenanigans".

*goes back to playing Stardew Valley*
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This pile of links got so big I got intimidated and just... forgot about it. So it goes back a while. There was a broken link to a post that seemed to be about "missing e" (what we used to fix tumblr before xkit). And then I decided half of them weren't worth keeping, or belonged elsewhere, so in the end it's not even that big!

Given What You Now Know, What Would You Have Done Differently With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)?

Colloquial catchy statements encoding serious mathematics

Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Learning How to Code

Self-help for Anxiety Management I used this a few times, it didn't do a lot to help but might work for someone else.

What Sanguinity Likes (and dislikes) About Mathematics

Visualizing Algorithms

​A Beginner's Guide To All Things Dragon Age

Hapax and Heyer, Austen and Irony, or, What I should have said The differences between Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen

PAX Australia And The Strange Catharsis Of Video Game Violence

24 vs now

Sep. 23rd, 2015 05:02 pm
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Meme via [personal profile] chagrined. Give me your age and I'll give you a number to do it yourself, if you like!
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May. 21st, 2015 02:05 am
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Also! Cam and I both had gastro ("stomach flu" to those from the US, apparently, which always makes me think of a sneezing stomach) For me there was only 24 hours between "uh oh this is not my normal level of nausea" and "hooray eating is fun again" but those 24 hours were a wild, deeply unpleasant ride and I am still feeling the after effects. Cam was sick a little longer but bounced back faster or at least higher, which I guess isn't that surprising. The cat has been enjoying how much time I have been spending horizontal, at least.
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I guess I walked into that one.
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So my body has decided to throw everything at me for no apparent reason.
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First, a plug: Fanart Remix Exchange now has a dreamwidth mirror at [community profile] fanartremix and fandom nominations are currently open!

[ profile] barbeauxbot has been talking about her recent ADHD diagnosis and it's got me wondering if my own absent mindedness and concentration issues (which the cfs has made harder to cope with, but they predate it) is due to something similar. And research has shown that adhd meds are apparently sometimes good for cfs/me even if you don't have adhd...but are bad for anxiety even if you do. Urgh. So I will discuss it with my psychiatrist and see what he says.

Read The Suffragette Scandal by Courtney Milan today and it was super fun. A bit...fanficcy, almost, including both the good (lesbian (very) background pairing!) and the bad (a bit too much emphasis on fun moments over a coherent whole) but the female protagonist is a dauntless suffragette journalist and the hero, despite claiming to be an untrustworthy scoundrel, spends the whole book being supportive and thinking she's THE BEST. Since she's basically perfect the only real angst and character growth involves his manpain, but at least he's not too much of a jerk about it.

Currently watching Free, Sailor Moon Crystal, Love Live, and Fresh Pretty Cure, the only one I'm not SUPER enjoying is Sailor Moon but it's still fun. Am paused on Arrow, I seem to be in more of an anime place right now.


Dec. 13th, 2013 12:08 pm
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Was determined to do things today but nope. A meds mixup and my period have conspired to make me feel various shades of woozy terrible for three days in a row and I am boooored.

Bored I tell you!

I was hoping that creating a post would inspire me to think of something interesting to say but APPARENTLY NOT. Sorry followers. Christmas approaches and I have done motivated to do things but I have no can.

On the plus side my minecraft base is looking rad. I have floating islands and waterfalls and an underwater glass viewing thingy. Which is what really matters. Will post pictures when I can figure out where it's saving the screenshots...
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Went to my first Women With Disabilities WA meeting today, it was fun. It was a small friendly group, this time we brought art and craft (or in my case, my laptop) and just randomly chatted, other times there are speakers and stuff. Forgot to pay my gold coin donation, oops, hopefully R won't send the debt collectors as long as I remember for next time...

I got a bed table from [personal profile] lauredhel, woo! It's been pretty useful (not just for putting the laptop at a nice height, also for putting my tablet etc when I'm not using them), and comes just as winter approaches and the cat and I want to spend all day in bed. It works well with the cheapo laptop stand I bought a while ago (which raises the keyboard to a nice angle).

Making me even more inclined to stay in bed, Cam and I finally got around to putting on the all-over-mattress dust protector from the Asthma foundation (I don't have asthma, they're just the people who sell them) I also sewed the doona to it's dust cover (but not the regular cotton cover over the top) since it kept slipping around, and have had pillow covers for a while. No noticeable change so far.
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One of the most important things for chronic fatigue syndrome is pacing: figuring out how much energy you can consistently use each day and sticking to it rather than overdoing it one day and crashing the next. The importance of pacing has been proven through both scientific study and interviews with people who have the illness and is about the only thing that helps everyone (and not pacing is one of the most reliable ways to make your condition worsen). But it's hard to balance the need to rest with the need to go out and have fun, do necessary chores, keep muscles exercised etc, especially at the start. Plus not every task suits being broken up into little chunks you can do a day at a time.

For the first few years, any time I had the slightest doubt about whether I was up to something I cancelled it, because my instincts were still wired for healthy!me. Whenever I ignored this mantra I made myself very ill and took ages to recover.

And then my instincts finally shifted to match my actual capabilities, which was good, but meant that I was cancelling things more than I needed to. Also my instincts for how much energy it takes to go out places are still based on when I had to walk rather than the much lower energy required to go out with my wheelchair.

Which has all added up to me erring on the side of not cancelling things when I'm not 100% sure I'm up to them, as long as the consequences for misjudging aren't too severe. It's a bit scary, but has been working pretty well so far! (I still cancel things I know I'm not up to, which is sadly quite a large proportion of things)

This post brought to you by me deciding whether or not to go to the Swancon programming meeting today since I'm still recovering from going out yesterday. Though there's still time for me to take a sudden turn towards the sleepy.

EDIT: lol nope, I'm not going anywhere today. The basic principle still holds though.

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