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My tl;dr review: this is a profoundly mediocre game that I mostly enjoyed. I wanted a mostly upbeat game where I got to play a queer woman exploring planets, shooting bad guys, and and kissing cute girl aliens, and that's what I got. If there were any other games that let me do all that I might have been more dissappointed with the quality of the experience, but there basically aren't, so. Also I had a health downswing so bad I'd normally have to lie in bed playing hidden object games for a week, which made the drawn out, simplistic nature of the game kind of a plus. My enjoyment fell pretty drastically once I got better haha.

Many people have gone into the game's flaws, and they are all absolutely correct! So I'm going to use them to structure my review. The reasons these flaws didn't ruin the game for me are all very subjective, this is definitely not a game for everyone.

I'm assuming you've played a Mass Effect game before, if you haven't: play one of the other Mass Effect games instead. They are all much better games. This game is for people who have run out of good Mass Effect games and want more badly enough to lower their standards.
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It's currently possible to play ten hours of Mass Effect Andromeda if you sign up for EA's streaming service Origin Access. This costs about $7, and you get 10% off the $80+ game, so, definitely worth doing if you are pondering buying it!

I have played 6 and a bit hours, which was enough to get to a large area that will probably take more than 3 hours to finish satisfyingly, so I'm stopping for now. It's been fun! I'll try to avoid any major spoilers in my thoughts below but minor ones will come up.
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Not sure how this is going to look on tumblr BUT WE WILL SEE. Also, one reason there's not much here is that my tablet is dying, if anyone has recs for a reasonable quality graphics tablet that's not too pricey I'd love to hear them!

First, Femslashex treats! Didn't feel like signing up but doing treats was fun and my recipient was lovely.

Dragon Age:

Dragon Age: Fluffy Shoulders (Velanna/Sigrun)

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So [personal profile] fred_mouse asked me to write about my headcanons for romances I've played and I was so UTTERLY BAFFLED by the idea that anyone actually enjoys me talking about this kind of thing I stalled for like a month.

So I'm just going to go through relationships my PCs have had and see if I have anything to say about each.
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Wrote some semi original fiction omg! One for the Jukebox "write a story about a song" exchange, another for a writing meme I made up myself. Also did some art for that limited palette meme that's been going around tumblr, which was super fun.

Spare Change (1393 words), The Man Who Sold the World, Teen And Up, Horror, Fantasy, Original Fiction, Fanfiction, Inspired by Music, Genderqueer Character
Summary:Two friends meet by chance long after both have died.

The Most Talked About Night Of The Season (5355 words) G, No Warnings, Fantasy, Regency, Happy Ending, Fae & Fairies, Non-Graphic Violence
Summary: Maisie was in no mood for a ball. She always felt like a fool in formal wear. The ball was full of Pixies and Slyphs looking lovely in ensembles much like hers, but delicate ringlets and a ruffled dress were far less flattering on a seven foot tall Lob covered in hair.

A colouring tutorial

Literally every comment on Spare Change has used the word "creepy" :D On one hand I'm quite happy with the story, on the other hand want to stop thinking about it so I can GET THAT SONG OUT OF MY HEAD.

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Feeling tired and grumpy with the after effects of what I think was very mild food poisoning. And it turns out I haven't done one of these since April!

My new fannish infatuation is Welcome to Night Vale, and I actually got like 100 tumblr notes on my comic, which is about 95 more than I usually get (and about 95 more than I got on DeviantArt, it's not a big fandom over there I guess) The Dragon Age reverse bang comes out in a week, I'm quite proud of my art and the story I've seen is lots of fun, but you'll have to wait for that :)

Two original pics I'm especially happy with:

Algebra vs Geometry

Me in green

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What I read:
Princess Princess a very cute little webcomic about princesses saving themselves and each other, it's complete and only 44 pages long.

What I'm currently reading:
Unlondon by China Mieville. I am stalled on this because the bad guy hits some of my horror squicks, I decided to take time off while I was sick and am now skimming it, hopefully past a certain point I'll gain momentum.

A Brighter Spark by Mary Borsellino: a romance novel by a friend of a friend I got for free. It's nice enough but I ran out of momentum, I have trouble relating to women with the typical chic-lit-ish worries about trying to balance motherhood with work and feeling young and sexy etc. I know a lot of women do worry about those things, but it's really not my experience.

What I've been playing:

Omega DLC for Mass Effect 3. Badass canonically queer women with complicated history blowing the crap out of stuff :D Shepard takes a bit of a backseat as the thousand year old amoral alien mob boss Aria and her Old Friend Nyreen take back Omega from Cerberus. The plot is very conventional apart from being about women, I saw certain things coming a mile away and sighed "Oh Bioware", but I still enjoyed it. And we FINALLY HAVE A FEMALE TURIAN. (Ok there was one in Citadel too but this came out first, plus Nyreen has a name and history and stuff)

Heileen 3, but I already reviewed that.
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First: I did some tshirt designs! They came out pretty well, imo, [personal profile] lilysea and I have been wearing them around and gotten lots of positive (or at least interesting...) feedback.

Stairs!! My archnemesis, we meet again!! and More Machine than Man

Action shots!

And now, fanfic, including what is basically an argument for why the Doctor could (and imo should) have disabled companions.
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Ok that was really self indulgent and silly and I loved it :D A bit awkward/OOC here and there for the sake of generic snark, but there were enough adorable/funny/femslashy etc moments that I forgive them. A very nice "ending" for my Shepard.

I actually LOST ALL MY SAVES and was heart broken since you have to be quite a way through to starts the DLC, but Cam was a sweetie and recreated me a save from one of his. It all worked but it was weird having ME3 emails from Ashley while Kaidan was in my team.

I didn't really get the hang of the "get more ammo or just wait for the gun to cool down" mechanic, maybe by the time I finish the DLC with my next Shepard.

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And now...Omega! (I have been waiting til Cam came made the fixed save and then came off holiday so I could get to the PC)
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Having drawn Fenris in the style of Klee and an AT-AT in the style of Escher (to be scanned when I have the energy to walk to the scanner), I need one more "X in the style of Y" for this meme. I want some variety, so not anyone I've already drawn or tend to draw like eg Mucha, Klee, Escher, typical manga. Noone too abstract either :P EDIT: Done!

Went to [personal profile] emma_in_dream's house today and had a lovely time. The day was only marred by me getting the address wrong and spending 15 minutes driving around lost before giving up and ringing [personal profile] lilysea. It made me too tired and jittery to stay as long as I'd have liked, and now I have sunburn in a perfect line around where I applied sunscreen on my arms :/

I visited [personal profile] fred_mouse a little while before that, this whole visiting people thing is great! Must make more plans to visit people in the future.

I've been playing Mass Effect 2 with my renegadey femShep Sal, it's been such fun. She tends to make the relatively moral choice on big questions like killing Wrex but is quite happy to murder individuals who get in her way. I've been taking Jack and Kasumi, they have fun dialogue and do their cool glowing/sneaking thing while I hide in the shadows and snipe. I'm not too fussed about romance at this stage, I just finished Horizon and while pissed at Kaidan she's only very slightly heartbroken, I'll probably end up flirting with Jacob then dump him for Garrus (THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR CHEATING) but the only character she finds very attractive is Miranda of all people. I have trouble imaging her choosing anything but destroy in ME3 but we'll see. I actually HAVEN'T USED ANY CHEATS so far. (Yes, on easy, hush)

Still playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, too. It's pretty good! The combat isn't very exciting but the world is huge and engaging and some of the problems can be solved with maths :D I learned a MASSIVE spoiler about my character which has actually made the game a little more interesting and I'm curious to see how it all plays out. The universe feels bigger than the Mass Effect universe somehow.
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I can finally reveal my Kaleidoscope story!

Link/Title: Welcome to Collins and Collins!
Fandom: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
Info: 2792 words, G, f/f, No content notes
Relationships: Lizzie Bennet/Charlotte Lu
Characters: Lizzie Bennet, Charlotte Lu, Maria Lu
Summary: Lizzie comes to visit Collins and Collins (and Lu). An alternate version of their reunion, written before canon got that far. Created as a gift for Phi for the Kaleidoscope gift exchange.

It's also available at but I strongly recommend the AO3 version above, it's not the same without the art.

I also did a bunch of monster girls, and some prompts.

Cyclops at deviantART
Cyclops at tumblr

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I am SUPER SICK but I feel like babbling about it so this will be even more incoherent than my original 1am response.

Anyway: I watched the "control" ending on youtube (the one I chose) because I didn't feel up to waiting for it to download tomorrow then replaying the whole ending for 5 minute of extra footage that could plausibly break my heart.

And I thought it was ok! It is, exactly as advertised, a somewhat extended version of the same basic ending, though some stuff that happened really wasn't implied and if we were expected to guess it they really need to work on their storytelling.

They added extra questions you can ask and the person making the video DIDN'T ASK THEM. Also it was default dudeshep who looks very little like my Gina, so I'm totes playing her ending again at some point.

And I get the impression there's enough variety between the three (well, four, ish) endings that I feel more inspired to finish the game with another Shepard who'd make different choices. Hooray! I basically got everything I really wanted and thought was possible at this point.

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Get a free copy of "Dragon Age: The Silent Grove" Issue #1 It's actually a pretty good comic.

Farscape watch it/skip it guide I just finished Season 2 and agree with pretty much everything they have to say about those two seasons. Which bodes well for season 3! Overall enjoying it, though it's kind of dated and dodgy in parts. Also BLINDINGLY white, not even the one token black guy you get in crappy US shows. There's something refreshingly different about it though, at least when it's good.

Guide to Homestuck fandom Very useful hints for those who have trouble with the coloured text/flashing images etc. I've linked to a comment thread pointing out that it's a bit condescending.

Maximising war assets in Mass Effect 3 The decisions you have to make in all 3 games to optimise the result at the end. Very useful as I replay from the start (which is still lots of fun. I am doing all the sidequests, partly to avoid Virmire. I do like the sense of a huge varied universe that you get from driving around all these planets on the mako, even if it was frustrating when I just wanted to know what was going to happen next)

Why I Hope Dragon Age 3 Is A Lot Like Dragon Age 2 I thought this article was pretty good.
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[community profile] artondemand is offering dreamwidth points for art requests and fills. I've never been bothered requesting anything before but decided I might as well, and if any of youse request something I'll be highly motivated to draw it :)

I've started replaying the whole Mass Effect trilogy from the start with a new character, a laid back female cynical tech/soldier. It's been a lot of fun, meeting characters and places and knowing how everything fits together and plays out. Plus I'm enjoying blowing up people's weapons, and look forward to playing with some of the fancier tech skills down the road. It's funny how my reactions change between characters, my previous two Shepards thought Garrus was nice but a bit of a doof, this one actually thinks he's pretty cool. I may even get into Shepard/Garrus, which would be handy since it's such a popular pairing and I keep bouncing off the fic.
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I decided to just write without stressing about quality or whatever too much, and it's like a dam broke in my head. It seems to have stopped for the moment, but I went through my WiP folder and have a couple more fics I want to fix up. Then we'll see what happens.

Also: boy do I enjoy writing about artificial intelligence! I think I might try to come up with another original story, playing with Mass Effect fic has been fun but fanfic has it's limits. Plus I'm getting increasingly frustrated with the way that every other person writing about EDI seems to see her as a compliant sexbot to heal the pain of some woobie (usually Joker) Of course, fandom may not read my stories for the scifi, but at least the stories get read.

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First off: I did a german language meme, for anyone who wants to hear "99 Luftballon" sung very badly in an Australian accent.

Rogue of Heart, the Homestuck visual novel made by some of the people I'm working with on an original visual novel, has a demo out. It's a lot of fun!

EX Mode reveals are up! EX Mode was a video game remix challenge, and they did a great job of including fanartists. I wish more remixes would do this!

I received Guns and Dresses by Wallwalker, which took a picture of Gina Shepard and Thane in fancy dress and wove exactly the sort of hijinks filled adventure around it that I was imagining when I drew the picture. The characterisation of Gina was close but not quite right, which is pretty good given how little they had to work from, and this helped inspire me to write some fic about her myself, so yay!

I took a bunch of different elements from Owlmoose's fic to create The Gryphon and the Dragon:

AO3 Tumblr

I'd never heard of her before but really enjoyed her fic and now we're mutual followers on tumblr, so again, yay!

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