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Hiveswap Act 1 is the long awaited Homestuck point and click adventure game! It's a lot of fun and not TOO hard but I still got stuck sometimes. Also quite short! Here's a full playthrough video I used when I got stuck.

Note for anyone with bad reflexes: the vast majority of it isn't time based but one section is and I found it mildly challenging as someone with very poor hand eye coordination. Also there's some references to abusive behaviour on par with stuff in Homestuck.

Below the cut is a half remembered text walkthrough. It's just the relevant instructions, but still pretty spoilery.
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For anyone who's missed it, Homestuck is a very strange, very long multimedia webcomic. If you have read part of it and are curious to see how it ends you could just watch the final animation, you'd be confused were going to be confused anyway ;) And it's very pretty!

Of course I do not put it past Hussie to come out with a second ending/epilogue in a bit, that would totally be his style.
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I've been doing a lot of experimenting with Artrage. I've gotten enough of the hang of it for game background paintovers but I think I need to get more practice with the fundamentals of painting before I can use it for portraits etc.

I've also started work on a new game, a picross/nonogram puzzle visual novel called Nona&Gram.

Self Portrait: Artrage

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Oh god

Oct. 4th, 2014 03:00 pm
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So the three main canons I've gotten REALLY INTO in the last few years are Dragon Age, Avatar TLA/TLoK, and Homestuck. All three have large and enthusiasticly argumentative fandoms.

Today: The final book of Avatar: the Legend of Korra starts.

Some time in the next month or two: Homestuck resumes updates after a year long hiatus, heading towards it's end.

November 18: Dragon Age: Inquisition comes out.

Late november/early December: Final episode of Avatar: the Legend of Korra airs.

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"In a text post, list ten fics that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard — they don’t have to be the “right” works, or even all the same pairing or fandom, just the fics that have touched you or that stuck with you somehow."

From tumblr. Chosen by going through my bookmarks and seeing which ones jumped out at me. A lot of these are VERY OLD since I have gotten harder to wow as I've read more fic. Sixteen not ten because don't make me chooooose. And yes there is a suprsing amount of Stargate considering I don't actually like the canon, when I first got into fic that was what I encountered the most of and the fandom produced a wide range of interesting stuff. (Also lots of robots which should not be surprising at all)

A Deeper Season (117605 words) by lightgetsin, sahiya
Chapters: 19/19
Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga - Bujold
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Gregor Vorbarra/Miles Naismith Vorkosigan
Characters: Gregor Vorbarra, Miles Naismith Vorkosigan, Ivan Vorpatril, Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan, Aral Vorkosigan
Additional Tags: First Time, Romance, Action/Adventure, a deeper season, Alternate Universe
Series: Part 5 of A Deeper Season
Summary:Take one Miles, a hapless cousin, Cetagandan social politics, a galactic conspiracy, a scientific discovery, a lot of firepower, and an unexpected declaration. Mix well and step back quickly.

First fanfic I ever really loved.

Title: Boston Marriage
Author: [ profile] jae_w
Fandom: Gilmore Girls
Pairing: Rory/Paris
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Notes: For literate_bear

First femslash story I really truly loved.
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I am bored and the internet is being weird and Cam is asleep so I can't pack. Thus, a post!

First: Flight Rising Registration is opening briefly soon! Afaict it will be 8pm 23rd Oct to 2am 24th Oct Perth time (the rest of you have to work it out yourselves from the site clock ;))


The Poster Children by Kitty Burroughs: I was sold this as a diverse superhero YA, and hoped the first two would negate my dislike of the third but nope. Two self righteously disagreeable POV characters in and I couldn't take any more and gave up.

Agents of Change by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller: Was halfway through this on the plane before I remembered I'd read it before while very ill. haven't gotten back to it since getting off the plane, I really should. Anyway, it's fun! Though I vaguely recall not liking the ending.


The Vienna Game by Paratactitian: Homestuck, Terezi<>Sollux. An enjoyable cyberpunk AU caper, the characterisations didn't always work for me (more because the AU hadn't changed them enough than because they differed too much from canon) and it was well-meaning-male-gaze-y (eg we just HAPPENED to never see any of the gay/bi male characters express interest in other men) but still, fun.

I don't normally list fic but it got me through the plane trip to Melbourne after Poster Children dissapointed me.

TV: (New)

Watamote: What an interesting show! It's an anime about a socially awkward girl who freezes up whenever she tries to talk to anyone, but instead of the typical adorable woobie she's a genuinely weird loser, with sunken eyes and weird taste in porn and sour grapes thoughts about other more popular girls. She's likeable despite this, at least for me, and the show pokes affectionate fun at her. I saw someone describe it as best enjoyed by those who can go "Oh god I used to be like that", and while I had more anxiety and like to think I wasn't quite so mean spirited there are certainly...paralells. She isn't showing any signs of being Saved By A Boy's Love either, just slowly making efforts to reach out to people off her own bat (often in wrong headed ways, but she takes even the slightest win as proof of her INCREDIBLE AWESOME so it's not too depressing) I'm only two episodes in, will see how it goes!

Brooklyn 99: a surprisingly enjoyable police comedy: light and funny with likeable characters and enough mild continuity not to irritate me. Pretty diverse too, and the "genius manchild"-esque white guy not only gets called out on his crap but improves. A bit fat shamey, alas.

Natsume's Book of Friends: I am enjoying this an episode at a time, it's very gentle and sweet without much overarching plot.

Elementary and Sleepy Hollow continue well, Marvel: Agents of Shield continues adequately. (And Joss Whedon continues to have Issues with Black People) Am not up to date with Korra yet *resists urge to poke Cam awake* but am not a massive fan of this season so far, though it has it's moments.

Coursera: Finished my "Online Games: Literature, New Media, and Narrative" course which certainly gave me a better grounding in the Classics modern fantasy draws on and got me thinking about remediation (where a work is translated from one media to another) but would have been SO much better if the lecturer had been willing to be more critical. Oh well.

Music: been listening to a bunch of Rihanna. She's great.

And finally: look how pretty my nails are!
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Any criticism/advice etc? It's possible the comic will actually be over by then which would change the nature of the panel but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I already have some co panelists but if you're interested in being involved contact the programmer.
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Feeling tired and grumpy with the after effects of what I think was very mild food poisoning. And it turns out I haven't done one of these since April!

My new fannish infatuation is Welcome to Night Vale, and I actually got like 100 tumblr notes on my comic, which is about 95 more than I usually get (and about 95 more than I got on DeviantArt, it's not a big fandom over there I guess) The Dragon Age reverse bang comes out in a week, I'm quite proud of my art and the story I've seen is lots of fun, but you'll have to wait for that :)

Two original pics I'm especially happy with:

Algebra vs Geometry

Me in green

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These posts are so useful when I feel like being productive but am too sleepy to do anything thinky...and wow I haven't done one in AGES.

A mix of recent obsessions and some meme stuff/prompts.

Myself as the Maid of Mind on deviantART
Myself as the Maid of Mind at tumblr

(this is a Homestuck thing, but I also thought it was a nice picture of me in general)

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Holy crap that is a lot of art! Ok I am having a nap, and then I am posting the fic (of which there is much less THANK GOD)
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Homestuck: ARADIA <3 <3 Terezi ;_; And what is happening with Rose?? (I have seen suggestions that this is Terezi's nadir before she rises again extra determined. I hope so)

Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Best Charlotte/Lizzie adaptation ever.
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This 30 day art improvement meme has been super fun.

Merida on deviantART

The tumblr version has a bunch of sketches attached that I drew in various time frames between an hour and 30 seconds. I got up to the flat colours on the picture above before the 60 minute timer ran out.

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Jan. 2nd, 2013 01:18 pm
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Ladystuck 2012 is live!

I got an ACTUAL HONEST TO GOODNESS MOSAIC. Isn't it pretty?:
Mirrors are Windows (156 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Homestuck
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Aradia Megido, Aradiabot, The Handmaid (Homestuck)
Summary: Time loops and symmetry and the nature of self.

I have looked at all the art and am going to look at the fic when I have more mental energy. I think my favourite so far is the simple but beautifully drawn Terezi/Kanaya picture A Taste for Color.

As always, no points for guessing which is mine. Though you may be amused when you see what I drew as a treat...
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Doing that fandom meme got me thinking about whether there are any topics I avoid purely due to self consciousness about lack of interest, and I realised pure Homestuck meta is about it. So here's something I decided not to post as a reply to someone else's meta on tumblr in case it came out too squee harshing.
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Signups are very limited and open at 1am Perth time /o\

But I have at least got my prompts written!
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Mostly prompts and monster girls. I experimented a lot with style and colour, with varying levels of success. This Harry Potter fanart of Luna Lovegood is probably my favourite.

Luna at DeviantArt
Luna at tumblr

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I was thinking about my annoyance at the way a lot of humanised versions of the Homestuck trolls completely invert the power dynamics to make Vriska and Eridan lower class thugs, and pondering Vriska/Terezi, when I realised: they're like Logan/Veronica from Veronica Mars, another OTP of mine. No wonder I get annoyed when people mess with the dynamic :D

And then I had fun matching up everyone else.

Logan: Vriska
Logan's Dad: Mindfang
Lily: Feferi
Lily's dad: The Condece
Dick: Gamzee
Cassidy/Beaver: Eridan
Duncan: Nepeta
Meg: Equius
Veronica: Terezi
Keith: Redglare
Mac: Sollux
Weevil: Karkat
Wallace: Aradia

I also like the idea of Equius as Lily since that makes him the quasi-sibling of Nepeta/Duncan, but Terezi really never liked Equius all that much. There's also the appeal of Sollux as Weevil for the relationship with Lily (with Karkat as Wallace and Aradia as Mac, I think) Though Sollux as Mac does give you an appropriately creepy Mac/Beaver relationship.

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