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So, first, off, the triggering content warning!
Spoiler: Just a line describing the trigger )

Ok and now some more detailed spoilery discussion, read at your own risk etc.

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So [personal profile] tree gave me a fun lightsaber related art prompt, which led me to looking up Star Wars screenshots to get get a feel for the way the coloured light would reflect off noses etc. And realised it generally doesn't, at least not in the original trilogy and prequels.

Compare for example this shot of Anakin next to a blue lightsaber to this shot of a guy demonstrating his prop light saber. With Anakin, the only parts of his face that go blue are those directly under the halo of light around the saber. With a real glowing blue stick, blue light reflects off any part of the face facing the saber, even those a little distance away. It's even more obvious in promotion shots.

The new movies seem to do better. Compare this almost monochrome shot of Luke holding a blue lightsaber in the dark versus this shot of Finn with blue light all over the place.

I never noticed this before but now I can't unsee it. I guess doing all this 3D modelling has made me more aware of light reflections. And I mean, I understand! Adding in fast moving coloured lights is (a) tricky and (b)creates some weird effects that will often be counter to the visual look you want. But I feel better now about always having found getting lightsabers to "look right" a bit challenging :)
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I've been doing a lot of experimenting with Artrage. I've gotten enough of the hang of it for game background paintovers but I think I need to get more practice with the fundamentals of painting before I can use it for portraits etc.

I've also started work on a new game, a picross/nonogram puzzle visual novel called Nona&Gram.

Self Portrait: Artrage

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Star Wars!

Dec. 17th, 2015 10:39 pm
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So: I quite liked it! Not the best movie ever, but about as good as a Star Wars movie by J J Abrams was ever likely to be.

Spoiler free reactions! Has some very broad information, if you want to go in totally unspoiled then... well, I wish you luck, but you should avoid this post as well as most of the rest of the internet :)
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(I tried lying down with my eyes closed but that just emphasised how weird it feels)

[community profile] yuletart has been posting for a while, mine went up today hurrah. Lots of great art this year!

Had an interesting science fictiony dream about time travel and alternate universes last night. Made me want to write a complex, internally consistent time travel story but those are so hard to get right.

So close to the end of Glitch :( :( Have been scattering my hoarded possessions in mildly artistic ways. The fact that I DON'T EVEN FEEL LIKE HOARDING MONEY is a definite sign of the end of days.

Have been playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. It's lots of fun, including spotting which ideas Bioware reused in Dragon Age and Mass Effect. I was worried I'd find the objective Dark Side/Light Side morality annoying, but so far all my light side points have been from stuff like protecting poor aliens from human bigots, healing the sick, or defending women from sexual harassment with my sexy jedi teammate (sadly I'm pretty sure this is before Bioware got into making love interests bi :( ) And while I've never thought of myself as that much of a Star Wars fan I get a pretty big kick from talking to wookies and droids and stuff (I KILLED A RANKOR AW YISS) The fighting is thinly veiled turn based, which takes out all my time based combat anxiety, especially on easy mode. Except for the TWO compulsory timing based minigames I've encountered already :/ (One I eventually defeated, the second still has me stumped)

EDIT: Oh and unlike other Bioware games you get to choose your character's surname. So my current PC is Visha Verhier, female light side scout :D
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Mostly prompts and monster girls. I experimented a lot with style and colour, with varying levels of success. This Harry Potter fanart of Luna Lovegood is probably my favourite.

Luna at DeviantArt
Luna at tumblr

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Now that it's up, I'll just take a moment to point you towards the fic that goes along with and inspired my [ profile] thelittlebang fanart: Buffy the Jedi Knight: The Sith Seduction by [ profile] seriousfic. It has love! Death! Explosions! The fate of the universe! And more!

As it turns out a Buffy femslash story is just the right thing to inject some wit and counteract some of the general gender skeeviness of the Star Wars setting, while still taking advantage of it's fun swashbuckling space opera-y-ness.

Also, I really liked the Briar Rose/Snow White story Memories Of You Being Beautiful, it's strange and atmospheric and sad and has stayed with me.

I haven't gotten to the other stories yet, but I think my favourite of the art has been An Exercise in Politics (Gwen/Morgana).

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