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Neural Network/Deep Learning/Style Transfer art is this sort of thing.

This is mostly for my own reference when I next feel up to poking at the problem some more.

Unfortunately, this stuff is still fairly cutting edge, and all the documentation assumes you're an AI researcher running Linux. I'm sure there'll be simple to use graphics programs aimed at artists eventually, but for now the only things along those lines are websites and apps, which lack the flexibility I want.
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Perspective is hard, and redrawing the same design from different angles is frustrating.
*attempts to learn perspective*
*gives up and learns 3D modelling instead*

These 3D renders are great for perspective and different angles but they're not very pretty.
*attempts to learn digital painting*
*gives up and uses neural networks to process the renders*

These neural networks make everything pretty but it's a pain uploading the render, and I worry the site/app might disappear.
*tries digital painting again*
*gives up and learns how to run and train my own neural networks*

I mean I haven't actually installed the neural network yet, because that would require getting out of bed and installing things on the Windows machine, which I'm not awake enough for today. But it looks like fun :D

EDIT: I am going to be installing packages until I die.
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Was going to just comment to [personal profile] lizbee since she was asking me about tablets but WHY NOT GET PROMPTS AS WELL.

So! Art prompts! Original or fannish! No zombies or porn! Preferably something simple because I want to try out the new software, Artrage, that came with the tablet ([personal profile] whatistigerbalm cheers in the distance(*))

And for Liz and anyone else who's curious: it's a medium sized Intuos Pen and Touch Creative from Wacom. Which has been discontinued and replaced with some very similar tablets (eg the Intuos Manga) with no eraser. *clutches eraser* I like it so far! I am a little sad it's not compatible with my old Bamboo pen, since it would be nice to have a spare. Also it has a custom USB cable which will be annoying when I inevitably break it >.>

(*)That is the one you're a fan of, right? It seems pretty nice so far! I only got the older version, 3.5, and not the Pro, but my needs are relatively simple.
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I am teaching myself Blender for making game backgrounds and it is haaaaaaard. So hard. Like learning to draw all over again, or learning to use a new limb, all these new instincts I have to learn. Usually when I watch tutorials for things I spend a lot of time not really listening because most things are kind of obvious, but with this I appreciate everything being explained as slowly and carefully as possible(*). But every time I do another basic intro tutorial more of it is familiar. And I have started one of the actual game backgrounds! I have 3 walls and a sort of inset thing >.> (then I got stuck and decided to watch tutorials some more)

Luckily the plan is to paint over everything so it doesn't have to be pretty, just roughly the right colour and shape.

(*)And in that vein, am appreciating this course.
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I was boggling that I hadn't done one of these since June then looked at my post titles for the last few months and remembered how sick I was for a while there. But I managed to draw some stuff anyway through the fog :) Also I got a copy of Manga Studio 5, which does some lovely lines and painting...that make my computer cry :(

All art has transcripts/descriptions at the link.


Snow White and Red Riding Hood

Most interesting:
News From The Sea: A little fantasy comic adapted from this short story I wrote. Created for a Comic Books and Graphic Novels course. Transcripts in chapter 2.

As far as I can tell I got...120% for this comic? And that's getting less than half of the available extra credit. lol coursera. But it was fun!

Person of Interest, Avatar: The Legend of Korra/The Last Airbender, Guild Wars 2, Dragon Age Origins, Mass Effect 2, Red Dwarf, Bastion, Dr Who, Original, Game of Thrones, The Hobbit, Fresh Pretty Cure )
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Wrote some semi original fiction omg! One for the Jukebox "write a story about a song" exchange, another for a writing meme I made up myself. Also did some art for that limited palette meme that's been going around tumblr, which was super fun.

Spare Change (1393 words), The Man Who Sold the World, Teen And Up, Horror, Fantasy, Original Fiction, Fanfiction, Inspired by Music, Genderqueer Character
Summary:Two friends meet by chance long after both have died.

The Most Talked About Night Of The Season (5355 words) G, No Warnings, Fantasy, Regency, Happy Ending, Fae & Fairies, Non-Graphic Violence
Summary: Maisie was in no mood for a ball. She always felt like a fool in formal wear. The ball was full of Pixies and Slyphs looking lovely in ensembles much like hers, but delicate ringlets and a ruffled dress were far less flattering on a seven foot tall Lob covered in hair.

A colouring tutorial

Literally every comment on Spare Change has used the word "creepy" :D On one hand I'm quite happy with the story, on the other hand want to stop thinking about it so I can GET THAT SONG OUT OF MY HEAD.

Edward Scissorhands, Iron Man,Bastion, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Fresh Pretty Cure )
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I've been experimenting with making my own water colour textures and want to test out the ones I've made before making any more. So! Please have a look at my current experiments and give me art prompts you think would suit that colour scheme, or that the colours make you think of. Original or fannish, and don't worry too much about having to match the texture I'll be digitally messing with them.

The textures:

1: blue gradient on printer paper.
2: Blue-green gradient on water colour paper.
3: Same gradient with darker blue added.
4: Wet-on-wet yellow-orange swirls. I used cling wrap and paper towels to mess around with the texture.

I started with $1 Dora the Explorer water colours on printer paper. ODDLY ENOUGH THIS DID NOT TURN OUT WELL. Then I read some tutorials and visited the art store. All up the paints, paper and brushes cost me $40 and that was getting the cheapest stuff. This is why I like digital art.
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For owlmoose. I am feeling super tired, so this is just going to be some off the top of my head rambles. I am SURE I am going to realise some of this is wrong later. I start with some discussion of the difference between art and writing since I can't see any way not to.

So. The thing with original art is that the art world is SUPER WEIRD.
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I need to keep myself still while I recover from a cold, so give me prompts of things to draw! The results will probably be pretty sketchy since I'm sick, plus I'm trying to follow the advice in these gesture videos to give my art more life and less details. (there is also a small but non zero chance I will write you prose)

Any fandom I'm familiar with, or original prompts, or unfamiliar stuff with references. Maybe combine one of these poses with character(s) you like.

(And as always, no zombies!)
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You are (almost) all far too modest and/or lazy but here is what I have from comments and my own vague memory/favourites etc:

Art and Design (for sale):
Sqbr's shirt and cards
Pretty Rock Designs
Miss Dilettante
Christina Lorenz
Alicia Smith Artworks - Wonderful Things
Angie Reed Garner
Sooz Arts

Craft (for sale):
Handmade RJ
Probably Possibilities
Dendrophil (nsfw)

Art and Craft (not for sale):
Kat's Gallery

Original Fiction:

Bad Company (Supernatural songvid)

Webpage Design:
Stella Omega

Disability and other social justice issues:
Women With Disabilities WA
Not Done Livin'
No Award

Pop Culture Blogs: Comics
Murder and Angst YA and murder mysteries

I know a lot of artists! There were a couple more of you I remembered having blogs and stuff but if I couldn't find it in a single click I decided you didn't care enough for me to link it :P
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Have been feeling under the weather, these things have made me feel better about it.

Flight rising: A dragon breeding/raising sim. Not super exciting since most things can only be done once a day (resetting at 3pm local time) but it's cute and I get the feeling will be increasingly more fun as I build resources.

Bounce Energy balls Ridiculously overpriced vegan fudgey nut things that are nowhere near as healthy as they claim but taste quite nice for something that doesn't set off my intolerances. The vegan ones are Cashew Pecan, Fudgie Walnut and Spirulina. Haven't tried the Spirulina yet.

Wysp Bills itself as an artist-centered (eg concrit and improvement rather than exhibition) gallery site, not sure I'll actually use it for that but the sketch practice is nicely set up. Assuming you want to sketch hands, dragons, or male anatomy.

(This Let's Play of) Hatoful Boyfriend It starts as a pigeon dating sim and gets weirder from there.

The Wa Gokoro Japanese restaurant in Morley. Wheelchair accessible, near the shopping centre/bus station, relatively cheap and quite nice.

And finally: making dreamwidth posts to procrastinate about answering my email... >.>
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I wrote One Lazy White Artist's Guide to Drawing Dark Skinned and POC Characters after seeing some annoying comments about how it was basically impossible.

Digging through my old posts to find some of the links I came across proof I predicted the Elementary finale, woo! (Spoilers, obviously)

I have now read every Han Gyul/Eun Chan Coffee Prince fic on the AO3 and (there were about 6, all fairly short) I did not read the many fics with summaries like "Hermione must pretend to be a man to work at Draco's coffee shop", or the fic where the secondary female character is sent off so that her poor woobie man can be with someone better. Ah,

After watching the anime, thinking about it, looking up and reading long pages of discussion, rewatching the first episode ten years later, and reading some more theories on various webpages I think I finally understand what the hell was going on with those weird emails at the start of Serial Experiments Lain. Maybe. Does anyone else feel it has a certain stylistic similarity to Puella Magi Madoka Magica?

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I read Reposting and You – a fandom etiquette discussion and as with other similar posts I largely agreed with the basic premise (nb I don't feel like arguing about it with anyone either way), but was struck by the statement "feedback is the currency of fandom" and the assumption that people primarily create (or at least publicly post) fanworks in order to get feedback, and that a typical reaction to not getting "enough" feedback (where "enough" is of course very personal and depends on context) is to keep creating fanworks but to stop posting them publicly.

I'm not arguing that this isn't true for most fans, maybe it is. But it's not true for me, unless I'm misunderstanding the metaphor or something.
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1) Please send me linework to colour! I need to do some for the art meme I'm doing. It doesn't have to be very good, though I'd rather it be actual lines not totally sketchy. I only need one but am happy to do a couple.

I also have some lines of my own I'm supposed to swap but I'll just leave them out there for anyone to colour who wants to.

2)Please give me arty femslash prompts! There's a big push for people to create femslash for February, I plan to poke at the prompts at [community profile] femfeb_prompt but they are mostly fic focussed and not all for fandoms I'm familiar with. Nothing too porny, please.
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Having drawn Fenris in the style of Klee and an AT-AT in the style of Escher (to be scanned when I have the energy to walk to the scanner), I need one more "X in the style of Y" for this meme. I want some variety, so not anyone I've already drawn or tend to draw like eg Mucha, Klee, Escher, typical manga. Noone too abstract either :P EDIT: Done!

Went to [personal profile] emma_in_dream's house today and had a lovely time. The day was only marred by me getting the address wrong and spending 15 minutes driving around lost before giving up and ringing [personal profile] lilysea. It made me too tired and jittery to stay as long as I'd have liked, and now I have sunburn in a perfect line around where I applied sunscreen on my arms :/

I visited [personal profile] fred_mouse a little while before that, this whole visiting people thing is great! Must make more plans to visit people in the future.

I've been playing Mass Effect 2 with my renegadey femShep Sal, it's been such fun. She tends to make the relatively moral choice on big questions like killing Wrex but is quite happy to murder individuals who get in her way. I've been taking Jack and Kasumi, they have fun dialogue and do their cool glowing/sneaking thing while I hide in the shadows and snipe. I'm not too fussed about romance at this stage, I just finished Horizon and while pissed at Kaidan she's only very slightly heartbroken, I'll probably end up flirting with Jacob then dump him for Garrus (THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR CHEATING) but the only character she finds very attractive is Miranda of all people. I have trouble imaging her choosing anything but destroy in ME3 but we'll see. I actually HAVEN'T USED ANY CHEATS so far. (Yes, on easy, hush)

Still playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, too. It's pretty good! The combat isn't very exciting but the world is huge and engaging and some of the problems can be solved with maths :D I learned a MASSIVE spoiler about my character which has actually made the game a little more interesting and I'm curious to see how it all plays out. The universe feels bigger than the Mass Effect universe somehow.
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I just made this two ingredient vegan banana and peanut butter icecream and WHOA is it nice for something so healthy, especially since it's not even made in an icecream maker. It was kind of a pain using the blender, and I'm curious to know what the texture would be like if I did use the icecream maker (and maybe added some vanilla essence, mmm)

Finished "Industrial magic" by Kelley Armstrong and I really liked it. It's the sequel to a paranormal romance and is basically just the main character and her boyfriend from the last book solving a murder mystery, but since I actually like the boyfriend (unlike 99% of romance "heroes") not to mention the many engaging and mostly female side characters, it was pretty fun. My only complaint was that it could stand to be shorter, the plot isn't complex enough to sustain the length and I ran out of momentum a few times.

I've been doing a fun little 30 day art improvement meme, will post the first few results and my Ladystuck works when I feel up to wrangling html.
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Glitch is closing :( :( :( It's so melancholy there now, though the developers have thrown out all the stops by lowering times/costs of things and releasing a bunch of content they'd been saving for later, there's a sort of doggedly festive end of the world vibe.

I haven't found an alternative but did get around to checking out StoryNexus, a game making and playing website from the creators of Echo Bazaar. I had a brief go making a game, which was fun, and also really enjoyed [personal profile] yhlee's game WinterStrike, even if I did end up constructing a maze of frozen corpses and wondering where I went wrong.

Today I FINALLY got around to using the Jackson's voucher I got for my birthday last year. Since it was about to expire I was open to large purchases...and left with a SEVENTY DOLLAR box of pencils. They are very nice pencils though (Faber Castell Polychromos) The Subiaco store isn't SUPER accessible but I could get in and park and the staff were very helpful. They also recognised the Firefly "I can kill you with my brain" shirt I was wearing :D (Which got me a number of confused frowns from passer's by as I went past in my wheelchair, as well as a look of EXTREME CONCERN from a little girl I shared a lift with)

After that I explored a bit and checked out Farmer Jack's supermarket in an arcade just off Rokeby road. They have CHESTNUT PASTE (soooo nice with almond butter) and ALMOND MILK ICECREAM. I sat staring sadly at the latter since (a) It was full of chocolate and (b)I was way too far from home to buy anything frozen. I think I will have to return with Cam and the car and buy it anyway, even if it is $14 for four tiny icecreams. They have a much wider range of coconut milk based icecreams if any of you dairy free peeps are into that.

Two unexpected signs of my impending BNFdom: I just had someone ask to translate one of my fics for a russian language interfandom battle (GO ATLA), and I have also apparently been chosen as a "featured user" on delicious. Either they have a lot of featured users or they are really desperate, I hope anyone who gets sent my way likes fanfic...

But speaking of delicious they have suddenly started showing people's real names! (Or at least what they think are our real names) Check your account, people!

I went to the Swancon programming meeting last week, it was lots of fun, and I only volunteered for one panel! I'm doing Interactive Fiction, which StoryNexus is nicely relevant to. On that note I shall preserve this interesting discussion from tumblr and bid you all adieu.
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I can finally reveal my Kaleidoscope story!

Link/Title: Welcome to Collins and Collins!
Fandom: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
Info: 2792 words, G, f/f, No content notes
Relationships: Lizzie Bennet/Charlotte Lu
Characters: Lizzie Bennet, Charlotte Lu, Maria Lu
Summary: Lizzie comes to visit Collins and Collins (and Lu). An alternate version of their reunion, written before canon got that far. Created as a gift for Phi for the Kaleidoscope gift exchange.

It's also available at but I strongly recommend the AO3 version above, it's not the same without the art.

I also did a bunch of monster girls, and some prompts.

Cyclops at deviantART
Cyclops at tumblr

More monster girls, Dragon Age art, and a little Mass Effect fic )

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