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Cam is on a work trip so I have been on a so far largely unsuccessful quest for light fluffy romance to distract myself. This has taken me to some odd places.
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(Where that season is Summer, regardless of what most internet sites assume is globally universal)
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O Human Star: SO GREAT. A cantankerous robotics researcher wakes up in a new robot body 16 years after his death. Robots, queerness and the nature of self :D Compassionate and sweet and funny :D :D Still ongoing D: (currently mid sad flashback, but it's about the main character's death which is hardly a cliffhanger)


Read Only Memories: 80s scifi styled point and click adventure game about artificial intelligence. Only just started but so far it's charming and fun.

To the Moon: Found out the ending was very Sick Wife, removed from my to-play list.

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For anyone who's missed it, Homestuck is a very strange, very long multimedia webcomic. If you have read part of it and are curious to see how it ends you could just watch the final animation, you'd be confused were going to be confused anyway ;) And it's very pretty!

Of course I do not put it past Hussie to come out with a second ending/epilogue in a bit, that would totally be his style.
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I got inspired to post about it to [ profile] webcomics (which I am the sole active mod of, a responsibility which weighed on me very heavily for a while but now involves deleting the odd bit of spam) and thought I might as well repost the list somewhere it will actully get read.

Homestuck: deeply weird and eclectic huge long scifi humour horror interactive musical EXPERIENCE.
Freefall Gently funny and intelligent space opera about created intelligences and societies. Moves amazingly slowly, it's one of the oldest webcomics I know of still going and has covered like...3 days in universe.
Gunnerkrigg Court Bittersweet? Something like that. Fantasy set in a magical school.
Band vs Band Fun bubblegum about girl bands.
Family Man 18th century, university and (were)wolves. Very intelligent but a bit slow.
Girl Genius Steampunk and SCIENCE. Lots of fun.
TJ and Amal Finished roadtrip m/m romance. Really funny and sweet.
Johnny Wander Gag strips and strange, funny little stories.
Questionable Content Kind of like Friends but with more robots.
Something Positive cynically funny slice of life with a kind heart deep, deep down.
XKCD funny stick figure comics about science and life (hey someone might not have heard of it)
Chaos Life Funny gag comics, often slice of life.
Desden Codak Weird, beautifully drawn but confusing transhumanistish science fantasy.

All tend to have female main characters or a mixed-gender ensemble cast, and have a high possibility of canonical queerness and/or robots. I'm also still subscribed to Megatokyo but I don't actually read it, I just go "hey! it updated!" the way one enjoys a shooting star.
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Last one! I put all the remaining serious-ish topics together. Homestuck panel notes to appear once I have them tidied up!

EDIT: Do not trust the recs. They are a VERY mixed bag.

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Any criticism/advice etc? It's possible the comic will actually be over by then which would change the nature of the panel but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I already have some co panelists but if you're interested in being involved contact the programmer.
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What I read:
Princess Princess a very cute little webcomic about princesses saving themselves and each other, it's complete and only 44 pages long.

What I'm currently reading:
Unlondon by China Mieville. I am stalled on this because the bad guy hits some of my horror squicks, I decided to take time off while I was sick and am now skimming it, hopefully past a certain point I'll gain momentum.

A Brighter Spark by Mary Borsellino: a romance novel by a friend of a friend I got for free. It's nice enough but I ran out of momentum, I have trouble relating to women with the typical chic-lit-ish worries about trying to balance motherhood with work and feeling young and sexy etc. I know a lot of women do worry about those things, but it's really not my experience.

What I've been playing:

Omega DLC for Mass Effect 3. Badass canonically queer women with complicated history blowing the crap out of stuff :D Shepard takes a bit of a backseat as the thousand year old amoral alien mob boss Aria and her Old Friend Nyreen take back Omega from Cerberus. The plot is very conventional apart from being about women, I saw certain things coming a mile away and sighed "Oh Bioware", but I still enjoyed it. And we FINALLY HAVE A FEMALE TURIAN. (Ok there was one in Citadel too but this came out first, plus Nyreen has a name and history and stuff)

Heileen 3, but I already reviewed that.
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Non spoilery thoughts: it holds up really well, a lot of stuff that made no sense to me the first time is clearer now and the timey wimey stuff fits together very cleverly. Plus, the stuff I don't like is easier to skim over (bah, ableism) I think once all the timelines have finished looping around each other I'll have to read the last Act or so again to get it straight, unless we get a nice summary with timelines or something.

I realised on the reread that the reason I stopped a few months ago was I got sick of all the exposition in the part I was up to (just after the second prototyping of John's sprite). So of course when I started again I'd forgotten it all and kept thinking "Derse? Prospit? WTF are they talking about?"

And I am slowly learning all the symbols of the zodiac! (I have always had issues with them for some reason)
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Oct. 16th, 2010 11:48 am
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After constant squee from various folks on lj and tumblr I decided to give the webcomic Homestuck another go and my lord the awesome is overwhelming. It's hard to give a synopsis, hmm. It's self aware scifi humour implemented as if you're playing an illustrated text adventure game where you give the characters commands.

It drags a bit here and there, especially at the beginning, but after a while the seemingly surreal randomness starts to make Perfect Sense and the silly little characters and plots dig their claws into your heart(*). I can't think of any other webcomic so perfectly embedded in the medium, it plays around with the fact that you are reading it on a computer really cleverly, most obviously the fact that it's framed as if you, the reader, are playing a computer game, but also with chat transcripts and integrated animation (whose loading screens themselves form part of the experience) and linking back to earlier sections for flashbacks, timetravel etc. I'm just starting Act 5 (the most recent act I think?) there's a LOT of archive to get through and it gets a bit confusing here and there but from Act 3 there's the odd synopsis which is very helpful.

EDIT: I just got up to date, and I am still overcome by the awesome, though some bits did bug and/or bore me, and you have to wade through some in-character obnoxious trolling by 13 year olds with all the hipster(**) ableism/anti-fat crap etc that implies. Pretty good with gender, imo.

(*)This seems to be happening to me a lot recently. See also: Avatar the Last Airbender, various Bioware games.
(**)Thanks for reminding me for the term, reweird.
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Ok, not really. But I've been feeling seriously crappy recently and didn't get around to posting anything here. All art comes with a transcript.

First off: Hapless is back! I have posted 25 of the better gag strips from my defunct webcomic Hapless to a new home on Drunk Duck. There's still a few hiding on my harddrive I need to ferret out since the server they were originally on died. Hapless was part of me playing around with the idea of being a Webcomic Artist around 2006, I also made a narrative comic "A Circle of Stars" which ran for a few years before petering out, I don't think I can be bothered re-uploading that but Cam may fix the broken server one day.

And now, the form of creativity I got into after getting bored of original webcomics: fanart!

DAO: Genderswapped Zevran
by ~sqbr on deviantART

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ATLA: Teo extreme ironing

Crossover between Avatar The Last Airbender and A Circle of Stars.

In the foreground: Teo from "Avatar the Last Airbender" in his glider, ironing.
In the background: Teo from "A Circle of Stars" stands on a cliff, ironing and saying "But this is what servants are for!"

For Penchaft's prompt Teo and Teo doing extreme ironing.

"A Circle of Stars" is an old webcomic of mine, not currently online. Teo is a minor noble from a pseudo-medieval-european country of cat people.
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These are all series I was already familiar with, which speeds up the reading process.

"Girl Genius, Volume 9 Agatha Heterodyne and the Heirs of the Storm": Made. Of. Awesome. Steampunk about mad geniuses in pseudo-Europe. It's slowed down a bit recently but this particular storyline is still great.

"Schlock Mercenary: The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse": I mostly like Schlock Mercenary, it's fun clever space opera despite it's flaws (though they do grate a bit), and this plot was ok.

"FABLES: THE DARK AGES": Reading Fables (about fairy tale characters living in the modern day) always gives me a bad taste in my mouth and I'm not sure why. The premise and characters are interesting, and it's well written and very nicely illustrated but...I just don't like it. I read the first pdf to make sure I disliked this as much as the previous volumes I've read and I did.
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It took about eight months but the art I submitted to Awkward Fumbles has been posted with dialogue.

It's certainly funnier than anything I could think of to go with the images.

Though, wow. My art has definitely improved since I drew it (which was ages ago, I spent quite a while trying to figure out what to do with it before submitting).
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(For those who aren't aware, ACOS is A Circle of Stars, a fantasy webcomic I wrote slowly but regularly for several years before it petered out and went on long term hiatus)

So I was wondering where all this inspiration to write Dragon Age fic was coming from, and I realised the setting was giving me a chance to use all these half finished fantasy ideas that have been knocking around my brain for years, including some from ACOS.

And I thought about why I don't feel able to use that creative energy/those ideas with ACOS (I had been thinking "Because I'm sick!" but I'm beginning to think the correlation is mostly coincidence), and comparing how differently I felt about the two settings made me realise just how much I've written myself into a corner.
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I'm a HUGE fan of the webcomic Lackadaisy which is set in 1920s St Loius but with talking cats.

The artist recently posted a bunch of pictures of the characters as humans and I was struck by how totally different they were to my mental images. So I decided to draw them. I started by sketching the two main characters but didn't put so much thought into those since I haven't had a "BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE" moment with them.

As you can see I didn't look at the colour versions of these characters before I coloured my art :) But overall I'm much more literal with the colouring (dark fur -> dark skin/hair etc)

I have some further thinky thoughts about this but for now just want to collect all the links.
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Reliquary: Alcolla, Yakuv, and Hakelda having pizza

Supernatural: Portrait of John Winchester

I have a headache and decided that doing a pencil sketch with the pencils [ profile] mandragora2003 got me for my birthday might make me feel better (which is kind of did, though I ran out of motivation pretty quickly, thus the sketchy hair and shirt). It's possible that this doesn't look hideous to most people, but the damn eyes refused to not look wonky and it bugs me. It's fun doing hand drawn art from time to time but I always miss layers and the undo button.

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