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Which is to say, things I am using to distract myself from stressing about our upcoming trip.
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alias_sqbr: Torchwood spoilers for various episode numbers: Jack dies (torchwood spoilers)
I spent yesterday watching to the current episode of The Autobiography of Jane Eyre a Lizzy Bennet Diaries style Canadian made video blog. I'm really enjoying it so far, more theatrical and less glossy and funny than LBD but sticking more consistently to the book (minus some of the melodrama and racism) Grace Poole is an over controlling Asian PA, Adele is an ADORABLY preocious mixed race black girl, Mason is also black and the maids are all Latino, which is better diversity than the original but still pings weirdly, idk. VERY CURIOUS to see how they handle the Dramatic Reveal since that's coming up soonish, but I like the take on the characters so far. Jane really would be the kind of awkward, bookish girl who posts John Green quotes and pictures of trees to tumblr :D She and Rochester aren't as full of PASSIONATE GOTHIC INNER TURMOIL as my id would like but they have cute chemistry. I like how they've been working in references to her childhood since they can't do a realtime video log of it. I don't know how enjoyable it would be to those who haven't read the original book A MILLION TIMES but I'm happy :)

Also I just caught up with Agents of Shield and I have a VERY shallow reaction to the end of the latest episode.
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