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(Where that season is Summer, regardless of what most internet sites assume is globally universal)
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So it looks like waking up at 4-5am is becoming a pattern, on the plus side that gives me time to write this kind of post and plan. Yesterday morning I sat down with a map of Disneyland and added all the charging stations/power points (an image I plan to neaten up then put online, since noone else seems to have made one) then planned out what I wanted to do assuming Cam also woke early and we could take advantage of the one early morning start ("Magic Morning") you can do with a 5 day ticket. And he did!
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Today was actually really great! And TIRING, but in a good way. Photos to be added once I post them to tumblr.

Everything is super commercial and fake but I have decided to try and just roll with it and enjoy it for what it is. It's authentic to it's own culture of inauthenticity! And the Disney Corporation got it's claws into my id young enough that even when part of me is thinking "this is silly/cheesy" another part is going "AHHHHHHHH DISNEYLAND :D :D". I'm not sure if it's because Halloween is approaching or if it's like this all the time but there's lots of people of all ages in costume or themed outfits. Every time I see a little Rey my heart grows three sizes.

It's interesting thinking about how things are set up having worked at a museum aimed at kids. And everything is wheelchair accessible. It's great.

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Recent Art

Jan. 10th, 2014 02:09 pm
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I saw Frozen and really enjoyed it (though the people complaining about the aggressive whiteness were entirely justified). So I drew some art!

Brave/Frozen: Meeting the princess

And now my remaining other pictures for 2013/early 2014:
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Man, I'm on a roll with this fanfic thing.

The Great and Glorious Rule of Queen Nancy the First, "Enchanted", het(ish), kinda cracky.
A very silly story of what happened to Nancy after she married Prince Edward. May contain slight traces of feminist deconstruction. May also be horribly sexist, I didn't think very hard about it, I just wrote it :)

Will probably work on it more later, and I'm very open to advice on making it better. (I may not follow such advice, but I will take it in good cheer :))

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