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So I am finally getting around to fixing the NINETY OR SO broken images on my AO3 account. (THANKS PHOTOBUCKET) I settled on Nickpic as a new image host, rather arbitrarily. I've been getting random inconsistent upload errors so I'm not sure I'd rec them, they better not cause me to have to upload everything again.

To make it all feel less like yak shaving(*) I decided to go through from the start and fix up all my old works, since there's a growing list of minor issues like broken formatting I've been meaning to poke at. I am currently one and a half pages in, of nine (eg at about 30 works of 180 /o\)

It's interesting going through everything in chronological order. Right now I'm at April 2010 and past!me still hasn't learned how to format dialogue, but has sort of gotten the hang of chins. Figuring out how long legs are is still a ways in the future. (THEY'RE SO LONG)

A lot of this stuff is not relevant to modern fannish interests (and also...not very good) but I'm going to intermittently post old stuff to tumblr if I think people might enjoy it. I'm still pretty happy with Mafdet Slayer of Serpents, a Stargate comic I did about a Gu'ald cat. Though it's definitely from my pre-understanding-chins period.

(*)A software term I learned from Cam, referring to a large, frustrating and ultimately pointless task. It's easier to spell than sisyphean :)
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I love these things, so many numbers! Via [personal profile] torachan, html from Kate.
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No, this isn't a Night Vale reference: I spent lots of energy this morning putting a stew on the boil and then several hours later noticed the power cord had somehow gotten dislodged so I'm going to have to throw it all out :( :(

While I was out I bought a robot doll for TOTALLY GROWN UP ARTIST REASONS.

The Reverse Big Bang has started posting at [ profile] dragonagebb! I drew a femslashy Isabel and Leliana picture and got two very fun femslash caper stories in return, which is exactly what I was hoping would happen.

And now an AO3 meme I stole from [personal profile] owlmoose (not the hitcount one)
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Top works by hitcount meme. Some surprises this year!
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Under the cut: top works at AO3 in 2011 and 2012, as well as top fanfic in 2012 at AO3 and I wasn't going to do the meme because I find it depressing how it's dominated by old stuff, but comparing is interesting.
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[personal profile] sqbr, [ profile] sqbr, [ profile] sqbr, [ profile] sqbr, [ profile] sqbr, [ profile] sqbr, [ profile] sqbr and of course [ profile] alias_sqbr.

(I'm actually alias_sqbr a few places, plus a few other names, but this looked cooler :))

Still not working: [ profile] sqbr
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If the new AO3 skins are bugging you like they were me, go to the public skins, "Snow" is pretty close to the old settings. It would be nice if I could have learned about this from the AO3 instead of via my network :/ A tutorial would be nice too, I find the way skins are set up confusing and I have a computer science major (what is "chaining"?)

Speaking of the OTW, elections are coming up soon, and I have a vote this time! Unfortunately things have gone very pear-shaped recently causing a lot of pain to a lot of people, but hopefully the organisation can learn from it and grow stronger as a result. hl's endorsements in this post have been backed up by other people's I've seen, especially Julia Beck and Jenny Scott-Thompson(*), though Lucy Pearson has since dropped out. Here's a big collection of lots of links.

This is a nice description of how the preferential voting will work (in unlabelled pictures). One thing that may not be clear to people who are less familiar with this type of voting: if there's someone you really don't want on the board, number all the boxes and put that person last. In general, numbering all the boxes is the best way to make sure your vote counts.

(*)Who are, I must admit, the two I know personally. But this means I would have noticed if I'd seen anyone say a word against them, and I haven't.
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I got overexcited about AO3 having the option for creating prompt memes and made one for Jane Austen's novels. Someone other than me has left prompts already, it's very exciting!

I have no strong commitment to or feelings about running it, if anyone else has Ideas I'm open to suggestions and I'd be quite happy to share the job. Still, hopefully it should largely run itself. Nnng, me and my big ideas /o\
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I have two bags of size 14-16 women's clothes if anyone local wants to take them off my hands.

What are your favourite visually appealing nature documentaries? Mum is looking for stuff for my grandad, he has pretty bad Alzheimer's so she just wants simple pretty stuff not complex commentary.

Does anyone know how to turn a html file into a google doc so that there are empty lines between the paragraphs? I write fic in a very similar simple html format to AO3's html export, and neither works. For example, here is one of my shorter fics, I can copy or download it as html and import it as html and rich text into Textedit with no problems, but no matter what I do I can't get it to look right in google docs. (Secret message to people offering me advice on beta-ing: thankyou. Now if I can just figure this part out…)

I've been forced to screen anonymous comments due to large volumes of spam :(

Drawing Day looks like a lot of fun even if I will almost certainly forget to get involved myself :)

I've recently noticed my Tumblr follower numbers changing a bit (up on one, down on the other), and while pondering the way that Tumblr's setup encourages one to notice such things(*) decided to poke at my account to see if my number of subscribers was even listed. At which point I found a very informative page ("Story Stats" under "Traffic") listing all the favourites/subscribers/communities etc attached to my stories, which led me to A collection of Dragon Age Femslash, woo. Sure, Sturgeon's Law applies but at least now I have more than ten to sift through.

(*)I'm sure the high incidence of "Oh, lost a follower :(" posts is related to the numbers staring you in the face every time you check your dashboard, that sort of thing seems much rarer on livejournal/DeviantArt etc.
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Title: Five times Anders tried to get people to read his manifesto (including one time he succeeded)
Author: [personal profile] alias_sqbr
Rating: G, no warnings but it references the events of endgame
Relationships: Anders/F!Hawke
Characters: Anders, Varric, f!Hawke, Merrill, Fenris, Elthina
Words: 2493
Summary: Nobody likes reading lists. Maybe you should try writing it in iambic pentameter instead, that's concise, but it has a nice rhythm to it.
Links: AO3,

My first 5 times fic! Not sure I quite got the conventions right.

Also, I drew some Fenris/f!Hawke/Isabela art to finish off my amoral!mage!f!Hawke series, but I'm less happy with that (also at DeviantArt and Tumblr)

A bunch of people have been doing a meme about what fics of theirs have the most hits at AO3, which as it happens was something I was thinking about.
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[community profile] junetide original art and writing prompts are up! They look awesome, and if you're not signed up you can do them as treats.

[community profile] remix_goes_wild is open for business! Anyone can offer their fic (or comics, yay) for remixing, and the challenge is a bunch of low key zero obligation prompts like "rewrite from a different POV". My fanworks are all open for remixing if anyone's interested (for the challenge or otherwise)

AO3 has subscriptions! Only to usernames, not stories. Yet another reason to check out [ profile] sqbr :D I intend on uploading something this afternoon and all.
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There's been a bunch of discussion amongst fanfic writers about what they write, how popular it is and how many comments it gets. Apart from the fact that I also tend to get around 100 hits per comment my experience is VERY different to the general consensus (which doesn't make everyone else wrong, it just makes me weird), and since I was bored I looked at various patterns and crunched some numbers. If text bores you scroll to the end, there's graphs :D

It's important to note that I mainly make comics and art, but they seem to get similar general responses to my prose.

So, the general trends people have mentioned:

  • Stories about white cis able-bodied men are more popular
  • femslash is much less popular
  • Nobody likes stories about original characters

Plus various theories about hits and comments.
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1)Google reader's "Recommendations" feed. I started using Google reader solely based on seeing how much fun Cam was having with his.

2)An Archive of Our Own has external bookmarks! With tags!

Some comments on the latter (which I may send in once I'm sure I have nothing more to say):

1) I forgot to add a Category and when it brought the page back up with an error it had lost half the info I had typed in :(
2) Why no vids/fanart etc categories for bookmarks AO3? I understand they're not part of the actual archive (yet) for practical reasons but I see no reason they can't be for bookmarks, and if they're not marked they'll get lost amongst all the fanfic.
3) There's no way to search all recced works for particular fandoms etc? Or (from the other direction) sort filtered works by number of recs?
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People are discussing exactly where one should draw the line (if any line should be drawn) for what sorts of text can be on An Archive Of Our Own.

I'm too sick to engage with these conversations but have enjoyed having my preconceptions about what people write and why pushed.

What I find interesting is that everyone is bringing up the example of original slash but noone is bringing up the sort of text I find blurs into fic for me, eg meta. I've often thought some of my meta posts blur into my fic, eg speculating about the nature of the Old Gods in Dragon Age vs writing a story about one. Which is I guess helps the "not everyone reads fic for the same reasons" point.

I'm not saying it should be allowed on the archive (I don't know enough about how archives work best to have any strong opinion and can see the arguments for both strict rules and laxer ones), but I think it's worth mentioning as one of the blurry grey areas worth addressing.

(nb, am sooo behind on my email so will probably not be replying to any comments until more over this cold, I just wanted to mention this thought)

Heh. Almost but not quite posted this to lj :)
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Yay! AO3 finally has "category" (het/gen/etc) as ticky boxes rather than a dropdown menu. That's been bugging me since I had to set my very first uploaded story as "multi" when it's "f/f + m/f", since everyone's going to assume that means "m/m + m/f" and/or polyfic.

Of course my most recent "multi" stories have actually been m/m/f but that's not the point :)

My dropdown menu still says I don't have any f/f which kind of defeats the purpose, if it's still not showing up later I'll have to send a report. EDIT: wait, no, I just forgot to click "update" after previewing. Next thing I would like implented: editing the header of works without previewing the whole thing. EDIT 2: Wait OMG you can! Double yay!

Also: Icons!

Plus: Livejournal FINALLY has the option to disable comments but keep them visible. Oh, the number of times someone put their foot in their mouth and had to hide the resulting discussion in order to halt it. Of course people will still decide they don't like the comments they've been getting and hide/delete them, but now they have less of an excuse :)

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