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So, as implied by my last post, I got Pokemon Go! As also mentioned, it tends to crash a LOT. I knew that going in but was still surprised quite how much it crashes, not just when you do anything fancy like open a menu but also just at random. And then the server doesn't let you back in like 75% of the time. It's very frustrating!

EDIT: It's free with microtransactions. I haven't spent any real world money yet but it's definitely tempting.

Other than that it's pretty fun. Pokemon show up in the world at random and you catch them, it's like bird watching. Catching pokemon is pretty easy, though it does require mild hand eye coordination. It's supposed to be an exploring game but a moderate amount show up for me staying in the one place eg bed. Unfortunately I had to turn off the cute "augmented reality" feature where they are shown as if they are in the world in front of you. It makes it crash, you see...

I have successfully managed to swing by some pokestops during my more mobile moments, they offer free versions of necessary items like the pokeballs for catching pokemon, and in large enough numbers that I'm not running low yet. Pokestops are put on landmarks, at last an advantage to living in a historic suburb :D I only just got to the level where you can actually fight with your pokemon at gyms but haven't tried to do that yet (see last post :/)

I tried using incense to make more pokemon come to me as suggested in this post about playing while housebound but every time I've done that the stress of ACTUALLY CATCHING POKEMON made the game crash and I couldn't get back in until after the half hour was done. Catching them outside was equally frustrating so I am only going to do that for new and rare ones in future. Assuming I ever leave the house again :/

Yesterday I had it running during a car trip, getting items from passing pokestops before they got out of range was like a whole new minigame :D Alas it crashed when I dared try to catch an eevee at a traffic light and didn't come back until we'd nearly come home again.

Eggs hatch based on how far you "walk" eg move the phone at less than 20km/h with the game running. I have managed to get my egg to 0.6km "walked" through household stuff, swinging the phone on it's charger out of boredom, the slower parts of the car trip, and a tiny part of this morning's failed wheelchair adventure. AT SOME POINT I will try going for a long wheelchair trip with the game running. Hopefully.

Date: 2016-07-17 09:20 am (UTC)
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Yeah the server bugs (and game bugs) are ridiculous. Right now I have the 'three step glitch' which shows ALL Pokemon as being three footprints away no matter what direction you walk (or drive) and for how long, which means you can't accurately catch anything. Consequently after that and yesterday's DDOS attack that made the game largely unreachable, today's been the day I've played the game the least. e.e

They really need to release some more builds. Come on Nianticccc.

I never play with AR unless I want to get a specific photo, and then I snap the photo and turn it off again. It chews up battery anyway.

Thankfully re: egg hatching, it will pick up the slowing and gentle speeding up of a car as walking, and that will count towards hatching (it adds up over time!) - and then also re: pokestops, I like doing that too as a passenger. There's not enough around here to really 'restock.'

I hope things with the wheelchair get fixed soon (and cheaply! D: )

Date: 2016-07-17 09:35 am (UTC)
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It's very crashy for me, too! There are no pokemon near my house at all, but I did catch one at work. There's one pokestop and one gym in town. Last week we went to a bigger town to go swimming and we were excited because we were going to catch 'em all. The weather was awful and there was hail, and then a fallen tree so we had to take a 30km detour but we were looking forward to swimming and Pokemon...and the server crashed just before we got into town and there was no access the whole time we were there! At least we got to swim, though.

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