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So I just went through and defriended a bunch of people, mostly on lj. Sorry guys. I've been putting off doing this for ages, but...ok it's hard to articulate but it's important to me to feel able to control the social environment I'm in. I don't dislike any of you though, or I wouldn't have added you in the first place.

I may well go through and do another winnowing without warning in the near future, I was on the line with some people (and couldn't remember who several of you are, oh for notes)
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Sorry everyone, but I have been getting SO MUCH SPAM. You should definitely able to comment with OpenID at dreamwidth as long as you have an lj account, but I can't remember if I have anon commenting on.

It's annoying, I really want to be open to comments from a wide variety of people, but the spammers make that difficult :/
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A bunch of people on my flist/reading list have gotten into this game recently, and since I've been playing for over a year I thought I'd offer some tips.

First: feel free to add me! Just let me know who you are if it's not obvious from your username :) My two accounts are Sequoia Baer and Allie S Squibber. Be warned that my mix of extroversion and social anxiety can be disconcertingly awkward in realtime...

Second: Feel free to ask me for help in game, especially if you haven't quite got the right skills to achieve something yet (Sequoia Baer is the older account so is better qualified to do this) I LOVE helping people out, and the game really encourages friendliness and generosity. There's also Live Help and the forums if you can't figure something out or hit a bug.

Now some general advice:
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I have sometimes seen usually healthy people complain about a temporary illness like a cold, then feel self conscious/guilty, because it must seem like petty whining to those of us with more serious illnesses.

Well, as a chronically ill person who also has a cold, let me tell you: colds suck. Whining is entirely warranted.

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[community profile] artondemand is offering dreamwidth points for art requests and fills. I've never been bothered requesting anything before but decided I might as well, and if any of youse request something I'll be highly motivated to draw it :)

I've started replaying the whole Mass Effect trilogy from the start with a new character, a laid back female cynical tech/soldier. It's been a lot of fun, meeting characters and places and knowing how everything fits together and plays out. Plus I'm enjoying blowing up people's weapons, and look forward to playing with some of the fancier tech skills down the road. It's funny how my reactions change between characters, my previous two Shepards thought Garrus was nice but a bit of a doof, this one actually thinks he's pretty cool. I may even get into Shepard/Garrus, which would be handy since it's such a popular pairing and I keep bouncing off the fic.
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First: The next Avatar the Last Airbender night is cancelled, due to Swancon. So the next actual night will be the 18th of April.

Second: I saw the first two episodes of Legend of Korra and they are brilliant.

That is all.
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So I have somewhere to point people to when they ask. Everyone I spoke to at all of these places was friendly, helpful, and knowedgeable.

In general I very, very strongly recommend the independent living centre, they gave me lots of useful info to get me started and also do demonstrations and limited rentals.

Annoyingly huge unwieldy rented ramp: the independent living centre, $35 a month. (Not sure of brand)

Wheelchair rental: Rehab Rental: Cougar 10 $11 cleaning, $70 delivery, $70 a week.

If you want a slightly better longterm rate or a Cougar 14 (which has a bigger wheel) Metro Mobility is apparently good too.

Ramp purchase: Personal mobility ramp from Invacare solutions, bought from Healthcare Equipment WA $400

Wheelchair purchase: Maverick 12 from AC Mobility, $3995

Yes indeed, being disabled is expensive :/ Still, the ongoing costs shouldn't be too bad from now on.
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Can you draw adorable anime-esque animals? Then this job might be for you (via Fauxmonstur on DeviantArt, who works for them and seems pretty happy about it)

I've found a new muesli I can eat! Heritage Mill Australia Colonial Five Grains muesli has no coconut or dried fruit and is just various grains, nuts, a little oil, and treacle. We bought the toasted one and it's quite tasty.

Cam and I got glasses today at the Morley Laubman and Pank, we both really like them for helpfulness and competence. They're not extra specially cheap, but we always end up happy with our purchase, which is pretty important when you're spending so much money. I'm still buggered though, all that concentrating on tiny differences and walking about looking at frames really takes it out of me.
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(For my EX Mode remixer, and anyone else who's interested)

[ profile] sqbr has all my fanfic and some of my art. Here's my Dragon Age fic and here's my Mass Effect fic. Some of these are parts of series with art and comics and other fic, but you can ignore that if you want!

All my art is at DeviantArt. The relevant fandoms: Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and miscellaneous fandoms including Portal, Final Fantasy 12, Final Fantasy 13, and Magical Diary.

Have fun :)
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Hobbit babbling A transcript of the trailer and some very interesting discussion of how the movie may incorporate various bits of Tolkien lore.

So, livejournal! These new comment settings sure are annoying, huh? If you have a paid or plus account you can use css trickery to bring back subject lines for comments and various other functionality. I have a Basic account but I don't get many comments on lj any more (and even fewer with subjects) so am not too fussed.

Also, check your livejournal account settings some people have been unknowingly signed up for automatic payments. "Luckily" we had our credit card number stolen and had to get new cards since the last time I paid for an lj account.

I don't want to be one of those dreamwidth evangelists, but if you do decide you want an account I think they're still not requiring invites right now (EDIT: not for the rest of the year), and I have plenty spare anyway.
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[personal profile] sqbr, [ profile] sqbr, [ profile] sqbr, [ profile] sqbr, [ profile] sqbr, [ profile] sqbr, [ profile] sqbr and of course [ profile] alias_sqbr.

(I'm actually alias_sqbr a few places, plus a few other names, but this looked cooler :))

Still not working: [ profile] sqbr
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I got overexcited about AO3 having the option for creating prompt memes and made one for Jane Austen's novels. Someone other than me has left prompts already, it's very exciting!

I have no strong commitment to or feelings about running it, if anyone else has Ideas I'm open to suggestions and I'd be quite happy to share the job. Still, hopefully it should largely run itself. Nnng, me and my big ideas /o\
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The amount of spam I've been getting today is ridiculous. Apologies to any actual people who want to reply anonymously!

(Wow, I don't remember the last time I made a dreamwidth only post. HOW EXCITING)
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[community profile] junetide original art and writing prompts are up! They look awesome, and if you're not signed up you can do them as treats.

[community profile] remix_goes_wild is open for business! Anyone can offer their fic (or comics, yay) for remixing, and the challenge is a bunch of low key zero obligation prompts like "rewrite from a different POV". My fanworks are all open for remixing if anyone's interested (for the challenge or otherwise)

AO3 has subscriptions! Only to usernames, not stories. Yet another reason to check out [ profile] sqbr :D I intend on uploading something this afternoon and all.
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It turns out that thanks to me forgetting to mark my sticky post as "date out of order" my lj crossposts haven't been showing up since the 3rd of March (when I offered a free tv)

I've gotten them all to crosspost now, sorry for the sudden flood!

(People on dw may also have noticed a slight downturn in post frequency, but that was just due to me not feeling like posting anything :))
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I can't always be bothered digging up individual links for each of the textures I use in a given picture, so here's a general post I can link to.
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I recently came across a post by a very nice person giving away copies of Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. She's run out of friends to give them to and is willing to pay for shipping but afaict it would be cheaper to buy it outright in Australia which seems a bit unfair on her, so I'm not getting one. But some of you live much nearer London than I do!

Fingersmith is an awesome book, a pastiche of 19th century melodrama novels but with lesbian romance and clever little self aware references. Lots of fun but also literary :D
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[personal profile] pippin is starting an original writing (and hopefully also art) exchange over at [community profile] junetide. She's not sure of numbers and interest etc, and it seemed like something some of you guys might be interested in, so go check it out!
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This is some extra info for the person who was assigned to make something for me for the [community profile] white_lotus fanworks exchange.
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