Holy crap

Apr. 3rd, 2014 06:50 pm
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Settlement is in a week.
A week.
And then we have keys.
And a house.
And a mortgage.

:O :D D: /o\

Also cam is in New Zealand for a conference until Sunday.
Final inspection is on Monday.
Settlement is on Thursday.
A week after that is swancon.


Um. But I'm coping. Pretty well. Considering.
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Started watching the latest Agents of Shield (S1 Episode 10, The Bridge).
Stopped watching the latest Agents of Shield )
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Sorry everyone, but I have been getting SO MUCH SPAM. You should definitely able to comment with OpenID at dreamwidth as long as you have an lj account, but I can't remember if I have anon commenting on.

It's annoying, I really want to be open to comments from a wide variety of people, but the spammers make that difficult :/
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Keep hearing mioawing. Cannot find cat. It’s possible that @distantcam and I have gone mad. (More mad, in my case)
Oceanesque: @sqbr @distantcam Could cat be in roof/ceiling cavity? or behind fridge etc?
@Oceanesque @distantcam This possibility has occurred to us yes. Especially since a carpenter was messing with the floor… Though why take two days to speak up about it?
Levering up floorboards now. Possible we may fail rent inspection on Thursday.
Cat still under floorboards, but we have chiselled big enough hole to give her some water and pats and for her to express her impatience
She is now passive aggressively ignoring us. Like she did for the last FOUR DAYS.
She stopped mioawing once we started chiselling, we only confirmed we hadn’t made horrible expensive mistake with iphone camera to hole.
(she swept past silently, like a small furry alien)
And now @distantcam’s dad has arrived with the crowbar :D
Cat is passive aggressively ignoring enlarged hole leading to surface.
attentive: @sqbr What a bizarre episode you’re in.
@attentive Being out of it from tummy bug, lack of sleep, running around trying to find source of mioaws is not making it any less surreal.
Incredibly nervy and hungry, but OUT. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh *happy sigh* *holds self back from hugging her, which would not appreciated*
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They've actually been increasing for a while but I only recently thought "Wait, are these maybe bad for the house rather than just random blow-ins from outside?" So I googled and suddenly I know why my pashmina scarf had holes in it :( :(

On the plus side I'm like 99.9% sure our actual carpet is synthetic, and they only eat animal products so most of my clothes should be safe. I think. Still, the larva can live off dead skin and stuff so we need to wash everything and put it in plastic bags nnnnng. This discussion really isn't helping. Naturally I realise this while Cam is away. (I've emailed him and we're planning on mostly dealing with it when he gets back)

Ack ack ack. Did I mention I have kind of a phobia of bugs and parasites? Yes even of clothes, a bit. Knowing their eggs are in everything is kind of freaking me out.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go read some more Ouran.

(*)Not actually everywhere. There were quite a few on the windowsill until I killed them though.
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SPOILERS. Need to get this off my chest before Cam gets home (persuading him it was awesome so now we have to share the PC: SMART MOVE)

Note: I'm still playing, so please don't spoil me! Anything in Act 1 should be safe, unless it involves Carver or Sebastian (since I didn't play a mage and haven't downloaded the DLC)
Really, spoilers, though they're pretty vague )

Spoiler free advice:

1)Be careful clicking the dialogue options marked with a "love heart" if you want to avoid having sex with and/or rejecting that person later.
2)If someone gets annoyed at your opinions when a particular topic comes up, keep them out of your party on missions involving that subject :D
3) See the title.
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The subjects of two emails I got today:

From Threadless: We luv $5 shipping (and $10 too, for you non-US folks)

From CafePress: FREE Shipping to [name of the Australian suburb I live in] - or to your sweetheart's door

But of course once I opened the Cafepress email there was fine print about the free shipping only applying inside the US. Amazon does this too, putting FREE SHIPPING all over their emails and website while simultaneously trying to make everything feel "personalised", with my name everywhere and references to Things Australians Might Like. This does not endear them to me.

There are productive things I should be doing right now but I feel incredibly crap and complaining about companies being wrong on the internet is more emotionally satisfying.
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(Well, no more spoilery than the trailer)

This is a deft, entertaining retelling of "A Christmas Carol", with all the nuanced and modern gender roles, racial dynamics and social commentary of the original 1843 novel(*).

But my main reaction(**) is: SCREW YOU NORTHERN HEMISPHERE WRITERS SOME PEOPLE "ON EARTH" CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS IN SUMMER. OR HAVE NO WINTER AT ALL. Also midwinter here is a little gloomy but also a period of budding greenery and refreshing rain, while midsummer is an ordeal of sun, scorched earth and broken airconditioners.

(*)Admittedly a step up from many modern adaptations.
(**)Which has also been niggling at me with a lot of the general response to christmas about the place online, but none of it was as smugly annoying as this.
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I spent most of today with a terrible headache, and remembered that back when I used to get bad headaches more often I used to do beading (Something about focussing on stuff at that length is a lot better than books or tv etc).

So I got out my old beading supplies and starting beading.
"This is great!" I thought "I feel way better. Pity I'm running low on some of these colours though."

And then I picked up the bracelet to look at how it was going, and since I'd forgotten how to start it properly all the beads fell off the thread onto the floor.

So I got to kill even more time picking them all up, and now I'm not running so low on those colours any more!

Somehow this did not improve my mood.

EDIT: Cam home early feeling ill. I went to clean up the beads on his desk...and knocked over the container with my ex bracelet, the same beads spilling to the floor AGAIN. Ug. Despite feeling ill Cam carried them all out to a safe place for me, since some days I just shouldn't be let near breakable things. Uncooked leftovers for dinner I think, or I shall set the kitchen on fire.
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Well! We have registered and picked up our bags etc (on the ground floor, for anyone else who gets confused by the Calculated Risk Rationalisation or whatever conference happening at the door connecting to the Hilton) and are waiting for the Worldcon opening ceremony which is at two. Picking up our badges saved exactly zero time since we got confused and waited in the "people who have pregistered but not picked up their badges" line anyway (which was a whole one person long for our end of the alphabet) Said hello to some people, and even though I'm resting in my room same as I have been for most afternoons lately it's cool to know that the con is there, waiting.

The scooter has been very useful in some contexts, especially any long dull travel in a straight line or when I'm backtracking a lot because I'm lost or standing about a lot (it was thus great for registering). Not suited to an umbrella and no gloves in the rain though, brr. Also, well, I'm not very good at it. I am quite embarrassingly bad at using reverse to do three point turns etc.

Yesterday I managed to TOTALLY screw up organising to meet people and yet it ended up going about as well as it possibly could. I got to meet [personal profile] nixwilliams which was great. We chatted for a bit and then he tagged along in the rain while I picked up my badge (much drama, since the power was out, for no real benefit) and pick up some carrots from the Spencer St IGA (they had five, two of which were off :/) And I didn't run over his feet with the scooter once!
In which I try to untangle where I went wrong )
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Went to Supanova today, a big commercial sf/anime con.
Read more... )
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I'm one of those people who can miss something really obvious staring them right in the face.

Sometimes this happens literally: looking for my water bottle when it's right in front of me. Other times it's more metaphorical, like all the times I spend days carefully drafting a Serious Business dw post only to have people point out all the huge gaping holes in my logic.

The chronic fatigue syndrome really doesn't help, but in some ways I'm actually better than I used to be just because I have better coping strategies.

Most recent example which is really irritating me: I've spent the last week or two intermittently working on a Dragon Age story. I was very happy with this story, my first real attempt at a big long complicated plot where Stuff Happens and currently 10Kish words long. I was stuck on one scene for a few days but figured out a way past it, and by dinner today had gotten very near the end and was just taking a break.

As I ate dinner and surfed the net my subconscious vaguely pondered the various aspects of the plot...and suddenly I noticed a plot hole. And the more I thought about it, the more large and gaping it was, until I realised the whole freaking story Made No Sense. ACK. One of the major plot twists is totally, 100%, completely impossible. ARRGGHHH.

I may be able to salvage it, but it will definitely mean abandoning parts of the story I really liked. Dammit.

And no, I'm not going to say what the plothole is, I want to poke at the story some more in my own head for a while. Maybe if I either give up completely or write a less plot-holey version :)

*sigh* Oh well. Maybe this is a sign I should get back to my P&P fic, which I also figured out a way past a minor hurdle for today and has a much less complicated plot with less fiddly magical worldbuilding to keep track of :)
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Of course. I realise the comic I just uploaded contradicts canon just after Cam starts doing a backup which will make our internet so slow for the next few hours that it is impossible to edit or comment on DeviantArt.

I am trying to remain unaffected by the idea of all(*) the Dragon Age fans on DeviantArt thinking I'm an idiot. *takes a deep breath* *goes to kill time offline until surfing the web becomes less painful*

EDIT: Fixed! Yay.

(*)Which is to say, maybe 30 of them, if previous hit counts are any indication :)
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Ok my last post seemed to end up with a lot of whitespace so I went to edit it..and found this code at the bottom:

What. The. Hell.
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Am I being paranoid in not wanting to touch any of those links with a ten foot pole? Trashy_eats hacked! DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS
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Via [livejournal.com profile] angriest: I swear to god, Disney is making "Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides".



For those who aren't pathetic Tim Powers fangirls, On Stranger Tides is a totally awesome fantasy novel. It's got swashbuckling period zombie Caribbean pirates but is rather more intelligent and authentic than the movies.

I'm not 100% sure if it's confirmed that the movie is drawing on the book.

When he came to Swancon Tim Powers said when he first saw POTC he felt he'd been ripped off..then remembered how many times he'd gone on the original ride. So it goes full circle! Clearly the next film will be POTC 5: Monkey Island (the game was influenced by both the ride and the book)

I was pondering what other Cheesey Blockbuster Movie + Favourite Author combinations might happen next and thus came up with "Star Trek 2: Shards of Honour". Of course that would mean having the plot revolve around a woman. Still, imagine it: Winona Kirk finds herself stuck on a deserted planet, and encounters a Romulan scout.... (I've heard that it started as fanfic about a Federation officer and Klingon, but I think Romulans suit the reboot 'verse more)

EDIT: Some more I thought of:
Event Horizon 2: Schild's Ladder
James Bond: The Atrocity Archives
Highlander: Wild Seed
The Mummy: The Anubis Gates
Star Trek: Mirror Dance..oh wait that was Nemesis

I feel like I should be able to think of something for Mission:Impossible and Indiana Jones but nothing is coming to mind.
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I have a lot of food intolerances and stuff, they can be tricky to keep track of and figure out. And sometimes they make no sense

For example: sometimes I feel crappy after eating too many carbs. I had long had a niggling suspicion that it might be a gluten thing, since bread is worse than rice. But I went off gluten and felt terrible, and have since realised that I feel crappy if I go too long without eating bread (in a different way to when I eat too much bread). I decided this was a yeast thing since pancakes don't cut it and vegemite tends to help.

Cutting out soy and dairy leaves me with very few options for bread, pretty much the only commercial ones are certain pita breads and crumpets. Except lately my stomach has rebelled if I try to eat pita bread. (Even toasted. My stomach has always rebelled against untoasted pita bread)

So I've been making my own. Yesterday I screwed a batch up (not enough sugar, ingredients too cold) and it didn't rise much, and my stomach rebelled against that too.

"Hmm." I thought to myself "It must be a yeast thing again, I wonder if the yeast reaction changes the chemicals".

But today my stomach told me in no uncertain terms that the one sort of "bread" it would be ok with was crumpets. And they don't contain yeast! They're basically just pancakes! THIS MAKES NO SENSE.

On the plus side it gave me an excuse to eat crumpets for lunch :D
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Magpie vs Magpie


I guess it explains why european literature portrays them as adorable cheeky thieves rather than violent unexpected death from above...(It really is true: in Australia, even the adorable little birds are deadly)
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12th PoC Carnival has some great stuff as usual

Fish-wives, Mr Premier? Colin Barnett is a sexist prat (I feel like I never talk about local stuff, so here you go :))

Doodling 'may help memory recall'

Mermaid dream comes true thanks to Weta

Also, reading through my twitter reminded me I forgot to go Eee eee a famous author responded to my review of her book! Plus there's another Steampunk suffragette. Which in turn makes me think of artists and art: I need better walls.

And now finish watching "Psych" (more mysteries!)
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So I and Cam were watching "State of Play" (the original BBC miniseries, not the new american movie) It's a taut political thriller with lots of twists and turns. We were halfway through the last episode, heading towards a major revelation..and the disk stopped.

Argh! So we put it in my laptop. And it worked! Yay!
Cue impatient seconds waiting for the BBC logo to load, menu to come up etc and we go to chapter selection. And there on the screen, on the preview image for the last scene? Was a closeup up of a headline SAYING THE FINAL TWIST.


Still, overall quite good, just don't look at the frigging chapter selection. Very much a story of Flawed Manly Men doggedly pursuing a story/case/justice etc with women tending to either be background or The Secretary, The Wife, The Feisty Girl Reporter In Peril etc (non white characters tend to just get to be background and the less said about the gay characters the better) But once I resigned myself to that it was quite enjoyable and the characters well written within their bounds.

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