Jul. 12th, 2017 09:27 pm
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The irc-like chat program Discord is the new shiny fannish social media. One advantage over irc is that it shows all messages posted, not just the ones you're there for, which makes for a better ongoing conversation. The advantage over tumblr etc is the ability to have private-ish, moderated, communal conversations. The advantage over message boards and mailing lists is that it's new and shiny.

I quite like it but it can be tricky finding servers (eg chat rooms) relevant to my interests. Currently I'm only a member of public ones, so I can share the links freely. Here are all the ones I know about.
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This pile of links got so big I got intimidated and just... forgot about it. So it goes back a while. There was a broken link to a post that seemed to be about "missing e" (what we used to fix tumblr before xkit). And then I decided half of them weren't worth keeping, or belonged elsewhere, so in the end it's not even that big!

Given What You Now Know, What Would You Have Done Differently With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)?

Colloquial catchy statements encoding serious mathematics

Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Learning How to Code

Self-help for Anxiety Management I used this a few times, it didn't do a lot to help but might work for someone else.

What Sanguinity Likes (and dislikes) About Mathematics

Visualizing Algorithms

​A Beginner's Guide To All Things Dragon Age

Hapax and Heyer, Austen and Irony, or, What I should have said The differences between Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen

PAX Australia And The Strange Catharsis Of Video Game Violence
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Back! Had a great time! VERY TIRED! So for now here's some stuff from random fliers I want to record before I lose the bits of paper.

From the Diversity Lounge:

Victorian Bi Alliance Played a cool game of cards with these guys, and let another biromantic ace type know she wasn't entirely alone :) They have general online stuff I mean to look into.

Gaymers.com.au Has a Perth branch??

From the Indie Pavillion:

Influent Vaguely interesting looking language learning game

Appointment with Fear Visual novel/kinetic superhero comic thing, looked interesting!

Boy Goes To Space Atmospheric looking minimalist story

Bonza WORD PUZZLE GAME. The only game in the pavillion I actually got excited about :)

Deep Games

Sep. 24th, 2014 07:02 pm
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These are the notes I took at Christy Dena's lecture and workshop on Deep Games. Overall it was a really great experience! I've added links for things I mean to check out later myself.
Describes games about abuse, homophobia, death. Plus some happy things ;) )
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Chair of the Wiscon Harassment Policy Committee talks about how they ended up with such an unpopular decision about a serial harasser. Lots of discussion in the comments about how the committees ended up missing/losing important information and (badly) reinvented the wheel regarding con harssment.

A discussion at ffa of a Dashcon apology. This con was an UTTER TRAINWRECK and the woman in charge seems determined on shifting blame to everyone but herself.
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Free international shipping (to many places including Australia)from Sock Dreams! They do very nice socks and stockings, including plus size, and differentiate between large feet, long legs, and wide legs in their descriptions.

Australian Story on Robert Hoge a disabled and deformed man in Australian scifi fandom. I don't know Robert very well (he goes to Swancon but moves in different circles to me) but he seems pretty cool, and I thought this documentary wasn't too bad as an exploration of disability and appearance. Probably only available in Australia, and only for the next 11 days.

Did I mention Miss Fisher has started again? Doesn't expire for 85 days, apparently! Quite enjoyable though it was weird watching it without hele to snark to. (Note to Hele based on the first few minutes: remember how you were saying you hate the sexy Latin lover stereotype? And how Phrynie seduces a different ethnicity every week? Well...)
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Have been feeling under the weather, these things have made me feel better about it.

Flight rising: A dragon breeding/raising sim. Not super exciting since most things can only be done once a day (resetting at 3pm local time) but it's cute and I get the feeling will be increasingly more fun as I build resources.

Bounce Energy balls Ridiculously overpriced vegan fudgey nut things that are nowhere near as healthy as they claim but taste quite nice for something that doesn't set off my intolerances. The vegan ones are Cashew Pecan, Fudgie Walnut and Spirulina. Haven't tried the Spirulina yet.

Wysp Bills itself as an artist-centered (eg concrit and improvement rather than exhibition) gallery site, not sure I'll actually use it for that but the sketch practice is nicely set up. Assuming you want to sketch hands, dragons, or male anatomy.

(This Let's Play of) Hatoful Boyfriend It starts as a pigeon dating sim and gets weirder from there.

The Wa Gokoro Japanese restaurant in Morley. Wheelchair accessible, near the shopping centre/bus station, relatively cheap and quite nice.

And finally: making dreamwidth posts to procrastinate about answering my email... >.>

Life stuff

Jun. 6th, 2013 05:12 pm
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GIP: new icon of turtles all the way down, from this photo.

Lately I've been feeling...I guess mildly depressed is the word for it. Not sad exactly, just that whenever I ask myself if I have the motivation to do stuff my brain keeps saying "nope it will make you feel bad and you will screw it up" so I don't. Like an ache you only notice when you try to move. And of course then I feel sad about not getting anything done, luckily I've been able to find enough things I can do to keep the wheels of life turning and have a sense of accomplishment.

In that vein...

Have been playing through the Fade VERY SLOWLY in DAO. It is generally considered the most boring part of the game and most people skip it on replays, but it's the first time I've tried it without cheats so I am determined to see if I can do it (signs point to yes!) It is pretty dull though, no dialogue or other characters just...fighting and wandering around.

Started watching All About My Romance, alas my brain is a bit sick of having to read subtitles. I tried a bunch of other Hulu shows the only other one to grab me at all so far is "Little Mosque" but it's not the kind of show I can watch a bunch of in a row.

I found myself feeling SUDDENLY SAD about not going to Continuum, and I do think I let inertia make me dismiss the idea of going too quickly, but mainly I think I just feel lonely AND socially awkward which makes me crave large groups of friendly people I can lurk around awkwardly. Not sure how to acquire such a thing in Perth right now :/

[personal profile] flamebyrd did you notice this hexel picture I reblogged? She's been doing some nice art with Hexel, still haven't experimented with it myself.

Adorable physics romance between an electron and a positron

Gratuitous picture of myself and the socks I bought.

A little video about cosplay some people might enjoy

No hugs or equivalent please I'm not in that sort of mood.
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My personal history with Isobelle Carmody

May be triggery(*): Anne Bishop does not CARE what you think

Don't get me wrong, both authors can be a lot of fun! But I would hate for anyone to start reading them before the con without knowing what they were in for.

*goes back to recuperating from post-con lurgy*

(*)For what you ask? For EVERYTHING. She's that kind of author.


Mar. 31st, 2013 08:17 pm
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I am too foggy and sore to leave my rom but not actually sleepy, so...a con report! Expect vagueness, sorry.


The only one of those authors I actually like is Tamora Pierce, and even then mostly out of nostalgia. But Isobelle Carmody literally got me into science fiction (along with Anne McCaffery, who's dead, and Orson Scott Card, who I would have trouble not shouting at) and I used to be a MASSIVE fan, I ran one of the earliest Isobelle Carmody fansites back in the 90s (people used to actually email me thinking I was her). And then she NEVER FINISHED HER SERIES and I got VERY BITTER. And then there is Anne Bishop, whose books are over the top ridiculous crack (edit: which many will find MASSIVELY TRIGGERING. She likes to throw the kitchen sink at her characters for the sake of angst). All three have Issues and it's very single genre, but I can see them all being interesting and a lot of people are VERY VERY HAPPY and so I am happy for them and also amused imagining how my 14 year old self would feel.

Anyway, onto this years con!
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Who wants a postcard? I printed samples of some of my redbubble art to make sure it printed ok and now have nothing left to do with them. Leave a comment with your address to be sent a random piece of art! Comments screened, any country is ok, art may contain mermaid boobs unless you ask for it not to.

[community profile] metanews has started up and is worth checking out.

Speaking of meta, Skygiants has some really interesting meta on Night Watch and Les Mis (I am only vaguely familiar with Les Mis and enjoyed it)

Firvulag gave a nice review of Core Cidery which we all went to for Cam's birthday.

I finished and reviewed "Delusions of Gender by Cordelia Fine over on my other blog but in short: it was good! I ended up skimming "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn: it was triggery (emotional abuse and to a lesser extent rape) and mean spirited and I have very mixed feelings about it's portrayal of gender but afaict is a very good psychological thriller. I also skimmed "Railsea" by China Mieville just because it was boring, but it you like boys own sea adventures, trains, and clever fantasy worldbuilding you'd probably enjoy it (I only like the last two)

Something that recently struck me: Sherlock uses the fact that their Watson is male to play up the "wow, isn't it a bit weird how close these two are?" slashy disquiet by having him do things that seem almost but not quite romantic and thus feel wrong (to a heteronormative audience). Elementary uses the fact that their Watson is female to play up the "wow, isn't it a bit weird how close these two are?" slashy disquiet by having Sherlock do things that feel wrong between two people of the opposite sex that aren't dating (to a heteronormative audience), like him choosing her clothes and offering to choose her underwear in a totally non sexual way.

I personally prefer the Elementary version, but mostly I just find the symmetry interesting.
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Glitch is closing :( :( :( It's so melancholy there now, though the developers have thrown out all the stops by lowering times/costs of things and releasing a bunch of content they'd been saving for later, there's a sort of doggedly festive end of the world vibe.

I haven't found an alternative but did get around to checking out StoryNexus, a game making and playing website from the creators of Echo Bazaar. I had a brief go making a game, which was fun, and also really enjoyed [personal profile] yhlee's game WinterStrike, even if I did end up constructing a maze of frozen corpses and wondering where I went wrong.

Today I FINALLY got around to using the Jackson's voucher I got for my birthday last year. Since it was about to expire I was open to large purchases...and left with a SEVENTY DOLLAR box of pencils. They are very nice pencils though (Faber Castell Polychromos) The Subiaco store isn't SUPER accessible but I could get in and park and the staff were very helpful. They also recognised the Firefly "I can kill you with my brain" shirt I was wearing :D (Which got me a number of confused frowns from passer's by as I went past in my wheelchair, as well as a look of EXTREME CONCERN from a little girl I shared a lift with)

After that I explored a bit and checked out Farmer Jack's supermarket in an arcade just off Rokeby road. They have CHESTNUT PASTE (soooo nice with almond butter) and ALMOND MILK ICECREAM. I sat staring sadly at the latter since (a) It was full of chocolate and (b)I was way too far from home to buy anything frozen. I think I will have to return with Cam and the car and buy it anyway, even if it is $14 for four tiny icecreams. They have a much wider range of coconut milk based icecreams if any of you dairy free peeps are into that.

Two unexpected signs of my impending BNFdom: I just had someone ask to translate one of my fics for a russian language interfandom battle (GO ATLA), and I have also apparently been chosen as a "featured user" on delicious. Either they have a lot of featured users or they are really desperate, I hope anyone who gets sent my way likes fanfic...

But speaking of delicious they have suddenly started showing people's real names! (Or at least what they think are our real names) Check your account, people!

I went to the Swancon programming meeting last week, it was lots of fun, and I only volunteered for one panel! I'm doing Interactive Fiction, which StoryNexus is nicely relevant to. On that note I shall preserve this interesting discussion from tumblr and bid you all adieu.
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So, I am feeling SUPER sleepy/blah right now. I think it's just a random cfs flare, still no fun. Anyway, I am 2 episodes into Season 3 of Fringe and enjoying it (Oliviaaaaa <3 <3) but the last 3 episodes all ended on down notes and I'm not up to any more of that right now. Is there a happy ending in the near future or should I wait until I can tough it out?

Confidential to [personal profile] tree: Have you seen this picture of Gillian Anderson as Morticia Adams? (I am assuming yes but you never know)

Give Sexy Actors Sexy Wheelchairs! I agree with the commenter saying that it's a bit biased towards manuals but it still has important and useful stuff to say, I'll be using it as a ref next time I draw a manual wheelchair user.

Got [profile] hele into Glitch bwahaha :D

Can sci-fi be a happy place? I agree with Minister Faust saying "Yes", I must try out his books sometime. Also, the past and present were/are pretty unpleasant for lots of people, and still manage to have happy stories set in them that don't neccesarily gloss over the unpleasantness.

See also the post I have mentally brewing justifying escapist period fiction, and...Looking for women in historically-based fantasy worlds

Finally, look at this adorable steampunky art of a woman and her pet octopus.
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Local harvest: tells you about local growers, organic suppliers etc. Australia only.

I finished Season One of Fringe and quite liked it, I eagerly await Quickflix sending me Season 2. It's not deep and the scifi doesn't bear much thinking about, but I like the characters and emotional tone and am enjoying the plot arcs despite various logic holes. Apparently I should stop before season 3?

I am about halfway through Bodacious Space Pirates (subtitles give me headaches if I watch too much) and so far I very much agree with Ember's review. An example of the pacing problems: we know from the opening credits that the main character ends up a pirate captain, yet it takes 5 of the 26 episodes for her decide to do it...then suddenly she's on the bridge knowing everyone's names. I initially assumed I must have missed a crew-and-ship introduction scene, but no. Then they have a gratuitous "introduce the crew's names and roles to a visitor" scene several episodes later, once I've figured it out from context. WHY. But other than the pacing I really like it.

I quite liked the most recent episode of Doctor Who. It had some issues (eg plot holes, though I didn't find them as distracting as some), and I wasn't as overwhelmed by FEELINGS as a lot of my friends, but it was sweet and affecting and did was it was aiming for. I am overall enjoying this season much more than last season, and look forward to seeing what happens next.

Look at my awesome new coat and somewhat less awesome new haircut. I thought the local hairdresser should be able to manage a "approximately replicate the last haircut" trim. I WAS WRONG.
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Get a free copy of "Dragon Age: The Silent Grove" Issue #1 It's actually a pretty good comic.

Farscape watch it/skip it guide I just finished Season 2 and agree with pretty much everything they have to say about those two seasons. Which bodes well for season 3! Overall enjoying it, though it's kind of dated and dodgy in parts. Also BLINDINGLY white, not even the one token black guy you get in crappy US shows. There's something refreshingly different about it though, at least when it's good.

Guide to Homestuck fandom Very useful hints for those who have trouble with the coloured text/flashing images etc. I've linked to a comment thread pointing out that it's a bit condescending.

Maximising war assets in Mass Effect 3 The decisions you have to make in all 3 games to optimise the result at the end. Very useful as I replay from the start (which is still lots of fun. I am doing all the sidequests, partly to avoid Virmire. I do like the sense of a huge varied universe that you get from driving around all these planets on the mako, even if it was frustrating when I just wanted to know what was going to happen next)

Why I Hope Dragon Age 3 Is A Lot Like Dragon Age 2 I thought this article was pretty good.
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I’ve had a soft spot for enemyships and hateships for as long as I can remember. Since a lot of people who don’t enjoy such ships seem to find the idea bizarre I thought it would be interesting to poke at why I like them. I’d be curious to hear if other people like them for similar or different reasons.

This is way more stream of consciousness than you might think from all the headings, and is very much why I like these ships. I've given lots of examples so that hopefully you can find something to check out whatever your preferences for fandoms and fanworks.

Note: This post contains references to violence and abusive relationships, and many of the fanworks linked are quite violent indeed, including sexual violence and gore.
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First, two sensible links: A set of posts about a chronic pain class, a lot of this matched stuff I've learned from chronic illness myself, though some didn't.

A nice perspective tutorial from [personal profile] astridv.

And now unabashed fannishess.

If there were Barryaran political RPF fanvids, they would look like this: Russian vids to a Vorkosigan fan rock opera.

All the Ladystuck works are out, and many of them are fantastic. Again, no real points for guessing which ones are mine, though one is slightly harder than usual. Here's the Ladystuck works I've bookmarked. There are MULTIPLE femslash fancomics, and THREE Rose/Terezi fics. This makes me happy.

And just as my dance card was looking empty…[livejournal.com profile] dragonagewomen, a female-character centric challenge for my other main fandom. Plus [community profile] newgameplus is probably going to be running a computer game fandom remix challenge including art, which should be super fun.

I started watching the anime Gintama and it is VERY SILLY. It's about a Japan colonised by aliens in the Edo era, and seems to basically be samurai + pop culture references + scifi + random shenanigans. Also the main character Gin looks like a white haired version of Shin from the anime of Gokusen, it's disconcerting.

I also started watching Capital Scandal, A Korean live action comedy/romance tv show set in Japanese occupied 1930s Korea. It seems to be a mix of fun 30s shenanigans with fighting-against-the-evil-occupier war drama, I'm quite enjoying it so far but it's an interesting contrast to Gintama!
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[personal profile] tree lent me the Harlequin romance "Baby Down Under" by Ann Charlton, and it was actually pretty good! Short and slight, but the Queensland setting felt very real which was a nice change (I can't remember the last time I read a book set in Australia by an Australian), and the characters felt likeable and real too.

Also at tree's rec, I finally got around to watching "While you were sleeping", and also quite enjoyed it! There was more family drama and less romance than I expected, but it was still very sweet and happy in an adorably dorky 90s sort of way. Also I've always had a thing for Bill Pullman :D

clip-on lenses for your iPhone. This seems relevant to several people's interests.

A useful infographic to help get more out of google. There's a text post with similar tips linked if you can't see the graphic.

I really didn't agree with this article comparing Veronica Mars and Pride and Prejudice. There are some similarities, especially in the father/daughter dynamics, but Elizabeth/Darcy is not like Veronica/Logan, as much as I love them both. Yes, in both cases they're a pair of similar people at odds due to misunderstandings and their prickly resentful natures who eventually work out their differences and fall in love. But that's true of like half of all fictional romantic couples ever. Elizabeth and Darcy are sensible, snarky, and basically decent people who've lived fairly happy lives, and are at odds because they're strangers and don't understand each other yet. Once they work things out their relationship is stable and happy. Veronica and Logan are traumatised, moody, and obsessive, they've known each other for years and are at odds due to tragedy and other people's lies (and the fact that Logan is legitimitely a jerk). Their relationship is messy and dramatic and breaks up several times, eventually for good. Also: Darcy isn't remotely tortured, and if Duncan is anyone it's Bingley, sheesh. The Wickham is that charming con artist Veronica dates for a while.

Finally: The Hobbit trailer OMG

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