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I've been doing a lot of experimenting with Artrage. I've gotten enough of the hang of it for game background paintovers but I think I need to get more practice with the fundamentals of painting before I can use it for portraits etc.

I've also started work on a new game, a picross/nonogram puzzle visual novel called Nona&Gram.

Self Portrait: Artrage

more original art, Dragon Age, Star Wars/Pride and Prejudice crossover, Homestuck, Princess Tutu )
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I FINISHED IT. IT TOOK SEVEN YEARS AND NEARLY 60 THOUSAND WORDS BUT I GOT THEM TO KISS. Yes, at last, I give you the final and complete...


Chapters: 22/22
Fandom: Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Mary Bennet/Anne de Bourgh
Characters: Mary Bennet, Anne de Bourgh, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Lydia Bennet, Elizabeth Bennet
Additional Tags: Fanfiction, Mutual Pining, 19th Century, Regency, Humor, Happy Ending, Period-Typical Homophobia, Period-Typical Sexism, Canon Disabled Character, Romance, First Time
Summary:In which Mary Bennet becomes a companion to Anne de Bourgh and neither of them gets quite what they were bargaining for.
The new, final, and complete version of the story originally posted as "Wedding is Destiny and Hanging Likewise" and "London".

And also a little extra deleted scene:

To Love And To Cherish (To Love And To Cherish at
Fandom: Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Mary Bennet/Anne de Bourgh
Characters: Georgiana Darcy, Mary Bennet, Mr Bennet
Additional Tags: Fanfiction, gratuitous fluff, Wedding Fluff
Summary:A little deleted scene from near the end of (the new and improved!) Wedding is Destiny and Hanging Likewise, taken out for being too implausibly fluffy. Contains background Kitty/MOC/MOC.

And to think it started out as a little 500 word bit of crack to test out the Ao3 beta. Thanks as always to [personal profile] hl for helping me get this far.

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Feeling tired and grumpy with the after effects of what I think was very mild food poisoning. And it turns out I haven't done one of these since April!

My new fannish infatuation is Welcome to Night Vale, and I actually got like 100 tumblr notes on my comic, which is about 95 more than I usually get (and about 95 more than I got on DeviantArt, it's not a big fandom over there I guess) The Dragon Age reverse bang comes out in a week, I'm quite proud of my art and the story I've seen is lots of fun, but you'll have to wait for that :)

Two original pics I'm especially happy with:

Algebra vs Geometry

Me in green

Fic! Art! Cosplay! Image descriptions at link )
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A little ficlet set during Elizabeth's visit to Pemberley. Part of a longer AU which is refusing to let me write it, but this scene fits into canon and stands alone, so I thought I'd post it to make myself feel better.

EDIT: First chapter of Mistress of Pemberley now up at AO3.

In the Portrait Gallery: Pride and Prejudice, 350 words, G. Elizabeth Bennet, some Elizabeth/Darcy subtext.
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Thanks to everyone who gave me prompts, they were a nice mix of things to draw.

I also drew some fanart for the vampire game I'm working on:

Isabel and Elsa on deviantART
Isabel and Elsa on tumblr

And now, the prompts! This is the only fic I wrote:

Links: "Stirring" at AO3, "Stirring" at
Info: G, gen, 976 words, no content notes
Fandom: Avatar: The Legend of Korra
Characters: Korra, Tenzin, Lin Bei Fong
Summary: For the prompt "Lin Bei Fong and/or Toph Bei Fong: training." Set between episodes 8 and 9.

Under the cut: Original art and fanart for Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice/Avatar the Last Airbender, Fraggle Rock, Final Fantasy 13, and Creeks and Crawdads
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Woo, a new fanvid rec comm: [community profile] vidrecs.

I'm thinking of buying a slow cooker, anyone have any recs or advice?

And now, fanworks! Most significantly…THE FOLLOW-UP TO WEDDING IS DESTINY OMG. [personal profile] hl did a great job as beta, my commas were all over the place.

London (7941 words) by sqbr (also at
Fandom: Pride and Prejudice
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Lydia Bennet/George Wickham, Mary Bennet/Anne de Bourgh
Characters: Lydia Bennet, Anne de Bourgh, Mary Bennet, Elizabeth Bennet
Summary: Lydia had been enjoying this rare chance to stay in the Darcy's London house, but that was before she'd found herself stuck here at night with Elizabeth out, Miss de Bourgh sick in the best guest bedroom, and no one to talk to but Mary.

This is probably the last Anne/Mary story I'll write, though I hope to draw some more art.

And now, art!
Original art, Portal, Parks and Recreation )

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Ladystuck is live! And I am so happy with my gift, it's so utterly, perfectly crafted to appeal to me. They referenced my Pride and Prejudice works. And made Terezi actually kind of disabled! Also, she tried to arrest Napoleon.

An Injured Body (2402 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Homestuck
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Rose Lalonde/Terezi Pyrope
Characters: Rose Lalonde, Terezi Pyrope, Kanaya Maryam, Equius Zahhak
Summary: In which Miss Rose Lalonde learns to enjoy novels. Also, there is licking.

If you like femslash, check out girlgay's list of femslashers active on dreamwidth. Or, more generally, this very useful discussion of active dreamwidth communities.

And if you like romances, someone took my idea for a social justice minded discussion community for romance novels and made [community profile] thoughtfulromantics!

I haven't been keeping up with Yuletide very well at all, but I was utterly charmed by the Baccano! fic Nice Holystone Remains Unafraid to Throw Herself Into Explosive Situations by [personal profile] skygiants, it makes a really nice coda to the anime.

Ok, I think that's everything.
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[personal profile] tree lent me the Harlequin romance "Baby Down Under" by Ann Charlton, and it was actually pretty good! Short and slight, but the Queensland setting felt very real which was a nice change (I can't remember the last time I read a book set in Australia by an Australian), and the characters felt likeable and real too.

Also at tree's rec, I finally got around to watching "While you were sleeping", and also quite enjoyed it! There was more family drama and less romance than I expected, but it was still very sweet and happy in an adorably dorky 90s sort of way. Also I've always had a thing for Bill Pullman :D

clip-on lenses for your iPhone. This seems relevant to several people's interests.

A useful infographic to help get more out of google. There's a text post with similar tips linked if you can't see the graphic.

I really didn't agree with this article comparing Veronica Mars and Pride and Prejudice. There are some similarities, especially in the father/daughter dynamics, but Elizabeth/Darcy is not like Veronica/Logan, as much as I love them both. Yes, in both cases they're a pair of similar people at odds due to misunderstandings and their prickly resentful natures who eventually work out their differences and fall in love. But that's true of like half of all fictional romantic couples ever. Elizabeth and Darcy are sensible, snarky, and basically decent people who've lived fairly happy lives, and are at odds because they're strangers and don't understand each other yet. Once they work things out their relationship is stable and happy. Veronica and Logan are traumatised, moody, and obsessive, they've known each other for years and are at odds due to tragedy and other people's lies (and the fact that Logan is legitimitely a jerk). Their relationship is messy and dramatic and breaks up several times, eventually for good. Also: Darcy isn't remotely tortured, and if Duncan is anyone it's Bingley, sheesh. The Wickham is that charming con artist Veronica dates for a while.

Finally: The Hobbit trailer OMG
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(…it was in much the same place it was before)

Actually, first: The Kaliedoscope challenge nomination period is nearly closed. I've decided I'm not going to sign up because I'd stress too much, but I want good nominations so I can draw them as treats :) Some of the nominated fandoms look great.

And now: Art!

Anne de Bourgh and Mary Bennet on DeviantArt
since the fic about them is being annoying. Anne de Bourgh and Mary Bennet on tumblr.

More female characters who don't get drawn much: Homestuck, Twelve Kingdoms, Moomin trolls )
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If there's one thing I've learnt in the two and a bit years that I've been writing fanfic, it's that I'm ok writing arbitrarily many linked stories under 7000 words or so, but once any individual story gets longer than that I get all tangled up in the plot and flow.

Of course I found this out after I started my first fanfic, which will, when and if it's finished, be at least 40K words long and probably more like 50 or 60.

And so I've decided to wrap things up at a hopefully fairly satisfying place and start again with a series of shorter somewhat self contained follow on stories.

Title: Wedding is Destiny, and Hanging Likewise
Fandom: Pride and Prejudice
Wordcount: 35126
Rating: G
Characters: Mary Bennet, Anne de Bourgh, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Charlotte Lucas, Mr Collins
Pairing(s): Mary Bennet/Anne de Bourgh
Summary: In which Mary Bennet becomes a companion to Anne de Bourgh and neither of them gets quite what they were bargaining for.

I need to fix up various spelling/grammar/consistency issues but as [personal profile] hl can tell you, I am…less than quick about that sort of thing. Speaking of which, [personal profile] hl deserves a medal for her patience with my impossible anxiety around the whole editing process, best beta ever :) (She bears no responsibility for any errors, there are whole chapters I didn't send her due to aforementioned anxiety, plus others where I think I accidentally overwrote her changes, ack)
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Pride and Prejudice IN SPACE
by ~sqbr on deviantART and Pride and Prejudice IN SPACE at Tumblr

And now a bunch of Homestuck art. Some of this came out quite pretty, imo, plus there's an Avatar the Last Airbender crossovery thing. Descriptions at each link.

I think one of the reason I keep creating so much Homestuck art is the active, friendly fanart community, even though any individual picture of mine rarely gets many comments it's nice being part of a bustling creative discussion.

Plus [ profile] yuletart has started, I've started reccing Homestuck at [community profile] fanart_recs and I have my [community profile] white_lotus assignment. *is a happy little fanartist*

A hundred million Homestuck pictures under the cut )

And now to try in vain to draw for a different fandom...

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