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Prime Video Now available in Australia with a free 7 day trial!

A different 'Amazon Prime' site that seems to list the same stuff if you want to check it out without signing up

I signed up, poked through the fairly limited database, could only find one thing I really liked the look of (American Gods), watched a bit, got bored, and cancelled the trial. So, not a ringing endorsement from me. But hey, it was free and filled some time.

(People outside Australia may not understand how exciting it is to have streaming tv here at all. Thanks for the tip [personal profile] lilysea)

Date: 2017-07-26 07:36 am (UTC)
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I tried it for American Gods (there wasn't much else on there) and it doesn't work through Chromecast! So I dug out my old Apple TV box and it is supposed to, but didn't, work through that. So I cancelled.

Apparently, lots of stuff that's currently on Stan will revert to its original owner Amazon Prime now that it's in Australia, so I'm not looking forward to that. Stan, like Netflix, works well 90% of the time even on my crappy rural internet, works on the devices I already have, and has upfront pricing. Amazon Prime does not.

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