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This is a repost with permission of Hey fandom: Let's keep this up!, an official post to the main imzy community by the "Head of Product" Kaela. I felt like people outside imzy would be interested to see what features exist/are being added. I'm liking it over there, mostly, comments can be annoying compared to dreamwidth but are still 10000% better than on tumblr. And it could do with more people ;) If you're interested in joining apply at my community/blog, I have like 40 invites and it's quicker than waiting in the queue.

It’s been kind of a crazy ride recently. A month ago, we had almost no fandom communities on Imzy.

Two weeks ago, we had just 60 fandom communities.

Today, we have 629 fandom communities and counting, growing rapidly in size and activity.

We’ve talked to a lot of you about the features you need to be able to create a successful community space for fandom on Imzy, and we’ve learned a huge amount. Already, we’ve added tons of features at your request, and we have a lot more on our list thanks to you.

We know we’ve only just barely dipped our toes into how diverse, broad, and fascinating fandom communities can be in their themes and needs, but we’d love to keep learning from you.
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It turns out you can totally make personal blogs on Imzy, they're just a special kind of "community": you choose the "personal community" interest and set posting privileges to be limited to "community leaders" eg yourself.

So I made one and now I have FIFTY invites for anyone who asks to join my "community". So, if you're interested, go ahead and ask. I am unlikely to post there very much but it's nice to have my own space for experimenting with post types if nothing else. I might try making a poll!

And I'm enjoying my imzy dash as a low key tumblr-esque selection of community posts. Most don't have a lot of discussion but it's not totally dead. Time will tell if it's on the way up or down...


Jul. 24th, 2016 12:06 pm
alias_sqbr: And yet all I can think is this will make for a great dreamwidth entry. (dreamwidth)
Thanks to [personal profile] snarp I got an invite to Imzy, a new social media platform some people have suggested might be The Next Tumblr. (Snarp herself described it as a possible successor to Reddit) is definitely not the next tumblr. THERE ARE NO PERSONAL BLOGS ONLY COMMUNITIES!! But the communities are pretty nicely set up, so I can see it being a good supplemental social media hub, assuming it takes off. I wonder if I could just make a "community" for posts by me lol.

You can make separate profiles that only you know are linked, including for anonymous comments, though I haven't done that yet. Also communities can be private, which I can see being useful.

Afaict there's no way to friend people but here's my profile anyway.

Anyway, if it sounds appealing I have five invites! Comments screened, give me your email address.

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