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Stardew Valley: I was so tired when I bought this that I didn't notice it was Windows only ;_; So I've only been able to play it around Cam working etc, but have really enjoyed it. Apparently very similar to Harvest Moon, which I haven't played. You've just inherited a rundown farm in a country town and you plant and tend crops, gather and craft resources, and befriend villagers. Has same sex marriage but thus far I've been too distracted by the fun of smashing rocks to flirt much. Very forgiving and flexible: you can't lose afaict, just progress more slowly than you'd like. Typical computer game diversity: you can have dark skin and 2 of the like 20 NPCs do.

Sunless Sea: Due to some sort of error, Steam sent me a new key and deleted the old one. And I was happy since it gave the the chance to hand the game on to someone who might actually enjoy it. From all accounts it's great if you don't mind constant low grade anxiety and the threat of death but that is...not my idea of a good time. Which I thought it probably wouldn't be but it came as a part of a bundle. So! If a lovecraftian rogue-like (eg lots of dying) exploration game sounds fun, give it a shot! I did like character creation, where you can be male/female/non binary and choose Masculine/Feminine/Neutral forms of address.

Else Heartbreak(): I have played like...2 minutes. An apparently interesting if flawed point and click game where you can reprogram everything.

Ominous Objects: Phantom Reflection: Mostly ok hidden object game but overly silly in places, about a 19th century woman with a pet cat solving supernatural problems.

European Mystery Flowers of Death: An adequate but for some reason uninspiring hidden object game about solving a series of myserious plant related deaths in 18th century France. Am not quite finished.

Fantasy Mosaics 12: Paralell Universes: the game that inspired me to make my own nonogram game, because I enjoyed it and it's obviously popular and it looks like it was thrown together in an hour using free 3D models made by children. Alas some of the puzzles are kind of racist.

Mahjong Adventures: an adequate mahjong game, looks like it was made using free clip art.


Lucifer: So they turned the comic into yet another "weirdo genius dude with sensible female cop partner" crime procedural and in lots of ways it's annoyingly conventional (eg racist/sexist) and uninspired but it's sometimes entertaining and even compelling. The character of Lucifer (who got bored of running hell and came to earth then thought punishing evil doers sounded fun) is sometimes interestingly weird, genuinely inhuman both when being creepy and when being cheery, the actor has a great slightly uncanny grin. Also he's cute :D

Kamisama Kiss: Shoujo anime about a girl who inadvertently becomes the god of a local abandoned shrine, gaining the grudging service of the grumpy fox spirit who serves there. Romantic shenanigans ensue! Fluffy but fun, in a cheesy reverse harem way, more and more male supernatural characters turn up to be initially unimpressed by but eventually won over by the main character. The few other female characters are mostly ok. There's a mostly sympathetic but HIGHLY stereotypical implicitly gay god, which, sigh. I think a lot of the enjoyment for me is just the idea of becoming a god, and the Japanese mythological stuff is interesting. Have found myself stalled at the start of season 2.

Brooklyn 99: Am not enjoying Season 3 as much but it's ok.

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid: Do you like girls making out and kicking ass and finding a happy ending? Do you have literally no other standards? Then you might enjoy this anime. I do have some standards, as it turns out, so I skipped to the end to see what they did with the premise and was grumpy because ugh. It's like the platonic ideal of "an all female cast of kickass women is not inherently feminist".


The Leopard Prince: regency romance between a lady and her steward. Starts out fun but the villains are annoyingly two dimensional and about halfway through the heroine makes an obviously terrible choice to create angst and tension. And then it felt more and more like the woman having more power was intended as an interesting but unsustainable starting premise which would naturally transition to the dude being in charge. I skipped to the end and it wasn't as obnoxiously sexist as I feared but it was really silly so I have decided to give up on it.

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