Jul. 20th, 2016

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From [tumblr.com profile] nilhmai. She tagged me a while ago but I was in the middle of colonoscopy prep and all my answers would have been "SOLID FOOD".

1. Eating and food, still :) I think I get more of a kick out of it than a lot of other people? I'm a total comfort eater too. My diet's much more restricted than it was when I could eat piles of (or any) chocolate but there's still lots of stuff that makes me really happy, like fresh mangoes and cake and...ok I need to stop now before I feel the need to get up and eat something haha.

2. Creating things. Writing, drawing, and various random things I've been more briefly obsessed with like wire crochet. There's nothing like having an idea in my head and seeing it take form into something I can share with the world, and the process is always full of happy surprises.

3. Being around happy people. I'm very much an extrovert in that respect, I don't even have to be talking to them but if they're happy because of me it makes it even better. I love being the center of attention of a large happy crowd.

4. Cats and (other people's) babies. SO CUTE. And easy to please!

5. getting tired, so tempted to just write "SLEEPING" here and be done but uh...being transported by a fictional narrative. Too sleepy to describe why it's awesome but I assume you all know what I'm talking about.
alias_sqbr: (happy dragon)
From [tumblr.com profile] capillata. This has been sitting in my tabs so long I forgot it was even there. BUT I GOT TO IT EVENTUALLY.
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