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Which is to say, things I am using to distract myself from stressing about our upcoming trip.


Hibi Chouchou: a cute shoujo manga about two quiet and awkward highschoolers. Very slow but sweet.


Concrete Revolutio: fast paced wacky action anime about a world with superheroes, witches, aliens etc. I watched the first episode and it was entertaining but I didn't feel drawn to watch more.

Kuro Mukuro: Mecha anime I had heard was very good, about young pilots fighting against an alien invasion. I watched the first episode and it was good for a mecha anime, but not enough to make up for me not really being into that genre.

Web series:

My Immortal Season 2: The further adventures of a goth Mary Sue at Hogwarts. Not as good as the first season but still fun and had some great moments.


Puzzlecraft: I have played. So much of this game. So much. It's a simple match 3 resource gathering phone game, but it's really satisfying and you can't screw up, just not progress as quickly as you might have. So when I'm tired I can just poke floppily to get a small amount of stuff, and when I'm feeling clever I can do clever strategy to get more. Very cheap with added in game purchases, but it's perfectly fun without paying extra, in fact I think it would spoil the challenge.

We Know The Devil: Brilliant, understated queer visual novel about three teens stuck at a religious camp where you literally confront the devil. Has dark aspects but is ultimately very optimistic and cathartic.

Audiosurf 2: A really fun game that turns songs into a racing game where you have to hit and avoid objects in time to the music. I am very bad at it but it doesn't punish you for failure you just get a lower score, so it's still fun. Didn't run on my Mac but does run on Windows.

Puzzle Dimension: I got 3 tutorial puzzles in before it introduced jumping and I immediately uninstalled it. It was really unnecessary and fiddly jumping, too. Why do you keep doing this to me, puzzle game makers?

Date: 2016-10-06 06:16 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] pebblerocker
I enjoyed My Immortal so much! The casting was really spot on and (having read the fic, for research purposes!) I think they did well with the plot.

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