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I keep putting this off until I can remember them all but this has inevitably led to a negative spiral since then there's just more to remember. So! WHAT I CAN REMEMBER RIGHT NOW.


Paranoia Agent: An anime created by Satoishi Kon centering on a series of attacks by a mysterious young boy. Definitely more Paprika/Perfect Blue than Millenium Actress/Tokyo Godfathers, I'm an episode and a half in and it is getting under my skin with the slow surreal creepiness. *looks up plot details since it looked like it hit some of my squicks* Huuuuh...may not watch the rest.

Servantxservice season 1: silly romantic comedy anime set in a public service office. Patchy but sweet at heart and I enjoyed watching an anime about adults doing a job I can relate to instead of yet another schoolkids story. Season one has a mild arc which comes to a moderately satisfying conclusion, and the lack of melodrama and angst was nice.

Brooklyn 99: still fun!

Sleepy Hollow: it's really dragged on in parts, I still like the characters but it ALL MAKES NO SENSE. The season finale was ok in a cliff hangery way.

Elementary: Less impressed with this season. Still watchable.

Almost Human: This show is terrible and I enjoy it anyway because robots.

Girls: Oh god everyone was so freaking obnoxious. I'd heard complaints about the smothering white/straight/upper middle class-ness, but they were just irritating and dull and not very funny.


Heat: typical buddy cop movie except about two women. Took me a while to get into it and then just as I was starting to enjoy it the disk stopped halfway through the movie :/ I intend to watch the rest when I can but am not desparately driven.

The Hobbit 2: eh. Ok. Worth watching on the big screen for the pretty, really dragged in parts, a bit shallow/cheesy, I liked Tauriel.


Flight Rising: Still fun! I keep buying pretty dragons then having nowhere to put them.


I wrote about Debt: the First 5000 years at my other dw: first four chapters and the rest.

The House of Aunts by Zen Cho is a really good malaysian sort-of-vampire short story.

Two historical romances:

A Week to be Wicked by Tessa Dare: Silly but fun lady-scientist-in-pretend-engagement shenanigans.

The Countess Conspiracy by Courtney Milan: less cheesy and still fun lady-scientist-and-her-science-beard shenanigans. I adored this.

In both cases the male lead is 100% supportive of and impressed by the lady scientist's science, which I loved.

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Sleepy Hollow: It's cracktastic!* (Just don't actually *think* about the plots at all, or it falls in a muddled heap)


(*) I was watching Luther t'other week, and although it's a stunning show, it's also unrelentingly grim, and I just felt I couldn't deal with that at the time, so I started watching the show with demons, witches and the End of the World instead. Much, much fluffier.

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