inktober Days 1-8, and a question

Oct. 19th, 2017 01:11 am
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Over at my journal:

Days 1-4 and Days 5-8

Also, a question. Read more... )

Thank You!

Oct. 18th, 2017 05:43 pm
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Organization for Transformative Works Membership Drive, October 12-18, 2017

However you took part in #otwdonate, thank you for getting us started on our next 10 years! We've got some numbers for you about how this membership drive turned out:

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Aquaman by Razzah (almost SFW)

Oct. 19th, 2017 06:06 am
mific: (Aquaman)
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Fandom: Aquaman/DCU
Characters: Aquaman
Content Notes/Warnings: bare pecs and a delicious happy trail, so use your judgement about where to open it!
Medium: digital painting
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: Razzah on DA
Why this piece is awesome: Almost all the Aquaman art I'll be reccing is from after the current Momoa incarnation came out, but some, like this, date from the casting announcement before we got to see what costume DC were planning. I like the various fusions of old Aquaman details with the artists' imaginations that result, and this is a good example. It's also as hot as hell - wait for the pic to load then click through for the close up - it's worth it! (Those eyes, the pecs, the hairy belly, ulp). 
Link: Aquaman
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Fandom: Bandom (My Chemical Romance and Electric Century)

Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Mikey Way

Content Notes/Warnings: N/A

Medium: Digital art

Artist on DW/LJ: N/A

Artist Website/Gallery: [ profile] tcustodisart

Why this piece is awesome: Because [ profile] tcustodisart is THE artist to check out if you're a fan of Mikeyway. Their site is filled to the brims with Mikeyway throughout the MCR eras and beyond.

Deer Eyes is a good example of how well this artist can depict Mikeyway's occasionally haunting yet always sharp gaze. Surrounded by darker hues, your eyes can't help but focus on this Mikeyway: a little awkward and a little friendly. If anything, the doodle style enhances the overall vibe.

Link: Deer Eyes

(no subject)

Oct. 17th, 2017 11:23 pm
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Alright, folks! Things are well and truly moving here at the Black Emporium.

As a reminder, treats can be uploaded at any time, can be made for anyone, and can be of any length, type, etc.  Icon set? Yup. Fanart sketch? Heck yes! Drabble? You know it. Fanvid? DO IT. Wallpaper? ALWAYS. If it can be uploaded to Ao3, it can count.

We're debuting a new system to encourage treats this year. Much like the Dragon Age games have trophies or achievements you can unlock for doing different things in-game, so too does this exchange have our own trophies!


These are awards that are unlocked by the entire community rather than on an individual level. Every time a new work is added to the archive, we will update the spreadsheet. Author/Artists names will not be listed until the trophy is unlocked, but progress will be updated in order to provide inspiration. 

At the end of the exchange when all authors/artists are revealed, we'll post banners made by Mod A or a volunteer and give credit to the member(s) of our community who unlocked it! Your Ao3 username will also live on in the Achieved By: Column of our spreadsheet until Spec Recs 2018, unless you would prefer to be known as something else (in which case let us know). Anyone who prefers to be anonymous will get put on the list as "Anonymous [Animal]" in the spirit of Google Spreadsheet's favorite way of listing anons looking at it. 

We are seeking volunteers willing to commit to making trophies! These do not need to be done until a trophy is unlocked, and  can be either original art, manips, or just screenshots with some writing on them. Please send us a message on Tumblr or comment on Dreamwidth if you're interested in making art with us. 

Around three weeks before the archive goes live, we'll add a another sheet to this spreadsheet with the usernames and requests of those who do not yet have any treats for easy inspiration. We’ll let you all know when that happens.

Happy rare pairing, everyone!

  Please note: if you do not want to see any further information on trophies, please blacklist betrophies. 

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Fandom: Bandom (My Chemical Romance, LeATHERMOUTH, Death Spells, FIATC, FIATP)

Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Frank Iero

Content Notes/Warnings: N/A

Medium: Black and red ink

Artist on DW/LJ: N/A

Artist Website/Gallery: [ profile] alexzajfert

Why this piece is awesome: for one thing, it follows the red and black aesthetic of the art I recced previously. What really caught my eye about it, though, was that, for a simple portrait of a relaxed-looking Frank, there are certain touchtones. Among those, his penchant for wearing hats and 8948416854 layers of clothing. I also dig the geometric touches that enhance, rather than distract, from the overall piece.

Link: Untitled Frank Iero

update rolling out

Oct. 16th, 2017 06:41 am
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Hello trainers! An update began rolling out over the weekend. The patch notes are relatively minor -- "Various bug fixes and performance updates" -- so it doesn't look too exciting, but you never know.

Autumn Experience (tm) risotto

Oct. 16th, 2017 10:06 am
highlyeccentric: Demon's Covenant - Kitchen!fail - I saw you put rice in the toaster (Demon's Covenant - kitchen!fail)
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I made this last night and it was an Experience.

Dietary and accessibility notes )

What you need and what you do with it )

Makes 3-4 servings

inktober: week 2

Oct. 15th, 2017 11:48 pm
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Title: inktober: week 2
Artist: syntheid
Rating: G? PG? There is a dead bird in one of them, but it's not particularly gorey or anything.
Fandom: n/a
Characters/Pairings: original
Content Notes: Aforementioned dead bird is... I think the main thing? More ink washes, dramatic shadows, referenced studies, and experimenting.

Post on my journal.

Inktober week 2 - Challenge #9

Oct. 16th, 2017 06:19 pm
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Continuing my series of Stargate Atlantis characters and their daemons, illustrating Daemonology by [personal profile] trinityofone  - although only Marshall and his German shepherd dog were in the story. The rest of the daemons I'm inventing. My reason for choosing the various daemons is noted below each thumbnail, if you're interested. I'm trying to develop techniques to speed up the process, as I don't have things that pro artists have, like a lightbox. Still overdoing the cross-hatching - I haven't worked out yet how to convey dark colours without multiple layers of that. 

They're all on my AO3 in a single chapterized work, here.

chapter links under the cut ) 
I'm not sure that I can manage the whole month now as work's going to get very busy soon with three big beta-reading tasks that I have to do by a tight deadline. *Sigh*. I'd much rather be arting. 

Challenge #9: Inktober - Week 2

Oct. 15th, 2017 08:31 pm
goss: (Rainbow - Pencils)
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Title: Inktober - Week 2
Artist: [personal profile] goss
Rating: G
Fandom: The Flash (TV, 2014), Thor: Ragnarok
Characters/Pairings: The Flash, Captain Cold, Valkyrie
Content Notes: For the second week, I switched from ballpoint pen to marker. Way more challenging, especially trying to get more subtle shading and textures, however it gave me a chance to play around with positive-negative space. I only did 4 pieces, but I really had a lot of fun with these. I used the Official prompt list for all this week. :)


Day 9 - Screech Day 11 - Run
Day 12 - Shattered Day 14 - Fierce

(Click images for larger artwork at my journal)

Inktober Week 2 Round up

Oct. 15th, 2017 08:47 pm
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I'm still going! This is good, last year I only managed 12, I think. So yay!

Click on the thumbnails to see the posts.
Day 8 Crooked
Inktober 2017 Day 8 Crooked
Day 9 Screech
Inktober 2017 Day 9 Screech
Day 10 Gigantic
Inktober 2017 Day 10 Gigantic
Day 11 Run
Inktober 2017 Day 11 - Run
Day 12 Shattered
Inktober 2017 Day 12 Shattered
Day 13 Teeming
Inktober 2017 Day 13 teeming-1
Day 14 Fierce
Inktober 2017 Day 14 Fierce


Inkobter Challenge - Day 7-12

Oct. 15th, 2017 08:23 pm
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Title: Doddles ~ Day 7 - 12
Artist: sexycazzy
Rating: PG
Fandom: n/a
Characters/Pairings: n/a
Content Notes: ballot pen, pen, sharpie pens & papers, pencil for tracing  

I just took what was around me or whatever was on my mind and just drew each picture. Inspired by the world or my mind. Didn't draw anything on Days 13, 14 or 15. Will start up again tomorrow, plus I've subscribed to a monthly box called Scrawlrbox which basically is a box of different pens etc (source: and it will come in the next few days - can't wait!
Day 7 - 12 )

Inktober - Week 2

Oct. 15th, 2017 06:50 pm
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Sadly I just didn't make time for this every day... kind of forgot and went to bed! I did manage three pieces that are really little more than doodles:
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Inktober - Week 2

Oct. 15th, 2017 07:18 pm
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Title: Inktober - Days 8-15
Artist[personal profile] jainas 
Rating: M (Warning for nudity and a bit of body horror on day 12)
Fandom: Jackalope Wives by Ursula Vernon, Just So Stories by Ruyard Kipling, original art
Characters: Jackalope wives, Cat
Content Notes:
One of vids on [personal profile] mekare art ressources post (thank you for that by the way!) said that in order to improve you had to do new things... and I guess it stayed with me this week! So I tried my hand at less familiar mediums and styles, made a few mistakes, got frustrated I couldn't start over and that all the drawings didn't come out as I wanted... But I'm also still having great fun, loving the challenge and the way I get to learn new things... And some of the drawing DID come out looking good. ^^
Also I love my brand new calligraphic quills (day 14) and drawing-gum (Bonus day 15)! I can't wait to use them some more!

And I'm still taking quotes!

All week 2 drawings on my journal!

Looking Forward

Oct. 15th, 2017 12:02 pm
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Donors in the last 10 years have allowed the OTW to offer what it does today. Will you help us achieve more over the next 10?

العربيةBahasa IndonesiaবাংলাČeštinaCymraegdanskDeutschΕλληνικάEnglishespañolfrançaisitalianoעבריתmagyarमराठीNederlandsnorskpolskiportuguês brasileiroportuguês europeuRomânăРусскийsuomisvenskaTiếng Việt Read more... )

Inktober week 2

Oct. 15th, 2017 11:18 am
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Thanks to [personal profile] goss I can post my results from the second week in a more tidy fashion (btw I have no idea why the last icon is smaller, it's 100x100 as well ETA:fixed) :-) I'm probably going to change my plan of doing something every two to three days, now that work's starting again (going through Sunday, blergh). I'll see. Anyway I am pretty happy that I have managed to get a good head start on Inktober, even if the second half of the month will produce fewer drawings.

I managed four pieces this week. I wanted to switch to black ink only but the failed gold ink portrait wouldn't let me be *g*.

Day 10 Day 11 Day 13 Day 14
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Fandom: Person of Interest
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: Reese, Finch, Carter, Root, Shaw, Fusco, Bear, The Machine
Content Notes/Warnings: none
Medium: traditional pen sketch
Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: [ profile] worrynet / [ profile] touchedbymisha
Why this piece is awesome: The artist did review/reaction sketches for many episodes of the show (to find at their Deviantart POI gallery), which were always lots of fun and distinctive in style. I'm linking to this Team Machine picture - done in reaction to the show's PCA win - because it has all of the characters of Team Machine at once, which is pretty rare, and it shows well what's so fun about these little sketches.
Link: Team Machine

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