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To try and tide myself over until the next episode I had a look at the AO3 Adventure Zone section, and had a surprisingly strong NOPE reaction to all the fic. So I thought about what fic I would theoretically write, and all my ideas felt kind of wrong too.

On further thought I've decided it's because of the nature of the canon.

If you decided to read this post despite not being familiar with canon: it's a podcast of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

While the show does tell a single (quite compelling!) story it doesn't have a single narrative voice. It has four authors, and while they're all working together to create the story, their narrative voices are different, and sometimes in conflict. And those voices, and the associated characters, are tied very much to the men behind them, and their interactions. There isn't just a snarky, troublesome "narrator", there's Griffin McElroy, who is the little brother/son of the guys playing the characters who are messing with his carefully constructed narrative. Travis says "Elvish isn't dorky, dad!" to Clint and it becomes canon that Magnus said that to Merle, and that canon doesn't mean as much without the context that Magnus is being played by Merle's player's son.

This also means I get thrown out of stories from a PC's point of view, since in the show they've always seemed kind of aware that they're being played by their players, and it feels weird to see them outside that context.

This is less of an issue for stories just dealing with NPCs, especially stuff that was taken seriously by the narrative. That part's basically just a fantasy story Griffin wrote. There's still often some fourth wall breaking, but it's on par with something like Homestuck or Discworld, and thus pretty ficcable.

I've also enjoyed speculative fanart, though most of the fanart I've seen has been illustrations of canon. Maybe because even speculative comics just show moments, and aren't inside the character's heads?

Animatics are interesting, since they usually cut out the dice rolls and a lot of the side chatter. For example, I remember this scene having dice rolls for persuasion etc (also, for context: Taako has just bought the "rock that persuades people it is cooler than their most valuable possession" from the store he's bargaining at)

I'm wondering if I'd feel differently about fic if I'd just watched a hypothetical full animatic of the whole show. (How awesome would that be??)

But since I did listen to all the background, I'm wondering what kind of transformative fiction would feel true to the canon and characters to me. I guess you could have a full script, with parts for all the McElroys. Or maybe just something from the POV of a NPC, even if they're interacting with the PCs? It also struck me that it could be interesting to lean into the fourth wall breaking, maybe throw one or more of the PCs into a whole other canon, or make them at least dimly aware that they're in a fanfic being written by someone new. I had vague ideas for something interactive but I'm not sure that would work any better.

Anyway! These thoughts kept poking at me so I wanted to get them down.
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