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Pondering what Cecil from Welcome to Night Vale looks like. Kevin too. Inspired by reading some fic on [community profile] nightvalecommunitykink (which I rec to anyone else who enjoys the intersections of "body horror" and "fluff"(*)) and being surprised by some of the choices.

I just relistened to the relevant bits of 19A and 19B, The Sandstorm.

Asides from "neither tall nor short, neither fat nor thin", Cecil describes Kevin as having the same hair and nose, but his eyes are black like obsidian and "his, it is not a smile. He must be wicked". He does not for a moment mistake Kevin for himself.

Kevin says Cecil has the same eyes, hair and nose, but "I do not think he is me, maybe it is the smile. Is that a smile?"

Cecil is in the whole a lot more honest than Kevin but both are unreliable narrators.

A lot of people interpret this as Kevin having wholly black eyes and a massively wide mouth full of teeth. Some interpret Cecil as looking the same.

Personally I think that Cecil has seen enough weirdness that it wouldn't be the shape of Kevin's mouth that would bother him but the expression, so while he may have a weird mouth he may well just have a regulation human one.

Kevin having wholly black eyes I'm inclined to agree with, though it may just be black irises.

As for Cecil...I'm not sure how to interpret Cecil thinking their eyes look totally different and Kevin thinking they look the same. One interpretation is that Kevin's eyes are black and Cecil's merely dark brown. Another is that they look exactly the same (wholly black or otherwise) but Cecil was just freaked out by the creepy look in Kevin's eyes, but I'm not a fan of that. A third is that they look quite different but that Kevin was just lying (possibly to himself as well as the listeners) Maybe Cecil looks like Kevin did before he was Changed somehow.

I generally am inclined to think that Cecil looks like a regular human, but there is nothing to prove that he does. It would be entirely in character for Cecil to never mention that his eyes were pure black or whatever. The only outsider we see react to him is Carlos, and while he seems unphased with Cecil's appearance, by the time we hear his reactions enough time has passed for him to have gotten used to anything a bit odd.

Whether or not Cecil has tentacles is I think a matter of personal taste :D

(*)Heh decided to check that combo on the AO3, the most common fandom is Homestuck (in a tie with Death Note, but those are all the same author).

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