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Written for people assigned to make me stuff for [community profile] yuletart etc. It got a bit long so I've put the really important stuff in bold, the rest is very much optional.

Things I like: Happy endings. A sense of affection/empathy from the text for all the characters, even if they may hate each other. Playing around with and subverting power relationships, both on a personal and social level, and the triumph of the little guy (where the "little guy" is preferably not a straight white middle class cisgendered able bodied man) Acknowledging sexism without pigeonholing people by gender. Oh, and oppressed underclasses banding together to fight off their oppressors! Actual oppressed underclasses and real teamwork, please, not "prince in disguise as peasant", chosen messiah leading the ignorant masses etc.

Stories where things happen, where characters grow and change. I'm not a fan of "casefile" type fic.

Stories about women and non binary people, and more specifically cross-dressing femslashy women with swords fighting the patriarchy.

Cats, books, and dragons. Science and maths and spaceships. Spirals and gradients. Long flowing dark hair and corsets. Explosions and violence. Illustration and comics, I prefer expression to lifeless realism.

Shipping preferences: happy romance about women or non binary people which subverts heteronormativity, eg femslash, poly and het where the woman is slightly more dominant. Two people who are inevitably drawn together but in conflict due to mirrored core similarities and differences to their similarities eg Faith/Buffy. Canonical relationships including blatantly foreshadowed UST. Interspecies relationships (including robots), especially if there's a lot of "Wow that's weird" and scientific curiosity (about both the physical and the psychological) For non-canon couples I need first time fic or it throws me out of the story. I really like rewrites/filling in of canon couples getting together too. I like polyamory a lot in principle but only when it manages the narrative tension and universal flailing awkwardness I like in ship fic. I generally prefer UST leading to makeouts over porn, but can quite like sex scenes when they suit the story. Happy shippy art for my ot3s is always great.

Things I don't like: Zombies. Parasites. Sympathetic rapists. Character bashing and anyone doing horrible things for no logical reason. Tragic misunderstandings that could easily have been avoided. Anything resembling incest, including teacher/student relationships(*) or crossgen. Racism/sexism/ableism/transphobia/homophobia etc being supported by the text (I can live with it being supported by the characters as long as they aren't right. But I may have trouble liking those characters). Sympathetic rapists, and rapist/victim. Some explicit sex and/or kinkiness, I'm still figuring out the pattern there. Gender essentialism.

Fandoms I am very enthusiastic about right now (October 2012):
Avatar the Last Airbender
Babylon 5
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Doctor Who
Dragon Age: Origins
Jane Austen
Girl Genius
Mass Effect
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Vorkosigan Saga
Puella Magi Madoka Magicka
Magical Diary
Twelve Kingdoms
Dangan Ronpa

Specific fanworks I would like to see:

Angel: a vid about the various evil pregnancies to "Baby on Board" from the Simpsons.

Vampire fandoms (Buffy, Angel, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, etc): a multifandom vid or non-multifandom fic etc exploring the way the vampirism=sex metaphor causes men angst but turns women evil, and the way this relates to the treatment of and choices given to the human female protagonist.

Anne of Green Gables: Anne and Diane run off together. Or are happily poly once married. No tragic pining!

Dragon Age 2: Isabela/Fenris/f!Hawke romance

Avatar the Legend of Korra: Lin Beifong/Kya romance

Almost Human: Something science fictiony about the nature of self involving Dorian. I quite like Dorian/John if you want to include that as well.

Imperial Radch: Something science fictiony about the nature of self involving Breq, Anaander Mianaai, Tisarwat, the Presger, or ancillaries/AI in general.

Interactive fiction about pretty much anything!

Previous creator letters for exchanges (that I remembered to tag)

(*)Except for post-graduation Shin/Kumiko from Gokusen and Rose/Dave from Homestuck.

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