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The in-laws who invited us have lived in Australia for over a decade, so will be expecting us to be clueless, but it would be nice to avoid any major impoliteness. I know wearing black and white is considered bad luck for Chinese new year, but all I could find about Korean new year is that hanboks are traditional, and that's not really an option. I guess...something nice? BUT HOW NICE.

A page suggested red and gold for Chinese new year, but idk if that would come across as polite or SO YOU ARE BASICALLY CHINESE RIGHT.

I asked my brother for advice but having seen how blase he was about Hannukah I don't have huge faith in his ability to notice or care about this stuff.

We should probably be giving gifts of money to the children?? Gifts make me so anxious /o\ I'm going to wait on that for next year, I think, trying to guess how to do it is just too scary. Especially because I don't know for sure how many kids are coming, and only getting some of them gifts would be way worse than getting none.

Still, I guess at least I have an excuse for feeling clueless about these social mores.
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Since I haven't done one for a while and feel like there's stuff I have forgotten to record.
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Have done ok initial versions of my [community profile] seeingcolorcomm and [ profile] ladystuck gifts, both of which came with nice prompts. Once again having some issues with being the first person to post, before the mods have set things up properly, but I guess someone has to be.

And Cam and I have a plan to deal with a bunch of the clutter in our house: we're hiring a storage unit. The problem when we had an extra bedroom was it was too easy to fill it with crap. But putting things in a storage unit is more effort than throwing things away or donating them, and is a commitment to not want it again for an extended period. So we'll hopefully only use it for things we actually want to store and everything else we'll either get rid of or have to find somewhere sensible to put in the house. The plan once we make some more space this way is to (a) Replace the couch with something bigger so we can fit more guests (it comfortably fits 2 and uncomfortably fits 3) and (b) Set up the kitchen table with my sewing machine and craft/sewing supplies. The original plan was to use my desk in the study, but now cam works from home that's not really practical. So that desk may become the new place to put random crap until it is as full as the kitchen table is currently but never mind :)

And my brother M came over yesterday and we had a nice conversation. He finally got around to telling me about his wedding (in OCTOBER) that mum mentioned at CHRISTMAS, it's in Korea so we can't make it but I hope to see lots of photos :)

Been feeling happier genderwise, even though the external changes are hard to notice. Everyone I've told (including my brother) has been fine about it.

And right now I am reading a NON FICTION BOOK omg. About painting! I am learning things! It's very exciting.

All of this has been done around the same low energy levels I've been having the past few months. So I haven't done much any given day, but that's ok. It's nice to know things can happen, and improve, regardless.

Also a small child is singing outside very badly but with enthusiasm. I love the kids in our set of units, they are all adorable and very kind to the cat when they encounter her despite her evident loathing for them.
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Went out today to The Perth Geek Girl Meetup and then the Queer Comic Book Club, which was conveniently half an hour later and a few blocks away(*). Both were pretty great!

The geek girl group was more casual, and a bit more conventional. Ages went from mid twenties to 50s. San Churos doesn't sell much I can eat (unsurprising since their speciality is deep fried pastry with chocolate) but was very accessible. Everyone was very friendly and nice and I felt a little sad to leave.

The queer comic group was more unconventional (in a conventionally "queer" way) and cerebral. People were friendly and generally very positive, I was the only one who had anything bad to say about the art but they were ok with my differing POV, another person spent some time talking about the racist subtext and people were cool with it (as you'd hope but you NEVER KNOW). Ages were younger, I'd say late teens to mid 30s, though I didn't feel notably old. The Moon is much less accessible, my chair made a sad sound as I went over the ramp-so-steep-it's-basically-a-step at the door, and I couldn't even get to the back section where the group meets. Also it was un-airconditioned and the fans made it harder to hear what people said. Next up is Batwoman which I own and enjoyed, yay! Will happily lend it to anyone who would like to go but is feeling poor.

There's a Ladies Comic Book Club, also at the Moon but in the middle of the month. I haven't been to that yet, am still deciding if I can be bothered buying "Nimona" since I didn't like what I've read very much. Can anyone tell me if it gets less silly/surreal/meta? It kept throwing me out of the story and made it hard to engage with the characters or world.

AND THEN just as the comic group was winding down my dad rang saying he and my middle brother were "in the area" (eg near my house) wondering if I wanted a visit. When I said I was at the Moon in the city they met me there instead, which was convenient: I just hung at the comic group until they showed up, then we went to a booth. Oh! And right at the start I got lunch at Is Donburi and they put CHILI in my teriyaki, meaning I had reflux for the rest of the day >:( It was greasy, too, and they'd blocked their otherwise accessible entrance with chairs so I had to sit outside. DO NOT REC.

So all in all a fun but VERY TIRING day. I am going to be a very sore puddle tomorrow.

(*) though typing "San Churos Northbridge to the Moon" confuses Google Maps, haha.
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Me: Since we decided no presents this year I brought a bunch of food for sharing! Yay for a low stress Christmas.
Brother: I got you a card
Brother:'s for Cameron. lol.
Mum: I also got you a card
Mum: Also for Cameron.
Me: ...
*hands voucher from Mum to brother. Hands voucher from brother to mum*

Cameron was totally fine with "his" gifts being redistributed, especially since I kept the most expensive one ;)


May. 24th, 2014 06:28 pm
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Went to the synagogue (Temple David) with Mum today. It was pretty cool! If very confusing: all the prayers are in Hebrew with a transliteration and english translation, and instead of having a separate hymn book with music and choruses etc they just sing a (to me) arbitrary subsection of the prayers. So it was like "Ok, we're singing the first two words again? And...going down three paragraphs and singing that bit then repeating the top line again we're doing that English bit and OH GOD EVERYONE TURNED A PAGE WHERE ARE WE NOW there seems to be a lot of z's in this bit look for z's..."

Mum got us to sit next to her friend who always knows which page to be on and is happy to point it out, which he did indeed do for me when he noticed me being lost. Anyway, it was nice. Not unlike a uniting church service, the woman running things was very down to earth and friendly and there was a naming ceremony for a baby which was really sweet. A lovely sense of community, especially since mum's friends tried to make me feel welcome. And afterwards there were cupcakes! (I couldn't eat them but the kids looked happy)

Other than that: did I mention Cam got a job? He's working from home and quite enjoying it, we've quickly settled into a routine where I don't bug him during work hours unless I have to, but it's still nice having him around and being able to go in and ask if he wants anything from the shops etc.

House continues great! Asides from the many ants, ug. But being near a supermarket and library is super convenient, and being on the top of a hill gives a great view and lovely breezes (useful right now for drying laundry inside) Boxes continue to be opened and full of a mixture of happy suprises and "why didn't we throw this away already" crap. I offered mum some old tapes since her "new" car uses them:
Me: You know, the kind of thing I listened to as a teenager.
Mum: What...oh. That satanic death metal?
Me: It wasn't satanic death metal!
Mum: And it was all in german.
Me: No it wasn't! It was grunge.

Luckily I also had some classical music and Ben Harper, which she was very happy with.

I had a bit of a down swing healthwise recently and right now am recovering from all the standing in the synagogue (I didn't want to embarass mum by looking like a lazy non-jew daughter, especially since the old people were managing) But after that I have high hopes of ACTUALLY SOCIALISING WITH PEOPLE OMG.
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So! Today we moved in with Cam's parents since we STILL HAVEN'T FOUND A HOUSE and despite everyone's best efforts Lily was finding having us at her house too tiring (and fair enough, we said we'd only be there for a week...two months ago)

On the downside this means we live in Rockingham, 50km (35 miles) south of our old house and 45 minutes south of the city by train. On the plus side we live directly opposite a massive shopping centre and bus hub (there's even a pedestrian underpass!) with every fat-girl-friendly clothes franchise I can think of as well as some nice food franchises. There's also a nice non-franchise Chinese place down the road, and a library, train station, and sea shore within a km or two.

Cam's parents have been really sweet and welcoming, Cam's mum made a nice meal full of things I could eat then apologised that she wouldn't be cooking for us every night (but here were the leftovers and others ingredients in the fridge) Being pensioners they understand the importance of quiet lying down and naps, and at least thus far we seem to be able to work around each other's needs amicably. Right now Cam's mum is resting her room, I'm resting in mine, and Cam and his dad are watching airplane documentaries in the loungeroom.

Kira is still deciding how she feels about us, but seems to be warming up in her nervy, stand offish way. She comes up and rubs/sniffs at me then wanders off when I look at her. I hope Lily's cats will cope ok with the loss of 67% of their cuddles. CUDDLE THEM FROM US, LILY. My aim was to get the one human hating cat, Greta, to accept pats before we left, but the closest I got was getting her to lick gravy from my fingers.

Visiting people in the north (like Lily!) is going to be much more of a pain, but visiting those in the south will be much easier. There's basically a bus going straight from here to my parents house, so I should finally try visiting with my chair (it was three different forms of public transport before and I just couldn't face it) For now, however, I plan to rest, and maybe get myself a library card.

Every time I feel embarassed at living with my in laws at 34 I remind myself that the idea of having your own home as a sign of adulthood is a relatively new social construct. And hopefully we can help out as much as we cause extra work, eg I can pop over to the shops for Cam's mum when his dad is at work. (She isn't very mobile and found the idea of borrowing my chair way too scary)
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Since I am awake at 4am with random free floating anxiety (I'm not thinking anxious thoughts, just AWAKE and jittery), some sleepy updates.

Got my passport renewed, it took several attempts to get all my hair in frame.

Bought a spare wheelchair recharger and got my battery replaced, did I mention that? I am now able to go on long trips again! Except I've been trained to freak out every time it goes down a bar, which makes them mildly fraught.

Still staying at Lily's, her cats have gotten quite used to us now and one in particular (Miel, the ridiculously friendly Burmese) is pretty much a fixture in our room since it has at least one human in most of the time. The problem with Miel is she flops on you and falls asleep with such an expression of bliss that you can't bear to move, even if she's flopped on you in the middle of, say, tying your shoelaces. The other cats are less friendly until one of us starts cooking meat at which point we are SUDDENLY THE BEST HUMANS EVER. (In the case of Greta, who hates everyone, this means getting within her minimum 1m distance from all humans and briefly softening her permanent glare into a friendly blink. The other two snuggle as close as possible with big sad starving orphan eyes)

Finished the beta version of my time travel visual novel OMG. Nice to actually finish something.

We have started watching Sailor Moon at video night. It is very silly and dated so far but enjoyable in it's way. The cats find the presence of SO MANY HUMANS very exciting.

House stuff continues slowly. We should hear back on pre-approval on Monday which is POSSIBLY one reason for my anxiety.

My Flight Rising flight is doing an exalting push soon, I have all these babies waiting to be exalted. I have to stop myself getting attached, especially to the ones I had to name to level them up.

Caught up with Legend of Korra at last! It was ok, better than the end of Book 1 but I didn't love it. Not sure why.

Can't bring myself to watch Person of Interest. If I don't watch the next episode I can convince myself the last one didn't happen.

Family "Christmas" is looking to be interesting now that Mum is Jewish. None of the rest of us have cared about the "Christ" part for ages but it used to be a major part for her, and she is quite specifically NOT celebrating Christmas now. Instead we are celebrating 22nd of Tevet (the date in the Jewish Calendar) and it's not clear if there will be gifts (I kind of hope not, gifts are a hassle). I wished her a happy Hannukkah but got the dates wrong, clearly I need to bone up on my Jewish holidays.
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My mother has recently been heading towards converting to Judaism, and for her upcoming birthday asked for candlesticks and a "nice tea towel" to act as Challah cover for the Sabbath.

But I am not Jewish and know VERY LITTLE about Judaism, plus there isn't exactly a Jewish Supplies Superstore I can easily browse. Closest I could find was the Perth Hebrew Congregation Bookstore, which I may contact and try to check out (assuming they are wheelchair accessible), Tempe David (the one she goes to) also have a shop. But I assume both are overpriced and low on variety.

So! Do any of my local and/or Jewish followers have suggestions? For local places with nice candle sticks, advice on what makes a good challah cover, whatever. I'm paranoid I am going to get something TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE through ignorance, and am rather distracted by the upcoming move and holiday.
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Can anyone rec me a good eyeliner that won't turn into panda cosplay after two hours?

Also, [personal profile] callistra, where did you say you got that makeup-box you used for jewlery again?

Dreamwidth has implemented the ability to upload communities from livejournal! Maybe if I transfer across [ profile] fan_comics I might actually post to it…(probably not)

Visiting my family yesterday was pretty nice, and I got two ace presents: "How To Suppress Women's Writing" by Joanna Russ(*) (I've been wanting a copy for a while, and I thought mum would enjoy getting my not-always-super-feminist dad to buy it. Which she did) and an "I can't believe it's not lego" dalek with it's own little evil lair. Cam had been sorting out his leftover lego in the loungeroom so I took it as an opportunity to get creative. SO MUCH FUN.

Dalek (in it's evil lair) battling a R2 unit, as Wedge Attiles fights a blue haired anime-ish guy, and a three legged robot watches unsteadily.

Cam's treats lego sets like a puzzle you make once and then put on display, while I treat lego like clay for designing random cool looking things to play with. Alas most of Cam's lego is space themed and/or technix, and like my younger self I find these limiting and often ugly. I may need to go shopping for some generic bricks and stuff.

(*) Which I have started reading and have found very readable and interesting.
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The edges of images and stuff on my laptop keep flickering green and white. Obviously this is very disturbing as it may indicate that my laptop is broken. Fellow Homestuck fans will understand why it is particularly disturbing, especially since I noticed it late at night after finishing this very silly Mass Effect/Homestuck crossover manip (no spoilers for either).

Saw my brother today which was nice, even if it was the result of me cancelling and then feeling better but noone telling him I'd left a message about being sick in the first place.

Just finished "Luck in the Shadows" by Lynn Flewelling. It was indeed a very fun fantasy story, just the right mix of intrigue and drama and characterisation. I'd heard it was very slashy and was worried it wouldn't have any major female characters, and sure enough it is mostly the story of a bunch of white dudes but there's a few interesting female characters here and there (all white though, I think the closest you get to a non-white character is a "swarthy thug" near the start. Unless I missed something, I can be pretty unobservant about descriptions in books). I like the main characters enough to mostly overlook the fact they're all boys, though every now and then I imagined what an interesting story it would have been if Seregil (and possibly but not necessarily Alec) was a lady :D(*) And now of course I want the rest of the story and have to wait until I can get out to buy them.

(*)Shortly afterwards I was catching up on The less than epic adventures of TJ and Amal, whose just-about-dudes-li-ness doesn't bother me at all, probably because they are the ONLY characters. Plus the story would become less interesting if either of them was a girl.
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Having the kind of day where I have to work myself up to making a hot water bottle, and decided I might as do a general update on the state of me for people who have trouble sifting through all the fanart etc. (Those who are only here for the fanart etc are welcome to scroll by :))
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Heh. So it turned out my sister wanted me to help with her homework too, namely doing an interview about privilege for her Gender and Society (I think that's the title) course. So I spent some time figuring out how to record with GarageBand and then basically ranted for 20 minutes and then spent some time figuring out how to save it as an mp3, it was fun :D

It's nice discussing social justice stuff with my sister, since we have EXACTLY the same background and a similar outlook we don't waste time in misunderstandings and false assumptions etc, but we have enough differences (she's studying it at uni and does meatspace stuff like going to rallies etc) to make things interesting. Lots of time spent snarking about hypocritical narrow minded activist types (growing up in our family you lose the "Anyone who cares about social justice is awesome and special and could never be bigoted" gloss pretty young).
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My mum and brother came over for Mother's Day yesterday. She'd brought her German homework to discuss with me (since I'd said it would be fun to practise it again, which it is), making me very glad [personal profile] cameronm was home to talk in English with my brother.

My brother: So, is German like Spanish with all the different cases?
Me: Oh yes, though I never got the hang of most of them. There's one for ownership, where you say "The dog of my father" and you change the "the", the "dog" the "my" and the "Father."
Mum: What?
Me: It's like, you have "der Hund", "mein Vater" but then it turns into "Des Hundes meines Vaters" (this is probably wrong btw, I am very rusty)
Mum (who has only recently encountered the concept of German having more than one "the"): D:
Me: Ha, yeah, don't worry, all you need to know right now is "der" for masculine, "die" for feminine, "das" for neuter and "die" for plural.
Mum: There's a different one for plural??
Me: Soooooo...who wants tea?

And then several hours after she'd left I got an sms when she realised her Mother's Day card was in German and she couldn't understand it :D (It was fairly simple (if possibly rather dodgy) German, and kids these days have Google Translate *mutters about how in my day we had to use dictionaries...*)

And today my sister is visiting, yay visitors!
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Mum just rang asking if I was up to her picking me up to go visit Grandad. The answer was, sadly, no, but we had a nice conversation, and I'm glad she at least asked so that hopefully soonish we can organise it, I haven't seen him in ages(*). She's learning German at TAFE at the moment and really enjoying it, and it was so much fun being reminded of all the "Guten Tag, mein Name ist.." stuff, and explaining how to say "Ein tausend, zwei hundert, vier und dreizig" (1234). By the end of year twelve German had become this frustrating and depressing chore, I love the language but I'm just not that good at it. And after 13 years(!) I've forgotten most of it and always feel a sad little twinge when I see German stuff and have no idea what it says. But I still know more than mum :)

nb the title of this post means "I speak very little German". At least, that's what I think it means...

(*)Though at this point I doubt he remembers who I am to miss me :(
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At my sister's birthday party (which was lovely)
Friend: Is *suchandsuch* coming? It's really sad, his grandad just died a few days ago.
Sister: Oh, really?

And that was the closest we came to talking about it until I brought it up just before I left (when it was just me her and Cam)


Oct. 28th, 2009 06:29 pm
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My grandma is dead :( Unexpected reaction to the cement used around a pin in a routine hip operation, though obviously her general declining health is not coincidental.

You can tell where I get my non-hugginess from, I said to mum that I'd give her a hug if I was there and she pointed out that neither of us would enjoy it, so I should give agnostic prayers (grandma was agnostic too, mum isn't. I wonder if she'll have a religious funeral like dad did for his atheist father. Hmm)

And then we talked about how I was evil for introducing my sweet innocent (lol) 23 year old brother to True Blood, because we're not big on talking about our feelings in my family.

Speaking of which: no supportive comments! Links to cheerful things will be accepted but are not mandatory, this is the sort of slow burn sad that doesn't suit that sort of thing so much.

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(Don't-worry disclaimer idea stolen from trouble): Sick grandma is recovering well.

I've been feeling way under the weather recently, and was planning on spending the day resting. But around lunchtime mum smsed me to say grandma had broken her hip and did I want to visit her?

So I did. And OW am I sore. It was quite a walk from the car to the ward and back, and then I had to stay semi-awake to talk to my semi-awake grandma (who was gratifyingly with it for someone who'd just come out of surgery, especially given that she hasn't been totally with it for a few years) though at times we both dozed while mum chatted cheerfully to the nurses (my mum is like me minus the stuff I inherited from my serious-minded taciturn dad)

Afterwards mum said "Where do you want to eat? I'm starving." and I said "I'm not hungry and chances are won't be able to find anything I can eat around here, so choose whatever you want" and she said "But where do you want to eat" and this continued from Freo to Perth until I said "Let me show you this place called Taka's" (by which point I was actually hungry).

So after all that walking and about 3 hours solid talking with my mother I am allll out of spoons. All of today's, most of tomorrow's. Still, I don't regret going and I'm glad grandma is ok. I hope she heals up alright.
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I finally got around to transferring the dates from my pda to iCal (I used to rely on the calender at work). And I realised I FORGOT MY OWN SISTERS BIRTHDAY. Her twenty-first birthday. And it wasn't even like yesterday, it was last week.

So, crap. Stupid brain fuzz stopping me from being able to think clearly. I knew there was something I was forgetting.

(At least all the other people's whose stuff I've missed recently can feel a bit less specifically neglected now. And I remembered Oliver's party in time!)


Oct. 8th, 2008 12:10 pm
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So I have people coming over tonight (STARGATE!!) and was planning on cleaning and maybe going out and buying some stuff, but then my mum asks if they can come round. So I sweep, and they bring lots of cakes and biscuits, and then mum gets bored and does the dishes/cleans the kitchen(*), and now I am all set :D

So, come! I have cake and biscuits! And clean dishes!

I was worried my 12 year old(**)brother would be bored since he was last time they came over but he was quickly made happy, first by playing with the cat and then with "The Force unleashed" (Wii + lightsabers=awesome). I know what he'll be wanting for christmas :)

Unfortunately now I am full of sugar, so I will probably crash at some point, hopefully soon enough that I can rally for tonight :/

(*) She is totally where I got my socially awkward fidgetiness from
(**) I know! He's 12 already!

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