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This time by [ profile] faejilly. I quite like the questions on this one, especially since it doesn't make any false assumptions eg that I'm in highschool.

What is a big goal you are working towards?

Finish That Jane Austen Game, which is coming along slowly but surely!

What’s your aesthetic?

Hmm, clothing's about the only thing I have an aesthetic for (my house/blog etc tend to prioritise function well above form) Asides from the usual "I'm tired, what's clean and comfy" I guess it's the sort of mix of nerdy, gothy, and hipstery you see in your average slightly dressed up 30 something geek? Leaning slightly more towards gothy than average.

Do you collect anything?

Books I will never get around to reading haha. I'm more of a hoarder than a collector. Interesting colours of nail polish I found cheap, maybe.

What is a topic you’re always up to talk about?

So I thought about this for a while and all I could come up with was myself lol. I'm generally up for talking about Dragon Age.

What’s a pet peeve of yours?

As anyone who's followed me on any social media will be aware, I am annoyed by many things. But something bugging me a lot at the moment is all the people in the northern hemisphere acting like it's cold and wintery for everyone, especially when they act like this is the enlightened alternative to referring to this as the Christmas season etc. For some of us it's Summer! For some people it's technically Winter but still warm! Some people don't even get those seasons!

Good advice to give?

Good relationships (romantic or platonic) require good communication. It's generally better to risk the relationship breaking down than to keep your needs and feelings to yourself.

Recommend three songs:

The three songs I most recently felt the need to listen to out of nowhere:

Blk Girl Soldier by Jamila Woods. Her whole album is free and great!

Straight for the Knife by Sia

Blinding by Florence and the Machine

Ah yes, women singing about (possibly metaphorical) violence, my favourite genre after breakup songs. And Blinding is both :D

A food that’s nasty in your opinion:

So Cam once asked me if there was any food I avoided 100% because I hated it and not because of my intolerances, and all I could come up with was boiled pumpkin and pretzels. My hatred of pretzels is especially baffling because they're just salty crackers?? And I like crackers??

But the food I resent the most, and hated even before it started disagreeing with me, is all those bitter leafy greens people now use instead of frigging lettuce. LETTUCE IS NICE AND NOT BITTER AND AWFUL AND DOESN'T SET OFF MY REFLUX. WHY CAN'T WE HAVE LETTUCE.
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