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I've been playing and enjoying the dating sim Hustle Cat (you can be male/female/non binary and there are male and female LIs! It's also really cute and fluffy!) I started making a walkthrough then discovered this official walkthrough, but mine has a very different structure (question by question rather than path by path) so thought I'd update it for anyone who's interested.

This is one of those games whose first part plays the same every time, then it picks a path based on whatever love interest you have the most points with. I'm only going to talk about the choices before the path split, so there's no real spoilers for anyone who's played the game up to the (fairly easy to recognise) point where the love interests' unique paths begin. And if you haven't done that, have a go before you start looking for help ;)

When there's no option that gains points with your chosen love interest, pick "Noone" options if you can, and otherwise try and spread things out so no other single love interest gets too many points. Also note that Graves' path only becomes available once all the others have been completed, and is very picky!

And now, the choices!

Yeah that sounds great!: Landry
Actually I'm here about the job: Noone

If you chose "Yeah that sounds great!":
You seem really fun to work with: Landry
I'm really good with cats: Noone

Is that going to be on the test?: Graves
Oh cool, I didn't know that: Noone

Tuxedo cat or My cat: Graves
Anything else: Noone, though it is cute to go for your LI's cat eg Siamese=Hayes, bobtail=Reese, Maine Coon=Landry, tabby=Mason

I speak the language of dance or いいえ、話しません: Graves
...No: Noone

Dolphin or Orca: Graves
Anything else: Noone

7.5: Graves
Other ratings: Noone

Draculas: Graves
Teenage Wolves: Noone (sorry Jacob)

But now you've got my interest!: Finley
I just thought it was a cool shirt: Noone

Help Mason and Hayes in the kitchen: Mason, Hayes
Ask Reese about the uniforms: Reese

If you choose to ask Reese:
Humor him: Noone
I see what he's up to: Reese

If you choose to go into the kitchen:
I guess I'll go then...: Noone
You seem really busy, are you sure?: Mason

Follow the Siamese cat: Hayes
Follow Reese's cat: Reese

You're right: Noone
There's one thing I can do: QUIT! : possibly -Everyone

If you pick "There's one thing I can do: QUIT!"
I guess I see what you mean: Noone
Double down: BAD END

Leave him alone: Noone
Do you hate people?: Hayes

Mission: Accepted: Finley
What a hassle: Noone

Sneak a donut: -Mason?
I better not: Noone

if you pick "I better not":
I like strawberry: Mason
You don't have to do that: Noone

You got it hot stuff!: Finley
One coffee, coming right up!: Noone
You know where the coffee is: -Finley

Do you want me to walk you home?: Mason
Have a good night!: Noone

Help Hayes with the dishes: Noone
Invite him to go back to the others: Hayes

Go to the corner store for coffee: Mason
Just get some from work: Hayes

See what Landry's doing: Landry
See what Finley's doing: Finley
See what Reese's doing: Reese
Stay put: Noone

Check out the basement: Current frontrunner other than Graves
Check out Graves apartment: Graves

if you chose "Check out Graves apartment" and are on track for the Graves route:
Yeah, I guess we haven’t: Graves
I wasn't looking for anything: Noone (might have misremembered can't be bothered checking ;P)

On the Graves path:
What’s really going on?: Graves
You're very ...something I forget: Noone

And then you should be on the right path! Or the wrong path, sobbing and wondering why the sexy older goth dude is rejecting you once again.

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