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shipping, reading/watching original romance, and writing original romance

I'm sorry hebethen, I was putting this off until I thought of something interesting to say but I'm not sure that day is going to come. So, while it's still January, some entirely off the top of my head rambles.


I am a sucker for canon UST, if a couple are blatantly Going To Get Together then I want the closure of seeing that happen, whether it be in canon or in fic. This means I am relatively easy to please with long romantic plots, as long as the author doesn't irritate me TOO much I will get SOME enjoyment out of seeing the couple get together, even if I simultaneously think they're bad for each other. I am particularly easy with romantic comedies, assuming they are actually funny. (Romantic drama movies tend to have too much melodrama and angst for my taste)

But once I've gotten that sense of closure I often don't feel any need to think about the couple ever again. This means that if I am left hanging by canon UST or an unsatisfying canon romantic resolution I will go on a brief but intense binge of shippy fic/art etc until I have it out of my system and then never feel much need to seek out the pairing again, and may move on to non-canon pairings involving the same characters which suit my tastes more.

For example, I ADORE romances involving AIs(*), so after playing ME3 was really into the canon ship of Joker/EDI for a while, but once I got that out of my system (and it took a while, including a bunch of fic from me) I settled into being more into EDI/Sam, which has SOME canon support and is a super cute femslash ship involving a character I like more (sorry Joker).

I got stalled here trying to decide if the kinds of ships I end up enjoying in fic(**) are the sorts I like in romance novels, but the problem is that romance novels are so samey it's hard to tell. And for original femslash the sample size is so small it's hard to come to any conclusions at all.

But I think I like similar things, overall. The same general tropes and plots (subversions of gender roles, fake dating etc). There are messed up pairings (especially hate ships) I enjoy in cracky fic but have trouble imagining enjoying as the basis of a full length original novel, though they can be enjoyable as a cracky romantic side plot.

As for writing original romance...I haven't done it very much! But it's fairly similar to writing romantic fanfic about couples with no canon basis , which I've done a little more of. I enjoy it, but find it difficult sometimes, I am especially bad at strightforwardly happy shmoopy and/or sexy scenes. I tend to work around such moments with humour or by undercutting the sugar with violence or anger or something.

Um. And I think that's all I have to say! SORRY HEBETHEN. My brain is refusing to meta.

(*)Yes I intend to watch "Her" :)
(**)Which seems the most relevant comparison

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