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Still working from home as a software engineer, but for an Aussie company this time.
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This is open to anyone who lives in Australia and speaks Australian English. Having an android phone or tablet is a plus. They talk about "Native Australians" but I'm pretty sure they just mean people who were born here.

You'll need an odesk account to apply.

Read more... )
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Vis the Women with Disabilities WA mailing list I came across Enabled Employment, a job site for Australian disabled people working from home.

I signed up and was very quickly contacted by the woman who runs it, we had a text based chat interview a week or so ago and she was really nice. And then today someone offered me a job as a technical blog writer! I still have to discuss the specifics jobwise but as far as the recruitment process goes I definitely reccomend the site to any other Australians with disabilities looking for accessible work.
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I've been tutoring a Finance student in calculus recently before his exam on Wednesday. I warned him I didn't know any Finance stuff but he said it was straight maths. And afaict they were just taught plain calculus, he showed me the last few worksheets and chapters and the latter could have come straight out of any not-very-good first year calculus course.

Unfortunately, the worksheets couldn't, and contained finance terms I had never seen before and which the notes didn't mention. And there's no textbook.

One question said "what is the marginal production?" but once google revealed that "marginal product" was a quantity I'd already calculated in a previous question I was ok.

But another said something like "Use the Mean Variance Portfolio Method to calculate the optimal value of L". I have never heard of the Mean Variance Portfolio Method. And what the hell was L? Google was no help until I realised the lecturer might be using a slightly off phrasing again, at which point I found Modern portfolio theory. The student paled at all the equations, I paled at the stats and finance, and even with the answers to the worksheet question in front of me I only managed to reverse engineer about half of it before he said "You know what, I'm never going to learn that by Wednesday. I'll just concentrate on the stuff I almost have the hang of."

I've encountered this sort of thing a lot, where students are made to feel stupid for not being able to answer questions they haven't been given the tools to solve. This combines badly with the common misconception that maths is hard and makes no sense, and that if you don't get it immediately you must just be too dumb to ever understand.

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So...I am now on six months Leave Without Pay from my job. Which will quite possibly be extended to a year, but the way the public service hiring works it actually doesn't do any harm to give me the option of coming back earlier.

When I first considered leaving again it was really depressing, but the more I thought about it and discussed it with [ profile] distantcam the more it became obvious it was the right thing to do. And right now I feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders, worrying about trying to work and the physical strain of when I was able to go in was this huge stress (yes, even at only 8 hours a week. I am not well :( )

Anyway! I've been rather avoiding doing anything thinky like answering emails etc for a few days to get myself in top condition to tidy everything up today(*) but now that's done I may crash and rest for a bit then will hopefully be up to being chattier and maybe even going out. (which is good, since there's a wedding next week I definitely want to be at)

Oh! And I sat there being drizzled on through the holes in the train station roof thinking happy thoughts about going home, making a nice cup of hot chocolate (no more worrying about caffeine withdrawal at work!), checking my email and watching Foxtel..and the power was out for THREE HOURS. I had to read a book!

(*)If there's one thing I got really good at during the experimental portions of my BSc it was writing a nice clear summary of how I collected my data, what the results are, and why they're impossible (like 120% of a certain group of people having a particular property) Eventually I gave up trying to figure out what went wrong, highlighted the impossible results in a nice arresting pink and wished the workmate taking on the data the best of luck :)
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So since I realise I didn't say so explicitly: I'm back at work Tuesdays and Thursdays for 4 hours a day.

On the one hand this is great, on the other it's taking me a while to adjust (I am optimistically seeing it that way, if I keep feeling this crap, well..) and so far tend to feel like Utter Crap between Tuesday afternoon and mid-Friday. The weather Is Not Helping.

I've been Disclaimer 4bing all over the internet recently, it's quite embarrassing. *tries to keep a tighter reign on my need to talk to Everyone about Everything*

And now to make dinner!

I need a cfs icon. I have huge icon-envy of [ profile] lauredhel's slug.
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So, you know how I'm doing work footy tipping and really suck at it?

Well I changed my strategy to always pick the ugliest team flag (rather than the prettiest) and did so much better that I actually won the tipping for a particular week. It must admit was a lot of fun telling people how I chose the teams when they asked how I'd guessed such unlikely winners correctly :D I went from being the worst tipper by a huge margin to second from the bottom! The ignomy! Look how much less worse I'm doing overall!:

Still, at least I've sunk back down to bottom of the work ladder again now. I'm much more comfortable there.
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So, my work runs footy tipping, and pretty much everyone does it. Being even more sport phobic than your average nerd (seriously, I'm incredibly unco, I've come last in every athletic competiton I ever competed in) I resisted for quite a while but everyone was like "It's not like real sport. Even with random gueses you're bound to win a prize eventually. And c'mon..mathsiness!"

So, under protest, I joined in, and ranked teams based on the prettiness of their flags.

And this is the result:

And I'd be lower, but I keep forgetting to tip and so get given the baseline score of 4/8 (when I guess I tend to get 2/8. Yes, worse than random chance)

I'm quite proud of myself really :)
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This is my life :)

It'll change once I have more than one job on the go (I'm still on my training wheels), but so far have done the storyboard and half the pencils for the next page of ACOS all during forced breaks while data is processing.

I'd finish it off tonight but I've been busy with my NEW IMAC. I thought Cam was just being sweet when he smsed me to ask why I was so late and if I'd be home before he left for gaming, and then hung about while I made dinner, but really he was just waiting to see the look on my face when I finally got around to going into the study :) (Which is also sweet, but in a different way)

It's very shiny. I have no idea how to transfer my files accross etc, and am pretty sleepy, so will wait till later. I look forward to doing art on a nice big screen and a computer that doesn't chug.
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Hello all!

First off it's probably worth explicitely stating that now that I have a grownup job I won't have as much spare mental energy to devote to online stuff, so may become less communicative in terms of replies to posts and comments. It's not because I hate you. (At least, no more than I did before)
Had my first day of actual work today )
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The "Yay sophie is unemployed" party tommorrow has been replaced by another party at the same time called..the "OMG SOPHIE HAS A GROWNUP JOB Party"!!

Yay! *dances*

Will be doing databasey stuff(*), which matches all the requirements I had for my next job, ie

  • Utilises at least some of the skills I learned during my degree(s)
  • Sitting down
  • No public speaking
  • No public interactions
  • Pays actual money rather than free entry and cake

I had signed up for maths tutoring as a stopgap in case I didn't get it, part of me's a little sad I won't get a chance to do any tutorials (this is the first time the department has run them since I was in year 12) but overall...yay!

(*)I'm not comfortable going into details in a public post on principle, if you want to know more you'll have to come to the party and ask :P(**)
(**)Yeah, ok, unless you're [ profile] nico_wolfwood or anyone else who can't come. It's the one I applied for before I left for Singapore, may ramble about in a locked post once I've actually started and know what it's like.
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On NaNoWriMo (EDIT: it does put things in perspective...).

Also, xkcd=cool. Because didn't we all think that?

Am home sick from work but not feeling so bad any more, just kind of stupid. Had two inspirations for Angel fanvids today, becuase my muse likes making me suffer (I don't even own the show, I could get Buffy ideas but noooo) One to "Baby on Board", which any of you who have seen the show can probably imagine and be glad I'm currently standing firm in my "Fanvids are too much goddamn work" policy.

Did I mention I'm reading the "His Majesties Dragon" series? They're quite enjoyable, if not super deep or anything. Got "The Beauty Myth" out of the library but that's waiting till my brains a bit more awake. Today is definitely a "rereading Lois McMaster Bujold" day. Speaking of which, who has my copy of "Paladin of souls", I want it back.

Also, I love my job. I mean it's fun (if tiring) to do, and the hours are flexible, but also the people are just nice. Got a pretty friendly voicemail from my manager considering that from her point of view I just didn't turn up to work today for no reason (I did leave a message saying I was sick but she didn't get it) And I've been getting quite positive feedback on my performance, which is a nice change from the general impression I got of being the worst postgrad in the dept (admitedly I think this is a common perception amongst postgrads) I mean I think I'm a good tutor, but that counts for very little (except to the students of course, bless 'em).
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New Hapless, on the dangers of packing without thought. Wow, I haven't updated it since July. This is why I don't want fans, they'd just get narky at me.

I like the new house. It's not perfect, and has some odd problems, for example the washing machine taps are inside the cupboard under the laundry sink, and I can't figure out the reticulation. I think the main good thing is that it's bigger, so everything fits and then some. Though currently most of everything is still in boxes.

Last night we had vocal training for work which was fun. I found myself slipping back into the diaphragm breathing routine from choir in primary school, part of my life which I'd somewhat forgotten. Also since noone else wanted it I got to take home pretty much full packets of hummous and Trident Sweet Chilli rice crackers, now both in my tummy. Mmm. I went to dinner tonight at the local Indian place, which was ok and had chick pea based sweets (which tasted mainly of SUGAR). *ponders supplementing my diet with more hummous and indian sweets. Chick peas are good for you, you know*


Sep. 24th, 2006 07:58 pm
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I've been happily listening to Science Show podcasts on Eowyn (my pda) on the way to work, but feel like a bit more variety. So, any recommendations?

Went to Katies Pirate Party, it was totally brilliant. Pictures forthcoming. And yes, another example of the young guard forgoing the traditional medium of email for those new fangled hand delivered invitations sealed with wax. Pfft. These whippersnappers have no respect for tradition.

Also: Graduation pics! Including a few shots of Mesh, who graduated on the same night.

Had to do birthdays today, got myself covered in icecream cake. Was repeatedly put in the situation of being able to eat as much leftover chips etc as I wanted and then throwing the rest away. Must never do birthdays again.

I am so happy lj has notifications now. EDIT: See, and now I will notice when I am periodically friended by random strangers. *waves to [ profile] dirtyfilthy* (Apologies if you're not actually random, not that I have a problem with random strangers regardless :))
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Taking the day off work because, well, I'm quite sick. But they're so busy I still feel bad, if it was just today I might ponder dragging myself in but I'm rostered on 3 more days this week and know from past experience that forcing myself to be energetic when I'm this buggered leads to Badness, especially a 7 hour shift. Ew.

Still feel bad though. The problem with me when I'm sick is I often don't feel that unwell...until I try to speak or move etc at which point I feel terrible. Actually, I geuss thats better than feeling terrible all the time.

Decided to google for which foods are acidic and was stymied by popular alternative health theory based on how acidic foods are once they're digested which for example classifies lemons as alkaline. After much searching eventually found this FDA page. Mental note: avoid cranberries.

The plus side of being fevered and slightly delirious (which I was last night, not so much now) is that things like that "Planet Earth" nature documentary become really absorbing. I want a pet snow leopard now.

Currently rewatching season 4+ Buffy, missing the episodes I remember being crap. Missed much of the end of season 4, pondering if I can be bothered with season 5.
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..but they're looking a bit goopy :( EDIT: they taste ok :)

Well, I survived my first week of full-time work, during the Crazy July Holidays no less. Today I was doing a show, and the computer doing the powerpoint presentation crashed meaning I had to captivate the audience using only my amazing powers of description ("Imagine I'm a shark about to eat a seal...") Of course someone pointed out I could have just restarted it... I'm such a doofus :) Luckily the kids actually seemed to enjoy it!

A question that struck me: if you videoed comedians and then played them back to people with the sound off/who didn't speak the language, would they still be able to tell who was funny(*)? This occurred to me as I was pondering how much audience response is based on tone/energy etc.

Doing mine would be dull, so here's the haiku meme for my favourite pair of Harry Potter fangirls, made by the ever amazing Grahame:
Haiku2 for potente-potions
weather fie upon
the stupid cyclone system
up the coast all hail
Created by Grahame

(*)As judged by people watching the video with the sound on who do understand the langauge.


Jul. 11th, 2006 10:02 pm
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Oh god so utterly buggered. Seven shifts more to go. Somebody kill me now. Wasn't actually unpleasant (children all happy, activities fairly seamless) but soooo tired.

Anyway, given it's going to be quite a while until I'm 100% awake you get a somewhat incoherent post. Sorry.

Just watched the video I taped of stuff on ABC on Saturday Night. First, "the last detective": terrible. Good natured but meandering and dull. Second Jonathan Creek: ok, but I figured out the twist early (pretty much) Amusing seeing Adrian Edmonsen, Julia Swahala and Tamsin Grieg all at once in the same show (in a semi love square with the title character, no less. Afaict)

Last was Rage. Now as it happens on Saturday I watched my Smashing Pumpkins dvd1 for the first time in years only to discover it was broken, so I ended up watching the few working ones twice, including "Today" (the one with an icecream truck)
Lo and behold, the first video is..."Today". "Oh God", I thought, "Its a smashing pumpkins rertrospective"

But it wasn't. The next video was "Sex and Candy", followed by a bunch of other mid-to-late 90s music I kind of like but don't consider that exciting2. I started to wonder who had programmed it, since then there was a few songs I don't know and then a bunch of stuff I really like, such as "milk" by Garbage and "Cookies" by Jackknife Lee.

"What could the connection be?" I asked myself.

Then some bizzare rap about pies. And "Sandwiches". And finally, after an hour of videos, my brain clicked.

Still, at least I geussed the Jonathon Creek twist :)

EDIT: noticed next week is programmed by "Youth Group", sounds interesting.

1. Bought largely because it actually has a decent amount of decent videos on it, unlike most music dvds
2. It was actually amusing to realise (from my memories of the time) that the mixed feelings I had towards pop/rock3 in my early teens as I started listening to it after a lifetime of classic FM was rather similar to how I felt in my early twenties as the infatuation of my late teens wore off.
3. The stuff played on triple J, not Brittany Spears etc
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First off, before I forget belated thanks to the peachy keen [ profile] colki and the super cool Wendy for their old microwave.

We weren't there for our last rent inspection (I got the date wrong. I am such a doofus sometimes) and they left a long list of things to fix many of which had been the same (and in one case, much worse) for the past five years. On the whole this is very annoying, but it has resulted in me learning two very useful things (from my constant friend Mr Google):

  • pumice and citric acid/vinegar are good at cleaning toilets(*)
  • bicarb cleans off scuff marks (I've been trying to remove them for years)

Work has given me three separate lots of easter eggs, which as many of you will know is a sure-fire way to make me a loyal employee. Mmmm. Chocolate. I hope the easter high lasts me till Friday, or I'm in all sorts of trouble.

After resisting for many years due to not entirely liking the humour, I am now reading Something Positive, since I realised it has the one thing I really like in a story, namely consistent and interesting characters who grow and change. And plots whose consequences don't vanish as soon as they stop immediately affecting the storyline. Yes that's two things, you know what I mean.

(*)Part of me is a little paranoid I may have damaged the surface, but eh. They suggested I clean the equally stained plastic sink with a scourer, and on the whole exhibit rather less concern for the longterm good of this house than I do. Like telling us to air the bedroom out more to avoid mould and then not fixing a hole in roof for several months.
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Everyone was sick at work today.

There are six floor staff in on weekends. The puppeteer stayed home. The person running parties had a tummy bug. The demonstrator (me) lost their voice. They're having so much trouble covering shifts that a conversation that started with me suggesting the Duty Manager find someone to cover my Tuesday shift ended with him persuading me to do another one on Wednesday (with the proviso that if I'm still sick his screwedness is on his own head) I do not envy that guy :)

Still, it ended up ok. The three generic floor staff (all healthy) had enough experience in the three jobs that we got by (with me and the party person doing half-hearted floor), though I had to do one of the shows at the very end which happily went ok even though the audience was tired and full of sugar.

Currently reading "Stand on Zanzibar" by John Brunner, part of my Hugo trawl. It's quite good, suprisingly modern (like much of the really good older sf) The narrative splits into three interleaved parts: Continuity, about the two main characters, Tracking With Closeups, each chapter of which follows a small part of the life of some person whose story reflects what's going on in the plot or the world at large, and The Happening World, which is snippets of things like tv, ads, real and imagined quotes etc (you can tell the real ones since they're all from 1967 :)) It's a moderately prescient extension of the 60's into a less conservative (though oddly just as sexist), more commercial future where the populace is more concerned about keeping up with Mr and Mrs Everywhere and circumventing the eugenics legislation than paying much attention to what's really going on.

The style of the narrative means that there's basically no plot until halfway through the book, just lots of texture, but this texture is sufficiently engrossing that I didn't notice the lack of plot until it was rectified :)

Oh! And we just saw "Enron: The smartest guys in the room". Very interesting. Stuff like that makes me want to throw in the towel and join the rest of my family in thinking all capitalism is evil. Causing blackouts to make money off the increased price of electricity! Guh! And just..grr!

Well! I'm feeling all awake and verbose aren't I? Stupid body making me feel crap all day then waking up when it doesn't do me any good.
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But not an angsty one. It will be rather dull for [ profile] nico_wolfwood, who just heard all this from me on the phone.

I would just like to comment that "Holidays from places that don't exist" is cool. I've only seen tonights, about Transdniestria, which is on the edge of Moldova (which I hadn't heard of either, I suck) near the Ukraine and is like this wierd throwback to communism while the rest of Moldova is all western (both are ex-USSR, with the lotsa poor peasants/a few rich 'businessmen' split that implies) The presenter went fishing with the Moldovan president then got arrested in Transdniestria for trying to film a secret russian army base, it was cool :)

Am..very tense about second interview on Tuesday (paid, as some people were unsure on this) I have to be all professional and self-PR-y which is not in my nature. Hanging out in unisfa and the maths department makes me forget that compared to normal people I'm really rather socially awkward :)

Currently reading "The Galactic Whirlpool", a David Gerrold Star Trek book I got for $2. Its odd reading original Star Trek, given I was a huge fan back in early 94(*) and haven't had much contact with it since then at all.

I know Sweden is large, but part of me feels I should introduce [ profile] skaggig_man and [ profile] furikoneko, so she could show him the sights and he could persuade her to come to sunny Oz for her postgrad.

(*)And then I discovered real science fiction, and have never looked back

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