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Am trying very hard to not be a jerk about the “what if Jane Austen wrote Star Trek” post a few people have reblogged today on tumblr but godddd how can so many people take these canons that are WALL TO WALL social commentary and jokes and throw away everything except (to me) secondary aspects like character quirks and a distinctive use of semi colons.

Like...I have been rereading a bunch of Jane Austen’s character descriptions recently for a Thing, and I am pretty sure she was incapable of describing anyone for more than a sentence without insulting them, and then probably making some jab at the hypocrisy of whoever is observing them.

I was going to say this is like people in two hundred years writing about Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert and putting a lot of effort into making the language and fashion accurate but having the Daily Show just be a mainstream, earnest news show that never makes jokes but...people kind of do that now, and I GUESS it’s ok that they’re enjoying themselves, and that not everyone has fun the same way I do. I GUESS. MAYBE.

It mostly annoys me because it's not just a subset of fans doing this. There's room for all sorts. But the intellectually shallow nostalgia driven approach is the default across all of popular culture, and the more visible and well funded the adaptation the more likely it is to ignore the things that make the original unique and challenging. (I just had the mental image of Zach Snyder's Pride and Prejudice. That would be...something)

It's also possibly relevant that I am ok at matching Jane Austen's sarcasm but gave up on the semi colons entirely; this may affect my idea of the core traits of an Austen pastiche.
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I was tagged by [ profile] nilhmai but am totally ignoring the tag ten people bit myself because it's too hard. I have decided to define "OTP" as a pairing I not only like but am so invested in I find it hard to see the characters with other people. I'm generally a multishipper so these are rare!

Anne/Diana from Anne of Green Gables: I haven't consumed the canon in literal decades but it was deeply formative and I still feel a DEEP SENSE OF RESENTMENT any time I am reminded that Anne/Gilbert is canon.

Chell/GlaDOS from Portal: Have I mentioned how much I like robot/human femslash enemy ships?

Dave/Terezi from Homestuck: I don't ship it as hard any more due to canon shenanigans but ohhh did I love it in the day. I can ship them both with other people, but there will always be a small part of me going "But where is Terezi/Dave?" (LIKE SAY AT THE END OF CANON)

Leliana/Morrigan from Dragon Age: the ship I have the most works for at the AO3, even though they never liked each other much in canon and there's more supported f/f I could be shipping instead. And they got EVEN MORE PERFECT for each other in DAI, the subtle similarities I saw in Origins were teased out in really interesting ways. Shout-out to (Isabela/)Fenris/Mef!Hawke as the Dragon Age ship that consumed me the most emotionally.

Darcy/Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice: such a great example of an initially combatitive pairing that ends up genuinely perfect for each other. I have enjoyed so many versions of them getting together and am still enthusiastic at the prospect of more.

Honourable mentions: Root/Shaw from Person of Interest, Utena/Anthy from Revolutionary Girl Utena, Sam/EDI from Mass Effect, Ahiru/Rue from Princess Tutu, Mary/Anne from Pride and Prejudice, Zuko/Mai from Avatar the Last Airbender, Zen/Obi/Shirayuki from Akagami no Shirayukihime (mainly because I'm into it right now I don't know how I'll feel later), Magneto/Xavier from Xmen (probably my first m/m ship), and f!Shepard/Tali from Mass Effect
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Yes, people I follow who have been doing that for ages, I did think you were just typing it all out consistently each time.

So, let's test it out!

(via this post by [personal profile] snarp)

EDIT: The crossposted post.
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I haven't done one of these in a while, and have added a bunch of new side blogs (which I update like once every 2 months but hey)

All have image descriptions unless stated otherwise.

[personal profile] alias_sqbr Fannish and personal stuff. Updated frequently, usually a mix of reviews, art dumps, and health stuff, for which I have a special filter.
[personal profile] sqbr Serious social justice discussions. Quieter than it used to be but still updated semi regularly, though posts these days are usually locked.

[ profile] alias_sqbr: Crossposts of [personal profile] alias_sqbr. I answer comments etc but dreamwidth is the blog's real home.

[ profile] sqbr Fairly active, random mix of nerdery, pretty things, and social justice.
[ profile] alias-sqbr Creative things I have made. Updated semi regularly eg whenever I make something. Mostly fanart.

[ profile] sqbr Quietish, mix of reblogs, Australian politics and silly comments about my cat. Mostly used for following people I know in Perth.

Creative things:
[ profile] sqbr AO3: fanfic, art for exchanges or with multiple pages, the odd game or piece of original fiction.
[ profile] sqbr Deviantart: art, mostly fanart
[ profile] sqbr fanfiction

I also have Professional Artist And Game Developer stuff that avoid linking to my fannish persona publicaly but can be seen here if you're on the access list for sqbr or here for alias_sqbr.

And I have a Facebook account under my legal name which I try to keep separate from all the rest. I tend to only really add people I'm friends with offline, especially family and people in Perth. If you fit that description and know my legal name then feel free to friend me.

Other than that pretty much anyone is welcome to follow any of my blogs. I'd rather noone followed me for hatereading or whatever but if you're doing that you presumably don't care.

I think that's everything!
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Again I found myself writing a novel in repsonse to a link on tumblr, but this time I actually agree with it, I just got too wordy :)


I find it a bit odd she gives Dragon Age as an example of a series where romance always leads to sex, and uses Solas the the headline image, when there isn't any sex in the Solas romance. There's none in Josephine's either, and apparently the developers did this deliberately for asexual players (though I have no source for this).

But I agree with her overall point. There's no reason romance has to lead to sex, and the fact it almost always does, and that the player may find their characters having sex when all they explicitely agreed to was love, is really unfortunate.
spoilers for various Dragon Age romances )
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So I've been thinking about how I use tumblr, and amongst other things decided I might be happier if was more willing to post original content there as relevant and crosspost it back here. So let's give it a go!

(this isn't everything I've posted to tumblr recently, just the more interesting original-ish things)


Sep. 28th, 2014 12:42 pm
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Made an ello account but THEY DON'T HAVE TAGS so I can't see me using it much. It has the instant posting style of facebook and twitter if that appeals to you, and I will follow people there if I have to. You have "friends" and "noise" filters (flattering haha) but I don't think you can lock posts. Also you seem to be stuck with a black on white colour scheme.

As I recall it was briefly the New Darling on tumblr for not having Facebook's real names policy, but then the owners did something dodgy like...dealing badly with harassment or something? Personally I'm sticking with dreamwidth and tumblr, with facebook/twitter/ello etc mainly used for grudging replies to those of you without the good taste to prefer the same social networks as me.
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"In a text post, list ten fics that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard — they don’t have to be the “right” works, or even all the same pairing or fandom, just the fics that have touched you or that stuck with you somehow."

From tumblr. Chosen by going through my bookmarks and seeing which ones jumped out at me. A lot of these are VERY OLD since I have gotten harder to wow as I've read more fic. Sixteen not ten because don't make me chooooose. And yes there is a suprsing amount of Stargate considering I don't actually like the canon, when I first got into fic that was what I encountered the most of and the fandom produced a wide range of interesting stuff. (Also lots of robots which should not be surprising at all)

A Deeper Season (117605 words) by lightgetsin, sahiya
Chapters: 19/19
Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga - Bujold
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Gregor Vorbarra/Miles Naismith Vorkosigan
Characters: Gregor Vorbarra, Miles Naismith Vorkosigan, Ivan Vorpatril, Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan, Aral Vorkosigan
Additional Tags: First Time, Romance, Action/Adventure, a deeper season, Alternate Universe
Series: Part 5 of A Deeper Season
Summary:Take one Miles, a hapless cousin, Cetagandan social politics, a galactic conspiracy, a scientific discovery, a lot of firepower, and an unexpected declaration. Mix well and step back quickly.

First fanfic I ever really loved.

Title: Boston Marriage
Author: [ profile] jae_w
Fandom: Gilmore Girls
Pairing: Rory/Paris
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Notes: For literate_bear

First femslash story I really truly loved.
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Going to release some AHHHH MOVING stress by ranting about a minor irritation.

I've realised that the one thing I seem to find most irritatingly frustrating on tumblr(*) is mean sprited anti-shipping, especially when people treat love triangles like a competition. Even if the pairing being "celebrated" this way is one I ship myself! I have some sympathy for people reacting to "rival" shippers being jerks (which they often are because fandom) but even then would be happier not reading about it. It actually poisons happy shippy moments for me, it feels like a cold winning move instead of a fluffy happy moment. Especially because I often like the "wrong" love interest well enough and want to see them happy, the implication that anyone who ships like me must naturally hate them makes me feel gross.

This sort of thing does inspire me to create ot3 works though.

Luckily Xkit lets you block posts based on tags in a way which shows all the tags and the poster, so I can filter fandoms etc out if they are making me sad and then read selectively. It's working pretty well so far!

(*)As opposed to the things I find most iritating in general, which are dull chat logs and roleplaying posts. But the people who post those are very nice about tagging. And not counting, like, bigotry or whatever, though the people I follow are usually pretty good about that.
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Was feeling under the weather and slept for 12+ hours on Saturday, thus I suppose it's not that surprising I woke up at 3am today.

Have finished an adequate draft of my Paralells art, woo! And once again, being the first to submit, I find an issue with the submission process :D

I have discovered that roast pumpkin blended with parsley, roast garlic, avocado and lots of salt and pepper makes for a very tasty vegan pasta sauce (and then I add chicken ;))

Tumblr is not letting me reblog anything at the moment it is VERY ANNOYING. I installed Xkit on Firefox and it's vanished as have the reblog/like buttons on people's posts. *ponders logging in on Safari* In the meantime, you lucky people get something I would otherwise be rambling about on tumblr YAY YOU.

I watched the first episode of Free and it was AMAZING. My reactions seesawed between genuinely enjoying the characters/story as fluffy cheese and feeling kind of dirty at how gratuitous the fanservice is. The plot is basically:
Woobie: *broods about nothing in particular*
Best friend: Let's go have some hiijinks!
Woobie: No.
Best friend: There's a swimming p...
Woobie: *rips off clothing* (to reveal swimsuit)

I'm not sure what it says about me that I find fanservicey depictions of tween boys (in the flashbacks) way creepier than the equivalent depictions of tween girls but I really do. And I find fanservice of girls pretty creepy! The boys aren't sexualised exactly until they hit their teens but...idk. It was very moe. And the existence of a 30ish year old obvious-self-insert-female-character as well as a teenage one also skeeved me out. I'm only comfortable thinking teenage characters are cute when in the headspace of another teenage character. Not that I found these characters very attractive, they have that cliched child-head + over-muscled-adult-body anime thing.

Anyway! I think all my male anime friends should go check it out for the cognitive dissonance of being the objectified gender :D

Life stuff

Jun. 6th, 2013 05:12 pm
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GIP: new icon of turtles all the way down, from this photo.

Lately I've been feeling...I guess mildly depressed is the word for it. Not sad exactly, just that whenever I ask myself if I have the motivation to do stuff my brain keeps saying "nope it will make you feel bad and you will screw it up" so I don't. Like an ache you only notice when you try to move. And of course then I feel sad about not getting anything done, luckily I've been able to find enough things I can do to keep the wheels of life turning and have a sense of accomplishment.

In that vein...

Have been playing through the Fade VERY SLOWLY in DAO. It is generally considered the most boring part of the game and most people skip it on replays, but it's the first time I've tried it without cheats so I am determined to see if I can do it (signs point to yes!) It is pretty dull though, no dialogue or other characters just...fighting and wandering around.

Started watching All About My Romance, alas my brain is a bit sick of having to read subtitles. I tried a bunch of other Hulu shows the only other one to grab me at all so far is "Little Mosque" but it's not the kind of show I can watch a bunch of in a row.

I found myself feeling SUDDENLY SAD about not going to Continuum, and I do think I let inertia make me dismiss the idea of going too quickly, but mainly I think I just feel lonely AND socially awkward which makes me crave large groups of friendly people I can lurk around awkwardly. Not sure how to acquire such a thing in Perth right now :/

[personal profile] flamebyrd did you notice this hexel picture I reblogged? She's been doing some nice art with Hexel, still haven't experimented with it myself.

Adorable physics romance between an electron and a positron

Gratuitous picture of myself and the socks I bought.

A little video about cosplay some people might enjoy

No hugs or equivalent please I'm not in that sort of mood.
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[personal profile] sqbr, [ profile] sqbr, [ profile] sqbr, [ profile] sqbr, [ profile] sqbr, [ profile] sqbr, [ profile] sqbr and of course [ profile] alias_sqbr.

(I'm actually alias_sqbr a few places, plus a few other names, but this looked cooler :))

Still not working: [ profile] sqbr
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I've seen various discussions around the place discussing good places to find interesting meta. So I decided to list everything I'm subscribed to in various ways where I could see at least two unlocked posts of at least vaguely fannish(*) meta on the first page, produced in the last few months.
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Tab meme

Feb. 26th, 2011 04:35 pm
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Well my body is annoyed at me for going out yesterday. OW.
So, while I try and get up the strength to put out the washing, a meme.

I'm going to list, and tell you briefly about, ALL THE TABS I HAVE OPEN at this moment in time, without editing
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I can't remember if I wrote a post about this or not, if I did I tagged it badly.

Anyway! I have been quite enjoying tumblr and thought I'd explain why for anyone else who might like it or is just curious.

I have two tumblrs:
alias_sqbr is for my art.
sqbr is for everything else, and tends to be reblogs of fanart (currently mostly Homestuck) and social justice rants/info, and the very odd bit of conversation.

I was going to rec some tumblrs but it all got too stressful deciding. Click on any tags on sqbr that relate to content you're interested in and see who I'm reblogging.
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Avatar: Azula colour meme
by ~sqbr on deviantART

Avatar: Azula colour meme on tumblr

Since Artician was an irritating spoon-suck(*), I have combined my desire to have an alternative venue to DeviantArt with a vague thought I had about making a tumblr for my fanart. Thus! alias-sqbr@tumblr. No idea if I'll get bored of it or if anyone will bother subscribing etc but there you are. (nb this is separate to sqbr @ tumblr, which is pretty much just for very occasionally reblogging things)

(*)Though they have nice hotlinkable large preview images that I may use from time to time on places like AO3

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