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Saw The Hobbit: The Five Armies today. It was...pretty much what I'd been led to expect by the previous two films. Overblown and overlong and soooo the story of the manly dudes (and sometimes the sighing squealing women they fight for) vs the gross sickly hordes, but it was pretty and the main stories pretty much affected me the way they were supposed to. It descended deep into B grade cheese in parts but Thorin and Bilbo sold their tragic love. Probably helps I haven't read the book for so long I've forgotten the plot.

It would be a lie to say I didn't enjoy it at least 50% as a Dragon Age AU, with all the dwarfy stuff Inquisition was missing. It certainly reminded me of what a blatant Tolkein ripoff Dragon Age is. One might say deconstruction if it deconstructed more. Though it does at least have more characters who aren't (ostensibly) straight white cis dudes (and who don't appear for five seconds and then die)

Also: Gosh this house is better than the old one in hot weather. We have insulation, decent aircon, decent blinds, and a line of trees blocking the main sun, and it makes such a difference.
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I was boggling that I hadn't done one of these since June then looked at my post titles for the last few months and remembered how sick I was for a while there. But I managed to draw some stuff anyway through the fog :) Also I got a copy of Manga Studio 5, which does some lovely lines and painting...that make my computer cry :(

All art has transcripts/descriptions at the link.


Snow White and Red Riding Hood

Most interesting:
News From The Sea: A little fantasy comic adapted from this short story I wrote. Created for a Comic Books and Graphic Novels course. Transcripts in chapter 2.

As far as I can tell I got...120% for this comic? And that's getting less than half of the available extra credit. lol coursera. But it was fun!

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Dec. 29th, 2012 06:15 pm
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Today Cam and I escaped the heatwave by seeing the Hobbit. We were both very glad to have been warned that it was long and slow because it REALLY was, but that's pretty much my only serious complaint with the film.

Things I would change:
-Tighten up a lot of the scenes, cut some to be extra features (None of them were inherently bad, and I'm not sure what you'd cut, but it was just too long for such a simple story)
-Stockier dwarves. Aedan Turner is a very pretty man but he is not a (fantasy) dwarf. Some of them were downright waif-like.
-less fat jokes, less physical grossness with the goblins, it all felt a bit physically injured/ill = evil (which is RIFE in the original but that doesn't mean it had to stay)
-slightly lighter tone. Not as light as the original book, that wouldn't work with the type of story they were telling, but more like the Harry Potter or Narnia films. A lot of the plot felt too children's book-ish to carry off the DRAMATIC MUSIC and desatured blue grainy darkness etc. Also I didn't think it needed to be quite so violent and horror-y.

Changes and choices I liked:
-Beefing up the lore, foreboding tension and connections to the LOTR. Yes even the bits they made up, I thought it worked.
-Making the dwarves feel like a real people. It reminded me a lot of Dragon Age, actually (which obviously stole a lot from Tolkein, but I did like that you really got into the dwarves heads)
-Radagast! I always wished Tolkein had talked about him more.
-The singing and varying tone in general. I've heard some people complain it jarred with the darker parts but I thought it was fine. During LOTR I kept imagining Tolkein going "But where are all my songs?"

There was other stuff but I forget. Some changes I'd have liked that would never happen under Peter Jackson would be making some of the dwarves female and having anyone be non-white. As Cam pointed out, there's a lot of heavy set Maori actors in New Zealand who'd have made great dwarves.
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Hobbit babbling A transcript of the trailer and some very interesting discussion of how the movie may incorporate various bits of Tolkien lore.

So, livejournal! These new comment settings sure are annoying, huh? If you have a paid or plus account you can use css trickery to bring back subject lines for comments and various other functionality. I have a Basic account but I don't get many comments on lj any more (and even fewer with subjects) so am not too fussed.

Also, check your livejournal account settings some people have been unknowingly signed up for automatic payments. "Luckily" we had our credit card number stolen and had to get new cards since the last time I paid for an lj account.

I don't want to be one of those dreamwidth evangelists, but if you do decide you want an account I think they're still not requiring invites right now (EDIT: not for the rest of the year), and I have plenty spare anyway.
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[personal profile] tree lent me the Harlequin romance "Baby Down Under" by Ann Charlton, and it was actually pretty good! Short and slight, but the Queensland setting felt very real which was a nice change (I can't remember the last time I read a book set in Australia by an Australian), and the characters felt likeable and real too.

Also at tree's rec, I finally got around to watching "While you were sleeping", and also quite enjoyed it! There was more family drama and less romance than I expected, but it was still very sweet and happy in an adorably dorky 90s sort of way. Also I've always had a thing for Bill Pullman :D

clip-on lenses for your iPhone. This seems relevant to several people's interests.

A useful infographic to help get more out of google. There's a text post with similar tips linked if you can't see the graphic.

I really didn't agree with this article comparing Veronica Mars and Pride and Prejudice. There are some similarities, especially in the father/daughter dynamics, but Elizabeth/Darcy is not like Veronica/Logan, as much as I love them both. Yes, in both cases they're a pair of similar people at odds due to misunderstandings and their prickly resentful natures who eventually work out their differences and fall in love. But that's true of like half of all fictional romantic couples ever. Elizabeth and Darcy are sensible, snarky, and basically decent people who've lived fairly happy lives, and are at odds because they're strangers and don't understand each other yet. Once they work things out their relationship is stable and happy. Veronica and Logan are traumatised, moody, and obsessive, they've known each other for years and are at odds due to tragedy and other people's lies (and the fact that Logan is legitimitely a jerk). Their relationship is messy and dramatic and breaks up several times, eventually for good. Also: Darcy isn't remotely tortured, and if Duncan is anyone it's Bingley, sheesh. The Wickham is that charming con artist Veronica dates for a while.

Finally: The Hobbit trailer OMG

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