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People have responded really well to my SB fic which makes me feel less self conscious about opining on the thoughts that went behind it (of course it probably helps that for the sake of my recipient I just wrote f/m instead of the f/f/m my heart wanted)

Anyway! While writing The Life and Death of Setsuka Heel I realised that (a)I wanted Ren and Kyoko to actually talk honestly about their feelings and (b)I couldn't figure out what that looked like since they pretty much never do it. This prompted a reread of much of the manga and some thoughts which I couldn't talk about because of anonymity...UNTIL NOW.
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I looked at the cover for the latest issue of Skip Beat and decided I'd had enough of Ren and his stupid angsty face. Call me if it ever becomes about Kyoko again.

I keep thinking I'm done with Glitch and then something new and fun happens. The other day I decided to find the key to the locked door in Subarna Spells, and in the process had a nice conversation with others waiting for it to respawn (I eventually got bored, came back an hour later to see some still waiting and found it on the ground) Then I got in and it was so much fun:people jump from ledge to ledge and when they see a sparkly rock respawn shout out the location then everyone converges at once to mine it in seconds before moving on to the next one. Then I decided to check out one of the other hidden key locations, and found a note inviting people to join a group for user generated quests. So I checked one out, but got stuck…and while wandering around encountered an invite to an unrelated party. When I arrived only the host was there, but we had a nice chat and they gave me all their leftover food (any day that results in free food is a good day, even if it's virtual)

I find this Supernatural fan film interesting. From what I've seen, Counteragent and Naomi Novik both produce fannish works which are of high quality but way too in love with male characters for my tastes, and Supernatural girl!Sam/Dean fanfic tends to feel like regular fic with the pronouns changed to me, but I'm wondering if that fact that there's actual women playing the characters would make any difference. I quite liked [ profile] swirlygate, but that didn't take itself at all seriously. Anyway, even if it doesn't end up being my sort of thing I think it's a cool idea.


Jul. 12th, 2010 06:31 pm
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Spider and axolotl hanging out

For [personal profile] furikku's prompt A spider and an axolotl hanging out at an arcade.

Skip Beat: "The Method" cover

Cover for a Skip Beat comic I made when I was sick and am kind of embarrassed at now, though drawing it did fill in the time nicely. But the cover came out ok :)
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Skip Beat: post production

Description at the link. This was one of those pictures that demanded to be drawn all of a sudden (I was looking up references for an entirely different idea) and then just as suddenly felt Finished and I had to stop. So I didn't get to fiddle with it as much as I'd like. People who can read Japanese: is it readable? The text is mainly just decorative filler which is why I didn't bother making a full translation.

Part of me feels a little sad that I don't seem to be being inspired by Dragon Age much any more since wow do I get more feedback for DAO fanart, and even when I create stuff for more popular fandoms not being really in those fandoms means it's not as much fun sharing it with people.

Of course then I remember [personal profile] naraht, who is inspired to write RPF about relatively minor dead British composers, and so on. Or, you know, original artists, whose work has to stand on it's own merits, but they're just weird :)
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A link to the fanart since it's fairly spoilery up to Volume 19. It turned out moderately pretty imo so people who aren't familiar with Skip Beat and don't mind spoilers might enjoy it too.

Man I love drawing compare-and-contrast semi-mirrored images. And now I should probably look into lunch...
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Have been feeling braindead and thus watching and reading Skip Beat(*) which I've really enjoyed. Thankyou to whoever recced it to me. Here's a nice unspoilery rec explaining why it's awesome. Plus there's a very nice central het ship and a non-canon-but-very-subtexty femslash ship both of which are also fun :)

Before that I was rewatching selected RTD Dr Who episodes with Cam which uh…reminded me how much I like the latest season (though it certainly wasn't all bad)

Anyway a somewhat paraphrased version of a conversation I and Cam had this evening…(SPOILERS for Skip Beat and Dr Who Season 4)

(*)Watch the anime (legally and for free!), read the manga (free and…maybe legally?) Note that the manga is ongoing and the anime just covers the first few volumes ending at a natural pause so neither has a super neat ending.

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