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It was exactly what I was told it would be: a blockbuster about people in giant mechs bashing the crap out of giant aliens trying to destroy the world. There wasn't a whole heap to it beyond that. What there was was relatively progressive/interesting for a robots vs aliens movie but it was still basically the story of a thinly sketched white American guy saving the world.

I've seen a bunch of people compare it to Neon Genesis Evangelion, but as expected it had a lot of similarities to the start of Evangelion (a battered world has had decades to get used to the possible extermination of the human race, giant mecha in bloody battles with massive creepy alien things etc) and very little to the end of Evangelion ("robots" turn out to be shells containing massive humanoids budded from the million year old body of the Angel Lillith and controlled by the souls of the dead pilots' mothers, everyone turns into orange goop as they become one with the universal consciousness etc) I AM DISAPPOINT.
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