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Wrote some semi original fiction omg! One for the Jukebox "write a story about a song" exchange, another for a writing meme I made up myself. Also did some art for that limited palette meme that's been going around tumblr, which was super fun.

Spare Change (1393 words), The Man Who Sold the World, Teen And Up, Horror, Fantasy, Original Fiction, Fanfiction, Inspired by Music, Genderqueer Character
Summary:Two friends meet by chance long after both have died.

The Most Talked About Night Of The Season (5355 words) G, No Warnings, Fantasy, Regency, Happy Ending, Fae & Fairies, Non-Graphic Violence
Summary: Maisie was in no mood for a ball. She always felt like a fool in formal wear. The ball was full of Pixies and Slyphs looking lovely in ensembles much like hers, but delicate ringlets and a ruffled dress were far less flattering on a seven foot tall Lob covered in hair.

A colouring tutorial

Literally every comment on Spare Change has used the word "creepy" :D On one hand I'm quite happy with the story, on the other hand want to stop thinking about it so I can GET THAT SONG OUT OF MY HEAD.

Edward Scissorhands, Iron Man,Bastion, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Fresh Pretty Cure )
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I have to keep reminding myself that this is writing practice, otherwise I find myself overwhelmed by how many other better fantasy stories are out there. Still, I'm enjoying writing it, even if I'm really not sure where its going.

Contains: briefly described gore.
Summary: I slept fitfully in the shadows of ancient ruins and dreamed. 1000 words.

Part One
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Our internet went down so I just sat and typed, though I wrote the last little bit this morning and did some minor editing.

Title: News from the Sea
Summary: A short strange little fantasy storylet. Gen, G, no content notes. 1400 words.
News from the Sea )
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Omg! Finally finished! Sure, he asked for a romance with a living city, and I gave a sort-of-romance-mostly-friendship with an AI, but CLOSE ENOUGH.

Title: The Heart of the City
Wordcount: 4800
Rating: G
Genre: Science Fiction/Romance
Notes: For the [ profile] the_s_guy's prompt: A being of unremarkable size for their species becomes romantically entangled with a living city. (I realise AIs aren't actually alive, but this is where my muse took me)

Summary: Maya never forgot that CC was a computer. But sometimes she forgot that ze wasn't a person.
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