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I haven't done one of these in a while, and have added a bunch of new side blogs (which I update like once every 2 months but hey)

All have image descriptions unless stated otherwise.

[personal profile] alias_sqbr Fannish and personal stuff. Updated frequently, usually a mix of reviews, art dumps, and health stuff, for which I have a special filter.
[personal profile] sqbr Serious social justice discussions. Quieter than it used to be but still updated semi regularly, though posts these days are usually locked.

[ profile] alias_sqbr: Crossposts of [personal profile] alias_sqbr. I answer comments etc but dreamwidth is the blog's real home.

[ profile] sqbr Fairly active, random mix of nerdery, pretty things, and social justice.
[ profile] alias-sqbr Creative things I have made. Updated semi regularly eg whenever I make something. Mostly fanart.

[ profile] sqbr Quietish, mix of reblogs, Australian politics and silly comments about my cat. Mostly used for following people I know in Perth.

Creative things:
[ profile] sqbr AO3: fanfic, art for exchanges or with multiple pages, the odd game or piece of original fiction.
[ profile] sqbr Deviantart: art, mostly fanart
[ profile] sqbr fanfiction

I also have Professional Artist And Game Developer stuff that avoid linking to my fannish persona publicaly but can be seen here if you're on the access list for sqbr or here for alias_sqbr.

And I have a Facebook account under my legal name which I try to keep separate from all the rest. I tend to only really add people I'm friends with offline, especially family and people in Perth. If you fit that description and know my legal name then feel free to friend me.

Other than that pretty much anyone is welcome to follow any of my blogs. I'd rather noone followed me for hatereading or whatever but if you're doing that you presumably don't care.

I think that's everything!
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Nabbed from [personal profile] owlmoose. I've been SUPER DISTRACTED over December but really enjoyed reading other people's posts for this meme.

Pick a date in January. Pick a topic. On the date you choose I will post something about that topic. It can be fandom-related or not. Pretty much anything you've ever seen me post about unlocked, or comment on in other venues, is fair game. If a topic is uncomfortable for me (too personal or potentially identifying) or simply something I know very little about (unfamiliar canon, say), I may ask you to make a second choice. If you want to request more than one topic, pick a different day for each.
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So I just went through and defriended a bunch of people, mostly on lj. Sorry guys. I've been putting off doing this for ages, but...ok it's hard to articulate but it's important to me to feel able to control the social environment I'm in. I don't dislike any of you though, or I wouldn't have added you in the first place.

I may well go through and do another winnowing without warning in the near future, I was on the line with some people (and couldn't remember who several of you are, oh for notes)
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Sorry everyone, but I have been getting SO MUCH SPAM. You should definitely able to comment with OpenID at dreamwidth as long as you have an lj account, but I can't remember if I have anon commenting on.

It's annoying, I really want to be open to comments from a wide variety of people, but the spammers make that difficult :/
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Livejournal just sent me a message letting me know I can access my scrapbook now that it's been migrated to the new system. Which surprised me, since last I heard it got wiped after my paid account expired a year or so ago. Naturally I went through and saved all the pictures I cared about before lj realise their mistake.

Most were pretty boring, but there was a collection of haircut pics which will be useful for future reference, and this image back from my working days of [ profile] tommmo with a tissue box on his head saying "Me! Draw me!" and [ profile] thanners saying "Argh my soul!" for reasons which made sense at the time.

Also: thanks to a Glitch glitch I got all the furniture I was playing with during the house beta for free. Some of this stuff costs real money! ..and then in the process of trying to fit it into my existing decor I decided to bite the bullet and pay for a subscription so I could make a genuinely pretty house. WELL PLAYED TINY SPECK.

Here's a picture of my prettiest room, the ground floor, which is very symmetrical with a mossy floor, sea themed wallpaper, butterflies, various tree themed decorations, and coloured storage boxes filled with herbs. (The coloured storage boxes were the only thing in this room I got for free) There's also icons on the ground, which give blessings sometimes when you walk past them.
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Two [personal profile] sqbr posts you all might be interested in:

"Mini" femslash meta: Lovers in a Dangerous Time What's your approach to writing femslash in times and places that are notoriously unfriendly for f/f relationships, especially historical settings?"

Blogging about disability day: National Disability Insurance Scheme rally I went to a real rally! It was very exciting! (Ok, not that exciting. But there are pictures)

Saw the romantic comedy "Friends with benefits", I really enjoyed it. Descends a little into traditional romantic comedy tropes (including soulmates) at the end, but it mostly felt like it was about real people not A Man and A Woman, and was charming and funny. Also, Mila Kunis spends a lot of time in very little clothing.

Finally: Instead of celebrating Three Weeks For Dreamwidth with exclusive-to-DW content, I am going to celebrate it by letting my fellow DW (and LJ ;)) users pick the content. Is there something you'd like me to post about that isn't fic? Meta, episode/book/show/movie reviews (for something I've already read/seen), memes, DVD commentaries on stuff I've done, history posts, whatever; just comment here and ask for it! Weird topics you think nobody else will care about are totally acceptable, at worst I will just write a very short post :)

(modified from this post by toft. Because I was thinking of doing something like this anyway, and now have an excuse)
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Hobbit babbling A transcript of the trailer and some very interesting discussion of how the movie may incorporate various bits of Tolkien lore.

So, livejournal! These new comment settings sure are annoying, huh? If you have a paid or plus account you can use css trickery to bring back subject lines for comments and various other functionality. I have a Basic account but I don't get many comments on lj any more (and even fewer with subjects) so am not too fussed.

Also, check your livejournal account settings some people have been unknowingly signed up for automatic payments. "Luckily" we had our credit card number stolen and had to get new cards since the last time I paid for an lj account.

I don't want to be one of those dreamwidth evangelists, but if you do decide you want an account I think they're still not requiring invites right now (EDIT: not for the rest of the year), and I have plenty spare anyway.
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[personal profile] sqbr, [ profile] sqbr, [ profile] sqbr, [ profile] sqbr, [ profile] sqbr, [ profile] sqbr, [ profile] sqbr and of course [ profile] alias_sqbr.

(I'm actually alias_sqbr a few places, plus a few other names, but this looked cooler :))

Still not working: [ profile] sqbr
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I've seen various discussions around the place discussing good places to find interesting meta. So I decided to list everything I'm subscribed to in various ways where I could see at least two unlocked posts of at least vaguely fannish(*) meta on the first page, produced in the last few months.
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Found via my network: [ profile] erasureathon, an exchange for taking someone else's fanfic and making something new with part of the text (often a poem)

It sounds like fun, and signups close in about 5 days. One nice thing is that unlike the remix challenges you don't have to be familiar with the fandom of the work you're playing with, so there's no worries about not matching if you're into different fandoms than everyone else. You just need at least one fic of 1500 words or more.
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I'm in the process of rejigging how I filter posts, so thought it would be a good idea to double check who wants to be on my health filter. So! Comment/answer the dw poll if you want to be added to or taken off my filter for posts I feel too self conscious to put under general lock. Comments are screened. If you don't respond I'll just leave you as you are.

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 28

Would you like to be on the sickblargle filter?

25 (100.0%)

Would you like to be taken off the sickblargle filter?

1 (100.0%)

Is this is question unnecesary?

6 (33.3%)

12 (66.7%)

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It turns out that thanks to me forgetting to mark my sticky post as "date out of order" my lj crossposts haven't been showing up since the 3rd of March (when I offered a free tv)

I've gotten them all to crosspost now, sorry for the sudden flood!

(People on dw may also have noticed a slight downturn in post frequency, but that was just due to me not feeling like posting anything :))

Tab meme

Feb. 26th, 2011 04:35 pm
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Well my body is annoyed at me for going out yesterday. OW.
So, while I try and get up the strength to put out the washing, a meme.

I'm going to list, and tell you briefly about, ALL THE TABS I HAVE OPEN at this moment in time, without editing
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I can't remember if I wrote a post about this or not, if I did I tagged it badly.

Anyway! I have been quite enjoying tumblr and thought I'd explain why for anyone else who might like it or is just curious.

I have two tumblrs:
alias_sqbr is for my art.
sqbr is for everything else, and tends to be reblogs of fanart (currently mostly Homestuck) and social justice rants/info, and the very odd bit of conversation.

I was going to rec some tumblrs but it all got too stressful deciding. Click on any tags on sqbr that relate to content you're interested in and see who I'm reblogging.
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Since it's been a while since I asked: comment/answer the poll if you want to be added to or taken off my filter for posts I feel too self conscious to put under general lock. (Sorry, no lj poll this time) nb If you're happy where you are don't worry about it.

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 22

Would you like to be on the sickblargle filter?

21 (100.0%)

Would you like to be taken off the sickblargle filter?

0 (0.0%)

Is this is question unnecesary?

4 (30.8%)

9 (69.2%)

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I am still frustratingly blah and stupid after Worldcon (I knew it would take longer than I expected to get back up to my usual level of crapness, and yet it still has) and thus not answering mail and screwing things up(*). (Original title of this post: "Three posts that didn")

So! My attempts to make a sticky post having screwed up my ability to crosspost for a while, three posts that didn't get crossposted to livejournal when I made them:
Non spoilery thoughts near the end of Mass Effect
Spoilery thoughts on Mass Effect
Things I like in creative works

Speaking of which, I have a bunch of dreamwidth invites if anyone's interested, it's not usually this much of a pain, honest :) Plus one AO3 invite.

And so there's some new content for the dreamwidth folks: am playing Mass Effect 2, it's awesome, but now I'm wondering if I want to go back and redo ME1 to get a more complete and integrated backstory. Bioware is totally my master now.

(*)I decided to take my mind off needing to deal with my email and making a doctors appointment by playing Mass Effect 2...and in game got an email from the ship's doctor telling me to go see her about my health.
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"Dragon Age: Leliana's Song" fanart by me: Group Hug! No thumbnail since the number of people who played this game is tiny. No spoilers, though.

Hopefully at some point I will feel awake enough to answer the comments on some of my previous random-things posts, but for now I shall clear out my tags.

An experiment I did reposting a comment on a locked post to twitter (I didn't crosspost it since it was an lj-specific experiment) EDIT: Some very detailed experiments with the new pingback settings.

This is my pimp cane A picspam/description of some of the enjoyable things about Legend of the Seeker. I'm finding it a bit slow going, it's really not a well written show, but it has enough good moments to keep me going.

OH&S by [ profile] mercurial_wit. A very cute Inception fic. Everything you've ever wanted to know about IV access and lots of things you didn't. Did set off my needle squick a little but not much more than the movie and it was worth it.
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Something I really wish existed, but I am SO not up for creating/moderating is a comm for discussing romance novels from a social justice perspective.

Basically I want somewhere I can ask "Which Loretta Chase books that I haven't read aren't TOO horribly racist?" and "Are there any regency romances where the hero isn't of noble birth? Are regency romances doomed to a certain amount of classism?" and stuff like that. There's Smart Bitches Trashy Books (Which I was not subscribed to until now, for no good reason, but have made a feed for: [syndicated profile] smartbitches_feed) but that's a blog and I don't like commenting on blogs so I'm stuck being a passive consumer.

I poked about for existing comms and there's a bunch about romance novels, but for example note the first response to this post on the romancenovels lj-comm asking about historicals with interesting class issues. What's the bet the Pasha's secret is that he's white? :/ (EDIT: I checked the Amazon page, and sure enough he is)

EDIT: Oh hey, I meant to post this to [personal profile] sqbr, oops. Meh, it can stay here, it's not like it's a Deep Analytical Post or anything. But no imbroglio-ing in the comments!

EDIT 2: Posted to create_my_comm, thanks for the suggestion [personal profile] torachan!
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Since I've actually made a post on it now: I have an opt-in filter for rambly posts about feeling sick. All my thinky posts about cfs or disability etc are unlocked or at most friends/circle locked, this is just for the "I FEEL CRAP AND IT SUCKS" stuff plus detailed boring lists, very rambly stuff about my brain, or TMI. There's absolutely no obligation to be on it if you don't want. If you see this post after say the 5th of May 2010 or don't have a dw account and want to sign up please comment to say so otherwise I won't notice.

Poll #2987 Sickblargle poll
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 27

I would like to be on the sickblargle filter

View Answers

25 (92.6%)

10 (37.0%)

(The advantage of "Ticky" is it hopefully avoids the guilty feeling you might get for saying "No" or not answering the poll at all :))

And now to see how polls work with crossposting...
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Yay! AO3 finally has "category" (het/gen/etc) as ticky boxes rather than a dropdown menu. That's been bugging me since I had to set my very first uploaded story as "multi" when it's "f/f + m/f", since everyone's going to assume that means "m/m + m/f" and/or polyfic.

Of course my most recent "multi" stories have actually been m/m/f but that's not the point :)

My dropdown menu still says I don't have any f/f which kind of defeats the purpose, if it's still not showing up later I'll have to send a report. EDIT: wait, no, I just forgot to click "update" after previewing. Next thing I would like implented: editing the header of works without previewing the whole thing. EDIT 2: Wait OMG you can! Double yay!

Also: Icons!

Plus: Livejournal FINALLY has the option to disable comments but keep them visible. Oh, the number of times someone put their foot in their mouth and had to hide the resulting discussion in order to halt it. Of course people will still decide they don't like the comments they've been getting and hide/delete them, but now they have less of an excuse :)

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