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[ profile] warpwind asked me on twitter on behalf of asinglestarwar and it was easier to compile them here. Extra recs very much appreciated!
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Written mostly for other confused people so they can compare notes and feel less weird for not figuring this stuff out the moment they hit puberty :) Some stuff about being grey Asexual in there too.

Dates are fuzzy because who can remember this sort of thing. My sexuality tag makes for an interesting timeline of my attitudes before and after coming out.

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Wake early, leave early for 10:30 yum cha. It is a gorgeous sunny day.
Bump into [personal profile] lilysea at the train station. Travel with her to Perth.
Encounter the Awesome kids festival, watch robot guitar play itself.
Tag along to hang out with dilettantiquity(*) at PICA
Arrive at Dim step.
Have exciting adventure with two waiters and some blocks of wood, conquer step, hurrah!
Wait. Briefly.
Order and eat food.
Wait some more.
Order more food.
Start wondering if the event was cancelled after I left(**), ponder getting internet on my phone.
libratorr arrives!
Eat food.
More people arrive.
Eat more food.
Repeat for a while :D
Go to Pride Fair. Enjoy being surrounded by happy queer people in the sunshine.
Free apple for filling out a survey!
Get sleepy, leave.
Play one of the prettily decorated pianos the festival has scattered around the cultural centre.
Pass through museum, look at frogs and snakes, discover a ladybug on my hand.
Travel to the gardens outside the museum, release ladybug, play musical instruments in the garden.
Go home, sleepy but happy, and in time to check tumblr before it goes down (THIS IS IMPORTANT SHUTUP).

(*)Usernames are less ambiguous than common first names :)
(**)It wasn't, but there were several twitter messages about people coming later waiting for me when I got back.
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Cat still missing, and now I have a tummy bug which has kept me on the toilet almost all day. HOORAY. Anyway to distract myself I did a transcript for the CUTEST little Brazilian short film, an m/m love story about a blind boy and his friend, since all I had to do was add speaker names and action/location descriptions to the subtitles.

I don't do Yuletide but this seems PERFECT for it. See also Cinderfella, a silly m/m retelling of Cinderella done with pop song snippets (not doing a transcript of that, sorry).
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Attack the Block: very good scifi/thriller/comedy/horror/social commentary about a London street gang encountering an alien invasion. Just about at my limit of scariness though, I had to read a plot summary and stop every ten minutes or so to keep my anxiety under control enough to make it through. I still really enjoyed it, I was glued to the screen for much of it and while the scifi is minimal with cheap special effects it makes as much sense as it needs to. The characters are nuanced and engaging, and by the end of the film I had exactly the sort of cathartic happy/relieved feeling you want at the end of thriller/comedy/horror.

Fringe: I recently finished disk 4. I adore the main character, Olivia, she's the sort of emotionally restrained competent woobie cop main character who never gets to be female, and unlike Scully from Xfiles she's not constantly being proven wrong(*). The scifi is unselfconsciously ridiculous, and much of the show is cheesy, but I manage to suspend my disbelief. Not QUITE too scary for me, but not watched at night.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time: Too much teen angst, not enough scifi, got bored and read a synopsis, didn't like the sound of it so didn't finish the movie. Other people like it so YMMV!

I went through a bunch of recs for Happy Same Sex Relationship Stories:

Wilby Wonderful: Slow, somewhat dour Canadian drama about a small island community. Some nice moments, and ends happily enough, but wasn't enough fun on the way to justify the journey.

Itty Bitty Titty Committee: I got a very little way into this before I was too irritated to continue. A conventionally attractive skinny young white girl sprays graffiti over a plastic surgery clinic and smugly frames the latina who works there as "backup", then she and her smug conventionally attractive skinny young white friends (Clits In Action, cis women plus one trans man, played by a cis woman) smugly opine about how they're fighting sexism by lecturing other women about how they're living their life wrong. HOORAY FOR QUEER CINEMA.

Girl Meets Boy by Ali Smith: Did I review this already? Anyway, good, understated, slightly arty novel which loosely retells the myth of Iphis as a lesbian love story in Scotland, sort of. Intelligent and interesting and happy making, though don't expect a a Romance romance.

Thy Neighbour's Wife by Georgia Beers: Unobjectionable and incredibly dull lesbian romance novel. Flipped to the end, barely made it through the final chapter it was so dull.

(*)This isn't a criticism of Scully, I adore Scully. But watching what the show did to her was frustrating. The "scientists are wrong about everything" message got annoying too. In Fringe the scientists are right, they're just all mad scientists.
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"Dykes to watch out for" by Alison Bechdel not only passes the Bechdel test, it invented it.
You can read some of it online but I got "The Essential Dykes to Watch out for" out the library and it was great reading all 27 years of it in one continuous remarkably consistent story.

It's the story of a group of friends in the lesbian community of an American town, and is a mixture of soap opera, humour, and political commentary. The characters grow and change and by the end cover a range of ages, genders, sexualities, identities, ethnicities, religions, political affiliations and nationalities (plus one of them is disabled. Not sure what the term for that would be :)) This sometimes feels a little tokenistic but overall what I love about the comic is that everyone is written with affection, even the *gasp* straight, male and republican characters.

The way the characters rant about the politics of the day as a way to avoid dealing with their more mundane problems reminds me of my family, though it's depressing seeing rants about George Bush and the Iraq war and the possibility of gay marriage from the early 90s and knowing how long things took to get even slightly better.

It's also a little geeky here and there. One of the later characters is a teenager who is OBSESSED with Harry Potter, from an blog official blog post called "Some Fanfic" I came across this adorable piece of fanart of her..and the fanartist turns out to have done Monstrous Regiment femslash and fancomics, yay!

Bechdel has also written a really good autobiographical graphic novel "Fun Home".

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