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Am trying very hard to not be a jerk about the “what if Jane Austen wrote Star Trek” post a few people have reblogged today on tumblr but godddd how can so many people take these canons that are WALL TO WALL social commentary and jokes and throw away everything except (to me) secondary aspects like character quirks and a distinctive use of semi colons.

Like...I have been rereading a bunch of Jane Austen’s character descriptions recently for a Thing, and I am pretty sure she was incapable of describing anyone for more than a sentence without insulting them, and then probably making some jab at the hypocrisy of whoever is observing them.

I was going to say this is like people in two hundred years writing about Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert and putting a lot of effort into making the language and fashion accurate but having the Daily Show just be a mainstream, earnest news show that never makes jokes but...people kind of do that now, and I GUESS it’s ok that they’re enjoying themselves, and that not everyone has fun the same way I do. I GUESS. MAYBE.

It mostly annoys me because it's not just a subset of fans doing this. There's room for all sorts. But the intellectually shallow nostalgia driven approach is the default across all of popular culture, and the more visible and well funded the adaptation the more likely it is to ignore the things that make the original unique and challenging. (I just had the mental image of Zach Snyder's Pride and Prejudice. That would be...something)

It's also possibly relevant that I am ok at matching Jane Austen's sarcasm but gave up on the semi colons entirely; this may affect my idea of the core traits of an Austen pastiche.
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Stuff made by me:

My new best friend CASHEW CREAM. I kept seeing dairy free recipes using it and finally got around to making some, and it was as easy and creamy as they said. Just cashews and water in a food processor! You have to soak the cashews first but there isn't any complex straining etc like with almond milk. I've put it in pasta sauce, salad dressing, sandwiches, and on frozen fruit with sugar and vanilla essence, and they were all great. It's like a cross between ricotta and tofu: very bland, but a good base for other flavours. I used up my first batch and have another soaking to try ICECREAM :D

Second: The demo for Northanger Abbey: the Game, which I can objectively say is the best video game ever produced in the history of the world. And it's not even finished yet! So you should all play it and tell me what you thought. Criticism welcome, assuming you can deal with the responsibility of helping create an even better game.

Other people's stuff:

Neko Atsume: The cute cat based phone game everyone's playing. You put out food and toys to attract cats, who then reward you by playing adorably and with currency you can use to buy better food and toys and thus attract rarer cats. Impossible to lose and a little pointless but adorable enough that I'm still enjoying it. Free, with the option to buy in-game currency with real world money, but I haven't needed it.

The Room: a puzzle game for phones, where you try and unlock a multi-part locked box. I haven't gotten very far but it's enjoyable enough. Requires a payment of about $1.50 once you get past the free intro.
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I've reached a point where I'd really like feedback on the game, if anyone would like to give some! Any sort of feedback is good, whether it be about the gameplay, characters, dialogue, art, etc, whether you're familiar with the original or not.

Download the game for Windows, Mac or Linux:

It's a visual novel based on Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen, where you can choose the main character's name, gender(*), and behaviour. Depending on your choices you can (in the full game) form romantic or platonic relationships with five love interests: two men (John Thorpe and Henry Tilney), two women (Isabella Thorpe and MYSTERY LOVE INTEREST NOT SHOWN IN THIS DEMO), and one non binary (Eleanor Tilney, though she doesn't come out as non binary yet) If you behave exactly like the book's main character the book's plot unfolds unchanged, but if you don't things start to get quite different!

If you're familiar with the book, it stops just at the point where the main character gets invited to the Abbey (or doesn't ;)).

Current plans for this section of the game:

  • Neaten sprites, redraw any expressions lacking whites of eyes etc
  • Fill in all the dialogue currently marked ???
  • Add expression changes to some scenes which are missing them
  • Backgrounds, title screen, menu screen, pretty user interface (the current backgrounds are all going)
  • Music

(*)You can choose to be a man, woman, or non binary, choose to be afab, amab or intersex, and choose to present as male, female, or genderqueer. The 19th century is a very gendered society so this lets you be, say, a trans woman who crossdresses as a man to dance with women, but still thinks of herself as a woman and is referred to as one by those close to her. Eventually you will get the chance to come out to your LI, if relevant, and probably change your gender presentation again. Setting this fluidity up was easier than I expected and made writing the game much more interesting. Amab non binary "Catherine"/Henry Tilney is my new unexpected otp :D I'm cis myself, though, so feedback from trans people of all types would be very much appreciated!

There's less control over your sexuality: canon Catherine is attracted to pretty much everyone and develops a crush on Henry Tilney, and to begin with the main character is much the same because it got too hard otherwise. I need to edit to allow more flexibility, both for MCs who don't like Henry in particular and for those who don't see themselves as into men at all.

EDIT: updated with some suggestions and corrections!
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This pile of links got so big I got intimidated and just... forgot about it. So it goes back a while. There was a broken link to a post that seemed to be about "missing e" (what we used to fix tumblr before xkit). And then I decided half of them weren't worth keeping, or belonged elsewhere, so in the end it's not even that big!

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Colloquial catchy statements encoding serious mathematics

Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Learning How to Code

Self-help for Anxiety Management I used this a few times, it didn't do a lot to help but might work for someone else.

What Sanguinity Likes (and dislikes) About Mathematics

Visualizing Algorithms

​A Beginner's Guide To All Things Dragon Age

Hapax and Heyer, Austen and Irony, or, What I should have said The differences between Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen

PAX Australia And The Strange Catharsis Of Video Game Violence
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So! Thanks to people's prompts helping me past a creative block I have properly started on an idea I've been poking at for a while: a Visual Novel/dating sim version of Northanger Abbey. And I was hoping you guys might have some thoughts on all the fun/interesting "what if"s I can explore. (I still intend on doing the prompts, this is one of those big projects I poke at intermittently)
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