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Remix Revival 2017 A fanart/fanfic remix exchange with signups closing on the 30th. I think this is the first panfandom remix exchange allowing both, I'm pretty excited!

[community profile] drawesome A fanart community that has had some fun prompts

Let's Make Games and Drink Responsibly: A gathering for people in the local games community, it was a lot of fun and I had some really interesting and inspiring conversations. Cam came along and it was perfect for him, as someone who is really interested in discussing and making games but isn't working on anything right now. Also Scott Ludlum was there! (I was too shy to talk to him but he said he was happy to be among friends, which was nice to see) It's apparently going to be monthly, best way to follow it right now is probably the Let's Make Games Facebook group.
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Have done ok initial versions of my [community profile] seeingcolorcomm and [ profile] ladystuck gifts, both of which came with nice prompts. Once again having some issues with being the first person to post, before the mods have set things up properly, but I guess someone has to be.

And Cam and I have a plan to deal with a bunch of the clutter in our house: we're hiring a storage unit. The problem when we had an extra bedroom was it was too easy to fill it with crap. But putting things in a storage unit is more effort than throwing things away or donating them, and is a commitment to not want it again for an extended period. So we'll hopefully only use it for things we actually want to store and everything else we'll either get rid of or have to find somewhere sensible to put in the house. The plan once we make some more space this way is to (a) Replace the couch with something bigger so we can fit more guests (it comfortably fits 2 and uncomfortably fits 3) and (b) Set up the kitchen table with my sewing machine and craft/sewing supplies. The original plan was to use my desk in the study, but now cam works from home that's not really practical. So that desk may become the new place to put random crap until it is as full as the kitchen table is currently but never mind :)

And my brother M came over yesterday and we had a nice conversation. He finally got around to telling me about his wedding (in OCTOBER) that mum mentioned at CHRISTMAS, it's in Korea so we can't make it but I hope to see lots of photos :)

Been feeling happier genderwise, even though the external changes are hard to notice. Everyone I've told (including my brother) has been fine about it.

And right now I am reading a NON FICTION BOOK omg. About painting! I am learning things! It's very exciting.

All of this has been done around the same low energy levels I've been having the past few months. So I haven't done much any given day, but that's ok. It's nice to know things can happen, and improve, regardless.

Also a small child is singing outside very badly but with enthusiasm. I love the kids in our set of units, they are all adorable and very kind to the cat when they encounter her despite her evident loathing for them.
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Been feeling a bit down so let's think some happy thoughts! Like cuddly cats overcoming their misanthropy because the weather has turned cold.

I got THE BEST story for Spaceswap:
A Secret Garden She Hides (3646 words) by opalmatrix
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Imperial Radch Series - Ann Leckie
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Tisarwat, Piat, Administrator Celar, Athoek Station, Mercy of Kalr, Seivarden Vendaai
Additional Tags: Friendship, Bonding, Developing Friendships
Summary: When Tisarwat and Piat end up working together on the rebuilding of the Undergarden, Tisarwat finds out there's more to the Administrator's daughter than she had thought.

And I am all done working on things for exchanges for now! I just have to wait for Jukebox to open *twiddles thumbs*

I made chips from the purple sweet potato they sell at Coles and they were TASTY. Sweet and salty and chewy and crispy.

I know I already mentioned it but the new anime MY love STORY!!/Ore Monogatari!! is freaking adorable.
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My Wintersend works and some "20 years earlier" comics.

For vaincs:

Sighs and Whispers ( link)
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Female Inquisitor/Cassandra Pentaghast
Additional Tags: Getting Together, Happy Ending, Fanfiction, Secret Admirer
Summary: Cassandra does not have a secret admirer, and there is no way it could be the Inquisitor.
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Sunshine, daisies My completely adorable Bethany/Merrill art gift

And now some recs:
Martyred Really well done Flemeth character art, my next favourite work of the exchange.
Ruffles and Lace Cute Harding/Josephine fic
Writing love all over Sweet Josephine/Cassandra fic (a little shmoopy but that suits the pairing)
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[community profile] jukebox_fest is an exchange where you write fic, record podfic, or draw art based on a song (woo for them having art this year!). I did a treat last year and it was great fun. Nominations are open until April 4 so if you're interested in getting involved make sure there's some songs you find inspiring! The list of nominated songs looks promising.

I nominated:
Isobel by Bjork Youtube lyrics
Blinding Florence + the Machine Youtube lyrics
Girl With One Eye Florence + the Machine Youtube lyrics
Seamstress Dessa Youtube lyrics

I was about to nominate The Mercy Seat by Nick Cave but watching the video made me realise it's about an execution not about becoming some sort of doomed judge-King (yes it only took me 27 years shush). I could prompt for my interpretation anyway I guess but am feeling less enthused.

I am going to have trouble coming up with any prompts that aren't about doomed femslashy robots. Also I'm going to have to think carefully about what to offer, because my art style tends to suit happy humour, not the kind of weird angst my music taste tends towards.
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This is for [community profile] space_swap, which allows art and vids and stuff this year woo!
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I was boggling that I hadn't done one of these since June then looked at my post titles for the last few months and remembered how sick I was for a while there. But I managed to draw some stuff anyway through the fog :) Also I got a copy of Manga Studio 5, which does some lovely lines and painting...that make my computer cry :(

All art has transcripts/descriptions at the link.


Snow White and Red Riding Hood

Most interesting:
News From The Sea: A little fantasy comic adapted from this short story I wrote. Created for a Comic Books and Graphic Novels course. Transcripts in chapter 2.

As far as I can tell I got...120% for this comic? And that's getting less than half of the available extra credit. lol coursera. But it was fun!

Person of Interest, Avatar: The Legend of Korra/The Last Airbender, Guild Wars 2, Dragon Age Origins, Mass Effect 2, Red Dwarf, Bastion, Dr Who, Original, Game of Thrones, The Hobbit, Fresh Pretty Cure )
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That was a trip. Never run an exchange before, it was exciting and scary but really rewarding. Not sure how people with more than seven participants manage it :)

Anyway, go check out the great art at [ profile] fanartremixexchange or [community profile] fanartremix. Here's mine:

The Avengers: The First Thing You See

The Sandman: Endless Delerium

And my two fantastic remixes: Fetch! (warning: blood) and Here Fishy Fishy!

Remixing and being remixed were both really great. Seeing my art come to life in someone else's head was SO COOL.

Both comms are open to submissions if any of you are inspired to create your own remixes *hint hint*
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Fanart Remix Exchange is open for signups! COME JOIN

Penny Stirling has a story published in Heiresses of Russ 2014: The Year’s Best Lesbian Speculative Fiction. Have bought my copy but haven't read it yet, I like lesbians and stuff by friends but don't tend to like short stories.

Book One of Horizon is finished! Horizon is a really interesting alternate history scifi fantasy story [personal profile] whatistigerbalm is writing about historians piecing together history after the world sort of ended (...I think) and trying not to get into trouble for heresy.

I got quoted in a Buzzfeed article about Chris Lilley's brownface. I don't recall being asked for permission, but I would have said yes so eh. At least people are talking about it now.
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Check it out!

On tumblr because that's where 90% of fanartists seem to be these days. I have rules, a plan, and an faq but no dates as yet.
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There's a bunch of fanfic remix exchanges and I love the idea but am much more of a fanartist. Any other fanartists interested in the idea of a fanart exchange? You'd get matched with someone with similar fandoms and choose a picture to create a transformative artwork from: a different point of view, what might have happened next, a larger context, a different character in a similar style, same content in a different style etc.

Ideas about how to run such a thing would be very much appreciated. I think the minimum requirements would be:
-an easily browsable collection of fanart eg a deviantArt account or tumblr tag
-at least three pieces of art in an eligible fandom (where the fandoms would be worked out in advance. And I'd be inclined to include stand alone original art as a "fandom" since a lot of people draw it)

The Remix Redux rules say no changing the pairing, which seems like a good idea given fandom. They also say "no changing the plot" which is less relevant.

I'd personally be ok with graphics, collages, and craft as well as more traditional art but I don't know how other people would feel about that. (Someone could KNIT THE SCARF a character is wearing!) The aim is to use the original work as inspiration, not to make someone a gift, so the assignees preferences are less important. I might let the remix be a fic/vid etc or based on one as long as everyone offered fanart to remix from as well, depends on people's preferences.



Jan. 2nd, 2013 01:18 pm
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Ladystuck 2012 is live!

I got an ACTUAL HONEST TO GOODNESS MOSAIC. Isn't it pretty?:
Mirrors are Windows (156 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Homestuck
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Aradia Megido, Aradiabot, The Handmaid (Homestuck)
Summary: Time loops and symmetry and the nature of self.

I have looked at all the art and am going to look at the fic when I have more mental energy. I think my favourite so far is the simple but beautifully drawn Terezi/Kanaya picture A Taste for Color.

As always, no points for guessing which is mine. Though you may be amused when you see what I drew as a treat...
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So, first off: HAVE FUN. As long as you create something in the general vicinity of my prompts I am sure I will love it.

Here is a post about my general tastes. For Homestuck specifically...I love time travel, explorations of the nature of self via clones/new bodies/alternate selves etc, plottiness. I'm not a fan of really sexually explicit scenes but sexy makeouts are all good, especially of the "wow human/alien/robot bodies sure are weird" variety. I am squicked by underage sex (even offscreen) and parent/child incest, even alternate universe stuff like Rose/Roxy, though jokes around Dave/Roxy, Porrim/Kankri etc of the sort we see in canon is fine.

With regards to art my tastes tend more towards illustration and comics, preferring expression to lifeless realism. Also I love gradients and art nouveau-esque spirals. Here's my Homestuck favourites on DeviantArt to get some idea.

In terms of pairings I ship every subset of Aradia, Rose, Terezi and Dave. And ...some other stuff, I've run out of momentum, hopefully I will edit this more before assignments, sorry!

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I am not doing Yuletide, but for those who are [personal profile] flamebyrd has created a useful looking tag sorting thing (I do not entirely understand it, but I am ignorant of the ways of the goat)

Finished "Unclaimed" and enjoyed it!

Finished Bodacious Space Pirates and enjoyed it too! THERE WERE F/F KISSES. Admittedly, not involving the main character, but the only other romance was the plot-required one between the main character's parents so my f/f/f major character headcanon remains unbroken and there was in general lots of lovely sweet friendship. I was really glad they didn't do the obligatory "oh but really they like boys" subversion of the same sex subtext, as well as how the young cute male teacher showed absolutely no interest in any of his students except as mentor. Oh anime, how low you have made me set my standards. The ending was as anticlimactic as I was told it would be, it basically just stops at the end of a small arc with no major resolution, but I was happy enough.

Have signed up for the female character Homestuck fest Ladystuck as well as Yuletart, am waiting for my assignments for them while waiting for Kaleidoscope reveals. *twiddles thumbs*

The Coursera course I'm doing right now encourages students to make little explanatory videos for other students, which is a great idea and theoretically my cup of tea but I find myself overwhelmed by the prospect so maybe not. I keep having to remind myself that while I am theoretically overqualified I also have massive brain fog etc, so if I can complete the minimum requirements that is plenty.

Currently reading "Dime Store magic" by Kelley Armstrong and enjoying it MUCH more than I did the previous book in the series I tried.

EDIT: Oh, and [personal profile] lilysea lent me a full length mirror which has made it much easier to get dressed into aesthetically pleasing outfits without having to use my imagination for half of it.
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Signups are very limited and open at 1am Perth time /o\

But I have at least got my prompts written!
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