May. 30th, 2017 11:44 pm
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Am still feeling depressed, but getting by. My apologies to the multiple people who subscribed to me recently, you all seem very cool but unfortunately my brain's response to "do I want to see the kinds of posts this person makes on my reading list?" was "Who knows who cares EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE" which was not very helpful.

I have recently made this zuchinni slice minus cheese and oil plus extra egg and some savoury flavours (garlic oil, msg, pepper, salt) a few times using the very convenient zucchini spaghetti from WA Fresh and it is great, though removing most of the fat makes it a trifle rubbery and in need of extra toasting. Going to try it minus bacon next because I don't like eating pork if I can help it.

Though as much as WA Fresh has a nice variety of produce, as I discovered last night they are lacking one very important staple: a "cancel order" button. I had to make a panicked email at 10pm after accidentally ordering twice, it all turned out ok but was rather more stress than I like.
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Still sick!
physical and mental health stuff )

It was funny poking at the Akagami no Shirayukihime fandom though. The canon relationship is the female main character Shirayuki with her male love interest Zen, but both have a close, somewhat shippy friendship with their mutual male friend Obi. My story is Shirayuki/Zen/Obi. (Will post properly later but if you're curious here it is)

On AO3 it’s mostly Shirayuki/Obi, Shirayuki/Zen, Shirayuki/Zen/Obi and a smattering of Obi/Zen, followed by relationships involving the other characters.

On fanfiction.net there’s a lot of Shirayuki/Zen and a little Shirayuki/Obi but no Shirayuki/Zen/Obi or Zen/Obi, my story aside. What there is is lots of fic like “When Zaara, half sister of Zen and Izana, and the illegitimate Princess of Clarines comes back home, Obi is the one tasked with her protection. He starts to grow closer to her as she takes him on crazy adventures, but underneath her fun and kind exterior, lies hidden secrets and sorrows. Obi/O.C. Crap summary, good story!”(*)

And the tumblr tag is a lot of gifsets of funny moments mixed with closeups of Shirayuki and Zen kissing.

(*)For all I know it is a good story, and given the nature of shoujo I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if something like this became canon. I am just amused at the difference in fic culture.

Life stuff

Jun. 6th, 2013 05:12 pm
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GIP: new icon of turtles all the way down, from this photo.

Lately I've been feeling...I guess mildly depressed is the word for it. Not sad exactly, just that whenever I ask myself if I have the motivation to do stuff my brain keeps saying "nope it will make you feel bad and you will screw it up" so I don't. Like an ache you only notice when you try to move. And of course then I feel sad about not getting anything done, luckily I've been able to find enough things I can do to keep the wheels of life turning and have a sense of accomplishment.

In that vein...

Have been playing through the Fade VERY SLOWLY in DAO. It is generally considered the most boring part of the game and most people skip it on replays, but it's the first time I've tried it without cheats so I am determined to see if I can do it (signs point to yes!) It is pretty dull though, no dialogue or other characters just...fighting and wandering around.

Started watching All About My Romance, alas my brain is a bit sick of having to read subtitles. I tried a bunch of other Hulu shows the only other one to grab me at all so far is "Little Mosque" but it's not the kind of show I can watch a bunch of in a row.

I found myself feeling SUDDENLY SAD about not going to Continuum, and I do think I let inertia make me dismiss the idea of going too quickly, but mainly I think I just feel lonely AND socially awkward which makes me crave large groups of friendly people I can lurk around awkwardly. Not sure how to acquire such a thing in Perth right now :/

[personal profile] flamebyrd did you notice this hexel picture I reblogged? She's been doing some nice art with Hexel, still haven't experimented with it myself.

Adorable physics romance between an electron and a positron

Gratuitous picture of myself and the socks I bought.

A little video about cosplay some people might enjoy

No hugs or equivalent please I'm not in that sort of mood.

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