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These posts are so useful when I feel like being productive but am too sleepy to do anything thinky...and wow I haven't done one in AGES.

A mix of recent obsessions and some meme stuff/prompts.

Myself as the Maid of Mind on deviantART
Myself as the Maid of Mind at tumblr

(this is a Homestuck thing, but I also thought it was a nice picture of me in general)

Original art, Pokemon, Babylon 5, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Portal 2, Dragon Age, Fringe, The Royal Trap, Dangan Ronpa, Chihayafuru )

Holy crap that is a lot of art! Ok I am having a nap, and then I am posting the fic (of which there is much less THANK GOD)
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[ profile] yuletart reveals are up, here's what I made for [ profile] unithien_rerith:

A tale of two Talias

Summary: Talia faces herself, pre and post the activation of the sleeper personality in in "Divided Loyalties". The background is a kaleidoscope similar to that used by the agent Control (who was the sleeper) consisting of stylised images of Bester, Ivanova, Talia, and the Babylon 5 and Psi Corps logos.

My tablet was dying while I made this and died before I could do all the little fixes I wanted. Still, I think it came out pretty well. The background was fun, I made a little kaleidoscope Photoshop macro so I could mess about with the placement and made very liberal use of the "find neon edges" filter :)

Of course now I feel like I should reply to all the very nice feedback I got RIGHT AWAY.

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