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Overall the show ended really well, and if you gave up in books 1 or 2 it has gotten much better since then.

The main issue with this season is that it gave me what I wanted, eg one of the weirdly hot animated morally ambiguous badass butch brunette women is in her 30s instead of super young or super old...and she's basically Hitler. THANKS SHOW. THAT TOTALLY MAKES ME FEEL LESS WEIRD.
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Oh god

Oct. 4th, 2014 03:00 pm
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So the three main canons I've gotten REALLY INTO in the last few years are Dragon Age, Avatar TLA/TLoK, and Homestuck. All three have large and enthusiasticly argumentative fandoms.

Today: The final book of Avatar: the Legend of Korra starts.

Some time in the next month or two: Homestuck resumes updates after a year long hiatus, heading towards it's end.

November 18: Dragon Age: Inquisition comes out.

Late november/early December: Final episode of Avatar: the Legend of Korra airs.

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Since I am awake at 4am with random free floating anxiety (I'm not thinking anxious thoughts, just AWAKE and jittery), some sleepy updates.

Got my passport renewed, it took several attempts to get all my hair in frame.

Bought a spare wheelchair recharger and got my battery replaced, did I mention that? I am now able to go on long trips again! Except I've been trained to freak out every time it goes down a bar, which makes them mildly fraught.

Still staying at Lily's, her cats have gotten quite used to us now and one in particular (Miel, the ridiculously friendly Burmese) is pretty much a fixture in our room since it has at least one human in most of the time. The problem with Miel is she flops on you and falls asleep with such an expression of bliss that you can't bear to move, even if she's flopped on you in the middle of, say, tying your shoelaces. The other cats are less friendly until one of us starts cooking meat at which point we are SUDDENLY THE BEST HUMANS EVER. (In the case of Greta, who hates everyone, this means getting within her minimum 1m distance from all humans and briefly softening her permanent glare into a friendly blink. The other two snuggle as close as possible with big sad starving orphan eyes)

Finished the beta version of my time travel visual novel OMG. Nice to actually finish something.

We have started watching Sailor Moon at video night. It is very silly and dated so far but enjoyable in it's way. The cats find the presence of SO MANY HUMANS very exciting.

House stuff continues slowly. We should hear back on pre-approval on Monday which is POSSIBLY one reason for my anxiety.

My Flight Rising flight is doing an exalting push soon, I have all these babies waiting to be exalted. I have to stop myself getting attached, especially to the ones I had to name to level them up.

Caught up with Legend of Korra at last! It was ok, better than the end of Book 1 but I didn't love it. Not sure why.

Can't bring myself to watch Person of Interest. If I don't watch the next episode I can convince myself the last one didn't happen.

Family "Christmas" is looking to be interesting now that Mum is Jewish. None of the rest of us have cared about the "Christ" part for ages but it used to be a major part for her, and she is quite specifically NOT celebrating Christmas now. Instead we are celebrating 22nd of Tevet (the date in the Jewish Calendar) and it's not clear if there will be gifts (I kind of hope not, gifts are a hassle). I wished her a happy Hannukkah but got the dates wrong, clearly I need to bone up on my Jewish holidays.
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I think my main problem was residual lack of trust from last season, so I'm inclined to assume every thread will be resolved in ways I don't like.

Other than that: I thought it was ok, and am moderately intrigued, but a few things bugged me.
Specifically: too much focus on men! (I could see that coming from the preview materials but it was still annoying)

Also: there is a character called Varrick. Am thus amusing myself imagining him meeting the Dragon Age character Varric.

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Thanks to everyone who gave me prompts, they were a nice mix of things to draw.

I also drew some fanart for the vampire game I'm working on:

Isabel and Elsa on deviantART
Isabel and Elsa on tumblr

And now, the prompts! This is the only fic I wrote:

Links: "Stirring" at AO3, "Stirring" at
Info: G, gen, 976 words, no content notes
Fandom: Avatar: The Legend of Korra
Characters: Korra, Tenzin, Lin Bei Fong
Summary: For the prompt "Lin Bei Fong and/or Toph Bei Fong: training." Set between episodes 8 and 9.

Under the cut: Original art and fanart for Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice/Avatar the Last Airbender, Fraggle Rock, Final Fantasy 13, and Creeks and Crawdads
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I did a video post about being a queer, disabled, feminist writer

Errors vs. Bugs and the End of Stupidity has a really nice metaphor about errors vs bugs when it comes to mistaking mistakes. (Not a fan of the schizophrenia metaphor but never mind)

Woo, sunbreaksdown is writing Lin/Korra! She's one of my favourite femslash writers. And yes, this pairing should hit all my squicks I DON'T UNDERSTAND EITHER.

Also I have a random theory that Lin's Zuko! He had a brief drunken tryst with Toph when he and Mai were having a fight or something, they both agreed it was a terrible idea but she kept the kid, and then had to keep it a secret to stop Lin being drawn into Fire Nation royal succession shenanigans.

Extra theory just for Lizbee: And then Azula moved to the Fire Nation to help raise Lin.

(n.b This theory spoils nothing and has no real basis in canon. I can't see the show having drunken trysts, for a start, so Mai would have to, like, die in childbirth to give Zuko time to get over her, secretly marry Toph and then die himself or something. I also like the idea that Toph went "Right! I want a baby. Aang, you're super powerful, let's have a super earthbending baby!" But then Katara nixed the idea so she moved on)
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I decided to just write without stressing about quality or whatever too much, and it's like a dam broke in my head. It seems to have stopped for the moment, but I went through my WiP folder and have a couple more fics I want to fix up. Then we'll see what happens.

Also: boy do I enjoy writing about artificial intelligence! I think I might try to come up with another original story, playing with Mass Effect fic has been fun but fanfic has it's limits. Plus I'm getting increasingly frustrated with the way that every other person writing about EDI seems to see her as a compliant sexbot to heal the pain of some woobie (usually Joker) Of course, fandom may not read my stories for the scifi, but at least the stories get read.

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First: The next Avatar the Last Airbender night is cancelled, due to Swancon. So the next actual night will be the 18th of April.

Second: I saw the first two episodes of Legend of Korra and they are brilliant.

That is all.

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