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Tagged by [personal profile] anghraine. I am amused that the format make it seem like the meme is self consciously stuttering.

A—Age: 37

B—Birthplace: Perth, Western Australia

C—Current Time: 10:56am Perth time (8 GST)

D—Drink You Last Had: Water. Last non-water was probably some mango 'juice' (like 30% actual juice. Nice though)

E—Easiest Person To Talk To: My husband Cameron!

F—Favourite Song: I can never choose a single favourite anything! But...maybe Hyperballad by Bjork?

G—Grossest Memory: I have worked with children and dealt with numerous unpleasant digestive issues. No way I am rifling through that set of memories to choose the worst.

H—Horror Yes or Horror No: Horror sometimes!

I—In Love: With Cam, as you'd hope :) Also various generally entirely hopeless crushes.

J—Jealous of People: Yes. I want to be literally everyone's most favourite, best beloved of the universe, and reminders that I am not sometimes make me pettily resentful. I don't think I would actually cope well with anything resembling that actual situation, platonically, romantically or creatively, but part of me still WANTS.

L—Love at First Sight or Should I Walk By Again: Actual love, no, but one time in my teens I saw a childhood acquaintance for the first time since we'd both hit puberty and it felt like my heart literally stopped. He was, sadly, still a massively annoying douchebag. I've gone from "They're cute!" to mild romantic bubbling within a single conversation a few times, but actual love takes longer.

M—Middle Name: Jean! I have recently been playing around with the idea of using it as a more androgynous alternative to Sophie, it's been an interesting experiment even if I'm not sure I'll stick with it.

N—Number of Siblings: Three, all younger. Plus a close friend I have a semi-sibling like relationship with.

O—One Wish: Near omnipotent power. It would be very convenient!

P—Person You Called Last: Hairdresser to make an appointment. And now my hair is cut, yay!

Q—Question You Are Always Asked: Why are you in that wheelchair? (Do not ask strangers this)

R—Reason to Smile: Comfy cat sleeping happily on my lap on a slightly cold morning.

S—Song You Sang Last: Something cheesy while I was cooking dinner, I don't remember what. Had "Jack and Diane" in my head the whole time I was drawing this (mildly nsfw) Wonder Woman art last night since the file name was "Steve and Diana", and it's still stuck there.

T—Time You Woke Up: Around 9am I think?

U—Underwear Colour: I am in my pjs, which are grey.

V—Vacation Destination: Melbourne for PAX Australia in October!

W—Worst Habit: Man, idk, but being paralysed by spirals of self hatred is definitely up there so I'm not going to think about this for very long!

X—X-Rays: Just of my teeth, I think. Lots of others sorts of scans. My internals are apparently pretty normal looking for someone so sickly.

Y—Your Favourite Food: Hmm! If we ignore the effect afterwards, chocolate. If we don't, caramel mudcake made without too much dairy. Or just...great big old piles of roast beef or steak.

Z—Zodiac Sign: Saggitarius. I like centaurs but not most of the things people say about it as a starsign. Or star signs in general, really.
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